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Grinspoon Railrider

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Grinspoon Railrider

  • Railrider - Grinspoon
    "Something out of nowhere Like a bullet from a gun Old railrider, riding in the sun And you preach like a jesus But you act like a man All the lies your teaching Lend another one's hand Old railrider"
  • Doctor Grinspoon - Grinspoon
    "Yeah, Yeah Sounds made of seeds Of Earth's delight Some freaked out things that Screamed inside, The first sound that to be heard About the lip that wash In your mouth Things never change Just wash it"
  • Dr. Grinspoon - Grinspoon
    "I was at the pub the other night And some ladies were looking all right So my dick goes she looked ok But she had her back shaved Your head is fucked and so are you You're like a bad dream coming true I'd"
  • Tant - Grinspoon
    "the songs called Tang Grinspoon - Tang Lyrics do a little bit of f**kin tang try to sit down but you gotta dance all you want is just half a chance all she wants is just a fun romance i gotta pocket"
  • Champion - Grinspoon
    "So you wanna be a champion! Let's not beat around the bush I got my hands in the air With my head down look Disease please pay phone the back of my car Automatic teller Man your gonna go far Man"
  • Hard Act To Follow - Grinspoon
    "You're a hard act to follow Such a fine lookin' fellow I hear you're bell's yellow You're a hard act to swallow It kind of makes me sick The way you turn those tricks Come on and light it up I want to"
  • Hold On Me - Grinspoon
    "1,2,3,4 oh no its over can i give you a call? we've come so far we can't climb over the walls yeah... caked up, break up and now i want to be friends its hard to breathe i hope this doesn't offend offend... how"
  • Choke - Grinspoon
    "Just because you choked on it , It doesn't mean that you have to go . I can't recieve sms and I just wanted you to know. I smoked alot of cigaretttes, but did that stop us from being friends? Could've"
  • Bleed You Dry - Grinspoon
    "If I could gove you life I would take the chance To make you see how much All peeps and forgotton plans, Last one to feel your touch And I watched you from the shadows, Waiting for your coach And they"
  • Enemy - Grinspoon
    "If you told me something that wasn't true , you do A Stop and have a look just exactly what you , you do Did I go to fast , Did I go to slow I know something that you might want to know Will you wait"
  • Replacements - Grinspoon
    "Come on , you're not built for Sundays .. Yeah! Falloff , melt down on the runway. All that glitters is not gold . Told you once I'd heard you been sold. We rise early on a Monday .. Yeah! No suprise"
  • Lost Control - Grinspoon
    "Times up yeah you should've known Pretty little princess put it in a hole Cold expect its not a disease Can you take a photograph of us for them to see Bam bam bam trick or treat want to stay You can do"
  • Gone Tomorrow - Grinspoon
    "If you can't expect to take some blame, You should fucken know you aint that perfect! Sorry that it had to end this way, Now i guess you're looking for an answer! If we're not gone tomorrow, this might"
  • Chemical Heart - Grinspoon
    "When, look 4 a ride and u need to get high my friends, spend all ur time just walkin around instead, like black rose it's sombody to hold for them for them. Let's go out side got nothing to hide for free, can't"
  • Better Off Alone - Grinspoon
    "I never gave a reason of why I didn't call Now I've grown so tired of lying to myself It cannot go unsaid I regret what they know Don't think it's all been a waste of time Are you better off alone? Stop"
  • Kiss It - Grinspoon
    "All you say , is give me the money Its hard to care , when you lie to me honey WHOA! What you do instead masturbation, can you prove the wines not for tasting. We're not gonna kiss it do you understand? We're"
  • She's Leaving Tuesday - Grinspoon
    "Pack a suitcase , she's leaving Tuesday This shits been over since you gone But you know, its for sure I tried to pretend to go , Best off you leave me on my own Ain't no use to, talk about grade school You"
  • Nylon - Grinspoon
    "Someday we will find a way to forget what has become You're here, in spite of all your fears So just relax I've got the gun You're already really gone And you can see clearly now You're singing a song"
  • Hideaway - Grinspoon
    "So you have made some mistakes, You don't need beating down now you've found That you're alone in a crowd And back when we were younger We felt so old and free ,Meant to be I'd never thought i'd want"
  • Make It Happen - Grinspoon
    "I used to have you pinned You used to work at d.js Does it make you slimmer Now you've got credit these days Maybe I'm wrong it doesn't make it right Maybe I'm dumb can you hold up the light Can't seem"

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