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Gretchen peters

  • Gretchen My Captain - As Fast As
    "Frost on the porthole It doesn't look so angry after all We're low on water It was a one-way mission after all Gretchen my captain So strong I never noticed your blue eyes Never looks hungry I guess I"
  • Yes Mr. Peters - Roy Drusky
    "Hello (hello dear will the same place be alright) Yes indeed Mr Peters I can work late tonight (Dear is she near can't she hear what you say) You're right Mr Peters and I'm leaving right away (Are you"
  • St. Peters Keys All Bloody - Current 93
    "hello darkness my old friend i've come to talk to you again because a vision softly in-creeping crushed my mind while i was sleeping and the vision like silent cancers stay through nights and days and"
  • Tomorrow Morning - Gretchen Peters
    "Baby you just slipped right through my fingers Baby took the words out of my mouth I could start all over but the thing is You were never something I could live without You were always looking for the"
  • Fading - Gretchen
    "Staring at my reflection I'm becoming numb I barely recognize this thing that I've become All alone, in the dark, feel the beating of my heart I'm fading inside, lately; I can not seem to find my"
  • Inclined - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) Seek me in the morning Do you have to go out in the world? You say that you just don't want me Have I been so cruel that you can't see? (pre-chorus 1) You took so much time to state your case With"
  • Know You - Gretchen
    "So many times I've waited, for you to recognize my face But you don't seem to notice I'm alive I want to know you --- why do you run? I'd never hurt you --- but still you run Your voice is music"
  • Let It Go - Gretchen
    "I was alone, I was afraid I was crawling thru a maze of my fear Tattered and torn, battered and fraying Never wanting to see the sun Let it go, let it go, let it go----back to you I was alone, I"
  • Mr. Nothing - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) They say times are tough and so is he Sometimes it's rough just to be alive They say he never had opportunity To prove his worth or just to be a man So we'll just give him one more chance We'll"
  • Nevermind - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) If you'd try to understand the reason for my dissention a careless word a slight of hand a paranoid aprehension (pre-chorus 1) Could it be, that you're feeling all alone? as you sit on your"
  • Ordinary Girl - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) I'm just an ordinary girl trapped in a complicated world just like a crushed up soda can recycled, restored, to live again for somebody else to use me up (prechorus) Fill me, Heal Me Lover"
  • Passion - Gretchen
    "I wake up every morning Think of the words you said to me You say you always love And never go away At night when I am sleeping I dream about my time with you I know I am undeserving Why do you"
  • See Me, Hear Me - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) You're feelin alone You're out on your own Everythings red the pain in your head about to explode You want to survive But its all in your mind You feel there's no hope that your life's a joke and"
  • Star - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) Elvis sang viva Las Vegas Marylin on the Silver Screen Joplin, Gable, & Betty Davis Boagie, Hendrix, & Jimmy Dean (pre-chorus) I don't know about the status quo But I really dont see this obsession to"
  • Trophy - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) I see the face your making I hear the words you say You've got to have it your way hey hey so one by one you favor you put them on display your trophies left to decay hey, hey, hey, hey (verse"
  • Waste - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) In my effort to be real You have often had to peel Away the solid layering of bitterness and spite Then I'm left with nothing more Than the child I was before Unpretentous wandering to the truth (chorus) So"
  • White Wedding - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) Hey little sister what have you done Hey little sister who's the only one Hey little sister who's your superman (Hey little sister who's the one you love) Hey little sister shot gun! (chorus) It's"
  • Zion - Gretchen
    "Zion is silent left to suffer violence Only the violent are taking it by force You say you want it - You see it there But you were so afraid and unaware You say you wanted a better life So seize"
  • Breathe - Gretchen
    "You were the one to walk away Said you didn't love me Left me alone to feel the pain of a broken family Confusion, Delusion, no it didn't need to be that way I won't be pretending that I haven't got"
  • Compassion - Gretchen
    "(verse) When he walks into the room I have to wonder what's behind those eyes of blue: A skeleton or two? When she walks into the door I have to wonder what's in store Her smile is painted thin Now"

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