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Grimes - Dream Fortress

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Grimes - Dream Fortress

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Grimes - Dream Fortress
  • Bring Me The Horizon nihilist blues (ft. Grimes)
    "I’ve been climbing up the walls To escape the sinking feeling But I can’t hide from the nihilist at my door. Buried in the basement floor buried in the basement floor didn’t know what I had planted it"
  • Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster The Mind Of A Grimes
    "Loaded down ready to end it all. Coming this far can't be a nothing. Flirting with death everyday, but we don't make mistakes. Martyrs this blood makes. Digging the graves for the valleydale saints."
  • Rage Fortress
    "The wall inside, he built to defend himself. He needs to hide, to keep independency. The race is on, it can't be won. A fortress in you head one step among the dead. Security for fear, a fortress, caging"
  • Gorky Park Fortress
    "We are facing the night together Sitting side by side You are like a guarded fortress Ready for a try Side by side - I feel the call Side by side - just like my first girl But I know your fortress Your"
  • Jennifer Rush Fortress
    "Ill be a river and flow into you Everyday, steady and strong And I wont ever leave you I wont ever hurt or let you down Ill always receive you In this harbor youve found Nothings gonna take this thing"
  • System Of A Down Fortress
    "Edmund Kemper solved it allHe fooled the shrinksFooled the shrinksIt then apears the proclaimationHe fooled the shrinksFooled the shrinksEdmund Kemper solved it allHe fooled the shrinksFooled the shrinksIt"
  • Ace Troubleshooter Fortress
    "So now a hush falls on my heart My mind at ease, apologies as I start Overcome, love holds me near Pitiful boy, oh I am awed, try to be so sincere I come into Your presence falling on my knees Beautiful"
  • Sister Hazel Fortress
    "It's bitter Tastes a lot like winter And will it- release me So heavy How much more to bring down the levy And kill me - don't kill me I've been stayin' high... And I've been feelin' sorry For"
  • The Fall Fortress
    "Two hours! With four left wing kids I spent time in Nazi Fortress Much discussion in room C-H-1-O-C-H-11 I did not understand why I could not accept the fact that I'd accepted the contract Much discussion"
  • Earth Crisis Fortress
    "Encircled. Sodom's children on every side. Feeding their selfishness with no regard for the pain that their actions bring. Forked tounges spill promises of release through submission through carnal thoughts."
  • Pinback Fortress
    "Too long til fall. Sick summer in bed. You and a lazy mood. 10 times the fall. Spread, sacked, and I've failed. Nobody Move. To far (long) to fall. Sat shiver in bed. You and a test of will. Too many"
  • Dala Fortress
    "and I will watch you disappear from my fortress over here and i will never understand every hearts a foreign land and i'm so afraid to so afraid to love you and I will turn my eyes away from the harsh"
  • Fall Fortress
    "Two hours!With four left wing kidsI spent time in Nazi FortressMuch discussion in room C-H-1-O-C-H-11I did not understand whyI could not accept the factthat I'd accepted the contractMuch discussion in"
  • Human Fortress The Fortress
    "Romuald was the golden child and embraced His king died in coldest winters war His castle burned with flames of greed and wild desire It should be his amberdawn Romuald's hands covered his father's eyes The"
  • Ashnikko Cry (Feat. Grimes)
    "I am a tough biych But i am sensitive Could’ve Could’ve Could’ve Quick fucked By your sedative That’s relative Cause you were pushing me Out tothe fucking Edge I am about to rip all of my hair out Cause"
  • Grimes Flesh without Blood / Life in the Vivid Dream
    "You claw, you fight, you lose Got a doll that looks just like you Remember when we used to say "I love you" almost every day I saw a light in you Going out as I closed our window You never liked me anyway Hey,"
  • Asian Dub Foundation Fortress Europe
    "Keep bangin on the walls Keep bangin on the walls OF FORTRESS EUROPE! 2022 -A new European order Robot guards patrolling the border Cybernetic dogs are getting closer and closer Armoured cars and"
  • Nelly Furtado Fortress bell
    "Who gave you the right to tell where my demons dwell.And who gave you the rock to throw at my fortress bell.And the foolish time, and the foolish time, and the foolish timeThe foolish time, the foolish"
  • Jeremy Camp My Fortress
    "I can feel it coming over me All the weight of what this fear can bring I know on my own I can't survive and I'm fading fast now I'm closing in on what's in store for me All the rest in your security"
  • Waterdown A Fortress
    "you close your eyes you cant control your heart beat you're desperate, a castaaway, a fugitive if this is bravery it still feels like fear now you're running for all their parapraphs you're not a citizen they"

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