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Green Day My Generation

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Green Day My Generation

  • Green Day - Green Day
    "A small cloud has fallen The white mist hits the ground My lungs comfort me with joy Vegging on one detail The rest just crowds around My eyes itch of burning red Picture sounds Of moving insects so surreal Lay"
  • My Generation - Green Day
    "Well, people try to put us down Talkin' bout my generation Just because we get around Talkin' bout my generation The things they do look awful cold Talkin' bout my generation I hope I die before I get"
  • Green Day - Bile
    "Toxins in the airways, venom for all to taste. A death grip love for my remote, spewing blood, shit and paste. Help me take my medicine, so the pain will go away. I'm all fucked up on valium, I can't"
  • Green - Forbidden
    "Green - it's never enough Different shades bought and sold, illusion control Extortion incest Greed - it's never enough They're building us up while they're tearing us down On their hands is the blood"
  • Green Green - Bill Anderson
    "(Randy Sparks - Barry McGuire - Encino Mandalay) (Green, green, it's green they say) (On the far side of the hill) (Green, green, I'm going away) (To where the grass is greener still.) Well, I told my"
  • Green - Dealership
    "Gettin' close and I'm feeling jittery. I grabbed your hand, it was sweaty; asked you to dance. I jump around as you hint of fun and romance and feel the spin as I squint and try hard to see. The way that"
  • Green - West Indian Girl
    "You feel inside so long ago a dream The sky and sun were real and Everyone was there to wave you on Oh sister...oh mother...oh father It takes by surprise that love never dies Everywhere everyone's a"
  • Fiddler's Green - Fiddler's Green
    "In my green heaven there's a place Shinin' like a lover's face Where no one does you any harm But keep the baby safe and warm It's not my crazy fantasy But part of my reality It's not my crazy fantasy But"
  • Chosen Generation - Barry McGuire
    "(Chorus:) You are a chosen generation A royal priesthood A holy nation You are a chosen generation A royal priesthood A holy nation I have chosen you and appointed you Given you my name My spirit has"
  • Fiddler's Green - Green Fiddler's
    "In my green heaven there's a place Shinin' like a lover's face Where no one does you any harm But keep the baby safe and warm It's not my crazy fantasy But part of my reality And if I could have my way This"
  • Genocide Generation - Dies Irae
    "Twisted bodies Untenable pain I commemorate today My reprisal day I enshrine Stench of rotting heaven Nest of wickness Burning wings of angels Fizgig nailing thousands hands I drag holy gates Grip of coldness Paralyse"
  • New Generation - Scorpions
    "(Music: Rudolf Schenker; Lyrics: Klaus Meine) Another day no peace in sight A solution, far away The military won the war Certainly not for you and me How many generations will it take To cut the stream"
  • Our Generation - Julia Pośnik
    "i try not give a shit about liks and .... i try not to watch what i fucking eat today but its really hard but it's really dumb coz i still don't know how you skinny are i try not tu judge my way every"
  • Younger generation - Lovin' Spoonful
    "Why must every generation think their folks are square And no matter where their heads are they know moms aint there Cause I swore when I was small that Id remember when I knew whats wrong with them that"
  • New Generation - Suede
    "I wake up every day to see her back again Screaming my name through the astral plane And in this catalogue town she takes me down Down through the platinum spires Down through the telephone wires And we"
  • Revolutionary Generation - Public Enemy
    "I get down to what it is And if it ain't funky (see ya) People askin' me what's goin' on With my mind (Huh) wait a minute It's just a matter of race Cause a black male's in their face Step back for the"
  • Lost Generation - Vicious Crusade
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik & Alex Vertel) Let's go... Sex, drugs, rock 'n roll. Born to trigger public toll, I'm the one - one against all. I live my own day, I walk my own way, And I shout out loud my own"
  • Blank Generation - Machine Head
    "They say we been going down and going down Been traveling on the road to nowhere Going down, round and round Trying to get to the place where we started When I was just a boy at four years old thought the"
  • Generation: Hate - Memphis May Fire
    "You sit at home feeling so strong from behind that screen, but honestly do you think those words you're typing are gonna change anything? Could it be this is just an escape from all your insecurities? Could"
  • Generation Lost - B.o.B
    "Skulls and crossbones and death bandanas A liqueur store in every corner in Atlanta Cops riding round tossing niggas in the slammer Tell me what's wrong I could really use some answers Nowadays everybody"

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