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  • Lord Gregory - Alasdair Roberts
    "I am a poor young girl That's straight from Callander. I'm in search of Lord Gregory-- Pray God I find him! The rain beats my yellow locks And the dew wets me still, My babe is cold in my arms-- Lord Gregory,"
  • St Gregory - The Twilight Singers
    "hey there, boy so good to see you again- i heard your woman left you- i heard you quit your band, how you on money? you still feeing that jones? man, you don't look like you used to my god, you look like"
  • Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse - Tricky
    "Tell her try your best jest to make it quick Whom attend to the sick 'Cause there must be something she can do This heart is broken in two Tell her it's a case of emergency There's a patient by the name"
  • Holding On (feat. Gregory Porter) - Disclosure
    "Weight of love on my shoulders I thought that it would be easier than this I found my heart had grown colder But the warmth of your kiss, I can't dismiss Though my past has left me bruised I ain't hiding"
  • DON'T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD (featuring Gregory Porter) - Jamie Cullum
    "Baby you understand me now If sometimes you see that I'm mad Doncha know no one alive can always be an angel? When everything goes wrong, you see some bad But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good Oh"
  • Can't Stop Playing (Oliver Heldens & Gregor Salto Remix) - Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto
  • Night Nurse - Gregory Isaacs
    "Tell her try your best just to make it quick Woman tend to the sick Cause there must be something she can do This heart is broken in two Tell her it's a case of emergency There's a patient by the name"
  • Shake You Down - Abbott Gregory
    "Abbott Gregory Miscellaneous Shake You Down Girl, i've been watching you from so far across the floor now baby that's nothing new i've watched you so many times before now baby i see that look in your"
  • Isabelle - Gregory
    "Now it's just you two in a world of poems and paintings I guess this means I'm through it also means I'm breaking but Isabelle what can I do if I'm caught in him, this man you love? and Isabelle what can"
  • Shake You Down - Gregory Abbott
    "Ooooh Ooooh Yeaaaaaah Girl, I've been watching you From so far across the floor now baby That's nothing new I've watched you So many times before now baby I see that look in your eyes And what its"
  • My Number One - Gregory Isaacs
    "I heard you say to me you wanna be my no. 1 So let's talk about it, sister, now the game has just begun So if you wanna be my no. 1, if you wanna be my no. 1 Let me know your future plans I heard you"
  • Stranger In Town - Gregory Isaacs
    "Now I may not be familiar with your language But I sure would like to cross over your bridge Said I may not dress in style as the men in your town do But I sure know what to say: I love you I wanna love"
  • Don't Think So - Adam Gregory
    "Has there ever been a moment so good? | Has there ever been a morning so bright? | You know the whole world looks different | Since I found you | Before we touched was I really alive? | Some things you"
  • Half Past Loving You - Adam Gregory
    "I'm getting there yeah I got a ways to go But I'm getting there The memories don't hurt like before I'm getting there I'm getting there It's half past loving you A quarter 'til I Find a love that's new Time"
  • Leavin' That Cowgirl With The Blues - Adam Gregory
    "He's been riding that rodeo From town to town From show to show He's got a restless wandering soul His horse and saddle is his home And she loves him more than he knows Yeah she loves him enough to let"
  • Walkin' - Adam Gregory
    "I go walkin' | Down a long road tonight | I go walkin' | Not a single soul in sight | The night air is so cool | The moon shines so bright | It's lonely out here | But I'm feelin' alright | I keep walkin'"
  • Big Star - Adam Gregory
    "I work at the Big Star on old 405 I make 6 bucks an hour And I work steady nights Well it might not be much but it's all that I need In that little glass booth, in that highway to dreams I was not that"
  • City Boy's Dream - Adam Gregory
    "I dreamt last night I was far away Where coyotes howl and cotton woods sway Casting shadows in the firelight A cowboy moon burns so bright And I dont care if its rain or shine And all my troubles will"
  • Could Have Fooled Me - Adam Gregory
    "I'm fading like the taillights Of a car that you pass In the middle of the night Man it's lonely out here There just ain't enough gasoline To put the distance I need between The hurt inside Wasn't it"
  • Don't Look The Other Way - Adam Gregory
    "I remember Dad and I Stopped the car one rainy night To help a stranger fix a flat And get on his way And I said Daddy do you know that man Was he one of your friends And he just smiled Said let"

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