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Grimes Genesis

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Grimes Genesis

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Grimes Genesis
  • Grimes Genesis
    "My heart will never be Never feel never... Never fall never knew My heart will never be Never feel never... Never fall never knew My heart will never be Never feel never... My heart will never fee Will"
  • Busta Rhymes Genesis
    "Genesis Genesis Genesis Genesis Genesis Genesis Genesis Genesis As we welcome you after the future Oh! we come to give you that Operating like we be official Yeah! we come to mutiply And were planning"
  • Cinderella Effect Genesis
    "Genesis (Decence. Lyrics by Oliver Mietzner) Forgotten the past times of unity We glide in the arms of infinity So find me and just keep me warm Were shivering embraced by the storm Our steps are so proud"
  • Killah Priest Genesis
    "Oh, no, hahaha... yeah It's Priest back at ya. The Genesis... genesis My Genesis, uh, uh, genesis Here it go baby... genesis.. Back in the days, it was much like this Inspirations make me wanna reminisce It's"
  • Running Wild Genesis
    "The question that is on man's mind since the beginning of time is "Where do we come from, where do we go ?" Well let me tell you a story which took place a long, long time ago. 450.000 years before our"
  • Agnostic Front Genesis
    "The birth of man was the birth of Hell The wrathful flames dance around my head Falling figures, burning dead A well once filled with flowing water Now an endless tunnel of hate and squalor Covered,"
  • Widespread Panic Genesis
    "The time has come for us to pause And think of living as it was Into the future we must cross (must cross) And I'd like to go with you And I'd like to go with you You say I'm harder than a wall A marble"
  • Cult Of Luna Genesis
    "Somewhere along the railway a body divided in two Somewhere between the screams, those visions were never seen I understood the voice An ancient sacrifice Buried in wreck To rise up in a gaze In marches"
  • Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Genesis
    "Respect this right here nigga.. I-M-D You must play this.. I-M-D, word up Yeah, you know, Infamous Mobb Deep It's real.. check it out tho' Respect the I-M-D Fresh out the car in the R-A-double-P, E-R P-E-double,"
  • Forgive Durden Genesis
    "''Narrator'' This is the beginning and the end, The rise and the fall Our gait will begin it's saunter at the source, when the infant learns to crawl ''Ahrima'' Place your hand on mine Untie your mind ''O,"
  • Ofra Haza Genesis
    "Black and white, Male, female, For life and love Black and white, Male, female, For life and love Sometimes, when I fly So high Slowly in the sky M'YITEN SHAMA'I KERI'OH HAMAH GURAH V'HAMAYM"
  • Dua Lipa Genesis
    "In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth For what it's worth, I think that he might've created you first Just my opinion, your body is the one paradise That I wanna fly to every day and every night "
  • Ashnikko Cry (Feat. Grimes)
    "I am a tough biych But i am sensitive Could’ve Could’ve Could’ve Quick fucked By your sedative That’s relative Cause you were pushing me Out tothe fucking Edge I am about to rip all of my hair out Cause"
  • Cky Genesis 12a
    "A new project unveiled not by man Genesis 12/a is underway The seed has been planted, the forming begins Now, mankind, a new way to live All around you can breathe Genesis is now complete Bitter cold bites"
  • Vintersorg Cosmic Genesis
    "Formulas of an ethereal intellect strayed through black and empty planes, into the auditorium of evolution. In devious ways magic came and created a spectra of fiery celestial bodies. Since then they've"
  • Borknagar Genesis Torn
    "Genesis Torn Temptation impales the vulnerable Transforming the breed as it strains to erase Cleansing the body and perfecting the bliss Falling further into its hypnosis Absurd scenery of strenght"
  • Bring Me The Horizon Nihilist Blues (feat. Grimes)
    "Utwór 'Nihilist Blues' (z gościnnym udziałem Grimes) znajdzie się na albumie Bring Me The Horizon 'amo', który ujrzy światło dzienne na początku 2019 roku."
  • Busta Rhymes Intro (Genesis)
    "*Phone rings* Busta: Yeah what up? Clive Davis: Hey Busta! Busta: Yo what up Clive? Clive: Busta, look, the time is right now. Busta: Ok. Clive: You got a ridiculous album... Busta: Right. Clive:'s"
  • Fairport Convention Genesis Hall
    "My father he rides with your sheriffs And I know he would never mean harm But to see both sides of a quarrel Is to judge without hate or love Oh, oh, helpless and slow And you don't have anywhere"
  • Sandy Denny Genesis Hall
    "My father he rides in your ships; And I know he would never mean harm, But to see both sides of a quarrel Is to judge without haste or alarm Chorus Oh, oh, helpless and slow, And you don't have anywhere"

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