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Grimes - Heartbeats

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Grimes - Heartbeats

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Grimes - Heartbeats
  • Amy Diamond Heartbeats
    "1. I can't think about is it meant to be this way easy words, so hard to say i can't live without knowing how you feel know if this is real Tell me am i mistaken cause i don't have another heart for"
  • Tilly And The Wall Heartbeats
    "Slow, keep it, slow down Keep it so I won't stay up all night Cold, keep it cold now Keep me still, wrapped up quiet in light When will the sea have the land? When will the old sun have the sky? One"
  • The Knife Heartbeats
    "One night to be confused One night to speed up truth We had a promise made Four hands and then away Both under influence We had divine scent To know what to say Mind is a razorblade To call for hands of"
  • Jos Heartbeats
    "One night to be confusedOne night to speed up truthWe had a promise madeFour hats and then awayBoth under influenceWe had defensinTo know what to sayI need some razorbladeTo call for hands of aboveTo lean"
  • Gossip Heartbeats
    "When you love me, my heart just stops I got good at being alone When you love me, my heart just stops I got good at being alone When you love me, my heart just stops I got good at being alone When you"
  • Gossip Heartbeats
    "When you love me, my heart just stops I got good at being alone When you love me, my heart just stops I got good at being alone When you love me, my heart just stops I got good at being alone When you"
  • 50 Cent 5 Heartbeats
    "Nights like this... I wish. Rain drops would fall 5 heartbeats left One last deep breath. [50Cent:] I got a 16 shot Rugger, I got 16 cars All over how I write 16 bars. Ja, Joe and Jada they're f**kin'"
  • As Tall As Lions 96 Heartbeats
    "There's no sign of love I can see the faces Underneath the smile Everyone's alone And they don't believe you so No, they won't believe you, no We are the only ones That won't let go Oh whoa oh oh oh"
  • Linda Ronstadt Heartbeats accelerating
    "Love, love, where can you be?Are you out there looking for me?Love, love, where can you be?Love, I am waitingHeartbeats acceleratingWill you come when all is stillFrom the river or the hillLove, love,"
  • Ashnikko Cry (Feat. Grimes)
    "I am a tough biych But i am sensitive Could’ve Could’ve Could’ve Quick fucked By your sedative That’s relative Cause you were pushing me Out tothe fucking Edge I am about to rip all of my hair out Cause"
  • Bring Me The Horizon Nihilist Blues (feat. Grimes)
    "Utwór 'Nihilist Blues' (z gościnnym udziałem Grimes) znajdzie się na albumie Bring Me The Horizon 'amo', który ujrzy światło dzienne na początku 2019 roku."
  • Bring Me The Horizon nihilist blues (ft. Grimes)
    "I’ve been climbing up the walls To escape the sinking feeling But I can’t hide from the nihilist at my door. Buried in the basement floor buried in the basement floor didn’t know what I had planted it"
  • Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster The Mind Of A Grimes
    "Loaded down ready to end it all. Coming this far can't be a nothing. Flirting with death everyday, but we don't make mistakes. Martyrs this blood makes. Digging the graves for the valleydale saints."
  • Los Campesinos! Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats
    "One! Two! Three! Four! One! Two! Three! Four! Any more tears for the birthing pool? Bear this child directly into misery Kiss him in the face with no lips and no tongue But with your little, middle, index"
  • Vampire Knight Two Heartbeats and Red Sins
    "Shaking in red, in red, in red To the edge of the dream, of the dream We cant be separated Already, every time when Im stifled to death after I give up again and again My emotions that have no place to"
  • Jonas Blue Wild (ft. Chelcee Grimes, TINI, Jhay Cortez)
    "Have you ever been with somebody that makes your feel wild You couldn't beat this? All if you try When the darkest of nights our bodies collide That love that's so hard to find no lo puedo negar en"
  • Grimes SCREAM (ft. Aristophanes)
    "Grimes krzyczy coś po japoński. Chyba! ;)"
  • Grimes Oblivion
    "Another walk about, after dark Is right here with you, cause I’m gonna beg your name Tell me that behind you always tell me that you never have a clue And now I’m left behind, all the time I will wait"
  • Grimes Vanessa
    "Oh I've been waiting, definitely and my heart is here right after me and my heart, waiting in the rain //x2 And my heart, it is in with the storm And my heart, heart, heart (heart, heart, heart) hey"
  • Grimes Night Music
    "You're just …always make that heart die When I…, when I said: Don't make turn away …I turn away, … You're just… always make that heart __ I've been __ feel, and I'm thinking You've been away, are you"

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