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Grimes oblivion

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Grimes oblivion

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Grimes oblivion
  • Grimes Oblivion
    "Another walk about, after dark Is right here with you, cause I’m gonna beg your name Tell me that behind you always tell me that you never have a clue And now I’m left behind, all the time I will wait"
  • Wintersleep Oblivion
    "Toxic Emissions Modern Conditions Vague Apparitions Lost in the discontent Link to the senses Link to the nothingness Laugh like you are not there Laugh like you did not care Tension undying here Soft"
  • Mudhoney Oblivion
    "She rolled up from the bar with Kahlua and cream Parked her wheel chair by the karaeoke machine Closed her eyes and sang "Dancing Queen" She sang the shit out of "Dancing Queen" Oblivion Oblivion"
  • Nina Nastasia Oblivion
    "I'm drifting down While you scream past my head Fly away, fly away I wonder what you said And i'm watching you Bare your teeth in a growl Throwing your way Back and forth 'til now And i'm here in oblivion I"
  • ENEMY INSIDE Oblivion
    "Can't get these voices out of my head Life's like a knife cutting into my flesh O God can I be saved? 'Cause these deep wounds Under my skin htey won't heal Choking like tourniquet Got sed me free We"
  • Kotoko oblivion
    "oblivion oblivion oblivion ==Romanized Japanese== kudakehajimeta yoru no tsuki ga fui ni yurete kobanda kuuki ga mata suberikomu itsuka inochi taereba kono itami mo kieru sore"
  • Macy Gray Oblivion
    "it's real sick the state of the world today it's real thick to come up and find a way solution the next time you're alone you can create a world of your own make it magic give it love make it all you're"
  • Terrorvision Oblivion
    "If all the people in the world camped out in your back garden, Would you write and tell the king or would you grab a tent and join 'em, I can see that all the possibilities for freedom, Could just sway"
  • Lo-Pro Oblivion
    "I can't hear a sound Can't see the world Can't feel the ground I can't look around Can't see the faces Through this cloud I fade away into oblivion Every second I'm alive without you I can't sleep a"
  • Even Song Oblivion
    "Say, oh, say my faithful seraph where to find some peace my languid heart is so heavy and my whisper can't break through the still Sundown brings no sleep and in my eyes sets no morning Oblivion"
  • Bastille Oblivion
    "When you fall asleep with your head upon my shoulder. When you're in my arms but you've gone somewhere deeper. Are you going to age with grace? Are you going to age without mistakes? Are you going to"
  • Mastodon Oblivion
    "Flew beyond the sun before it was time Burning all the gold that held me inside my shell Waiting for you to pull me back in I almost sat the world in my sights Close, low bright eyes fading Faster than"
  • Diary Of Dreams Oblivion
    "Immortal hatred longing For what I've done to you A shattered dream of greed Confess of a faded bloom Reminded day by day The scars just cannot heal Still unforgiven guilt Am I a child within your hands"
  • Aimée Allen Oblivion
    "Pharoah Monch w-w-w-w-with Aimee Allen Okay, whatever, oblivion I don't care That's how I'm living Im'a sing again Okay, okay, whatever, oblivion I ain't your average hip-hop/rock chick So start listening New"
  • Scream Silence Oblivion
    "Past decades I saw her By the river So many trails in vain But I missed her But least the sheet has turned It lasted for a long time Among the diary tales Some deliquescent lines So hurting when I"
  • Lacuna Coil Oblivion
    "It's a fairy tale and the story is out of date Nothing that I haven't tried to say You know that the road is lonely I will need some help You know that this life is crazy I will need some help There's"
  • Vink Oblivion
    "You try to give a good impression; it looks like you're having fun Clever words of consolation, for those who fear it all Wishing everyone could feel the same, hear all the right words Been waiting for"
  • Project 86 Oblivion
    "A double minded one Gazing into two reflections Who cannot recognize The vessel or the messenger Yeah! Obedience gone and somewhere Left in the distance New wilderness Outstretched hand, broken wrist Just"
  • Dri Oblivion
    "The day has come, the time is near For all to end. It's true, it's here It's all over now, no way to stop The button's been pushed, the bomb's been dropped The city is melting, the sky burns red The ocean"
  • Secret Sphere Oblivion
    "Under the reign of sun waves my soul, inside a body of queen, beats now my heart, when sleeps a secret, dismal theatre, wrapped in mistery I am the lord of all you can see, I am all, I am the king"

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