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Gromee Love You Better

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Gromee Love You Better
  • Gromee Love You Better
    "i am trying you all alone cuz when call you hit ignore I know I;ve beet too high and low yeah, I can’t lie I know I’ve put you through a lot when times we’re though you kept me strong and then I went"
  • Netta Bassa Sababa (GROMEE REMIX)
    "Bamba ba basim Messi ba sabim Bis mi wasabi Bassa sababa Bamba ba basim Messi ba sabim Bis mi wasabi Stop, call your mama Run, tell her I'm a rhino My killer girls are coming If you won't hide your gun I'm"
  • Fit Lovers Wakacje 2017 (ft. Gromee - Runaway)
    "The kiss by the Sun As a stare up into the sky Embrace your shadow 'Cuz I feel your hand in mine In I won’t let go No, I don’t let go And here, in this moment You secrets turning to mine Lingering and"
  • Jason Mraz Better
    "it's something like i apologize it's something i still can't decide but i know it gets better it only gets better and i want to say that it's not always easy but it's simple that way and i want to"
  • Kirk Franklin Better
    "If I could I, I'd get away far from all this trouble I see everyday Nobody wants to show their face This life is like a, like a mascerade I know you love me I know you care but while I'm hurtin I"
  • Boyzone Better
    "Our love has changed It's not the same And the only way to say it is say's better I can't conceal This way I feel For all the times we spend together Forever just gets better Seem what I'm try"
  • Chicago Better
    "You can count on a number of things Like tomorrow the sun's gonna shine There'll be flowers in spring time Poets will make rhymes Couples in moonlight are so ripe to fall Fallin' in love, such a natural"
  • Guns N' Roses Better
    "No one ever told me when I was alone They just thought I'd know better, better No one ever told me when I was alone They just thought I'd know better, better The hardest part this troubled heart Has"
  • Toby Lightman Better
    "He'll be enough to make you cry He'll be enough to open your eyes To all the little things that make this world better He'll give you love you never know He'll give his heart only to you And he'll make"
  • OneRepublic Better
    "I don't set alarms Lately I don't set alarms But that's because of the ringing that's happening inside my head Inside my head It keeps me safe from harm At least I tell myself I'm safe from harm But really"
  • Hurt Better
    "Those things you thought that were obscene, will quickly become your routine, And he invited you over. An addict quickly gets undressed, With something to get off her chest. You made a trade cause you're"
  • Twin-A Better
    "Don't tell me that you love me I know that it's not true Don't say that I'm the only 'Cause I am on to you. Maybe that's your reason For treating me so bad. Well I hope that it was worth it And I hope"
  • Wishing Chair Better
    "Friends tell me I'm crazy That I've lost my mind I keep giving you my sympathy My comfort and my time I've been waiting here two hours You think that I don't mind But I think that we know better Maybe"
  • Zayn Malik Better
    "Hope i only leave good vibes On your living room floor It hurt so bad that i didn’t when you asked for more Your dad probably loves me more then b ever did now Caus ei finnally got out Yaeh, we finnally"
  • Johnta Austin Better
    "Yea Uh Say What Right About This Time Ya'll Know What This Is So So Def Is In The Building Johnta Austin Is In The Building There's No Crew Stronger Then Us There's No Crew That Runs The Charts The"
  • A Flock Of Seagulls Better & Better
    "A Flock Of Seagulls Dream Come True Better & Better It's getting harder to believe the news To believe in what the papers may say Well, baby, i've got news for you Because the earth gets better each day That"
  • A Flock Of Seagulls Better better
    "Its getting harder to believe the news To believe in what the papers may say Well, baby, Ive got news for you Because the earth gets better each day That I love you, that I love you That I love you,"
  • Keith Sweat Love You Better
    "You needed to go and let him know right now. (right now). Cuz he don?t even know how to make you smile. Y'all don?t even makin love, see it's over baby. He spend all his night at the strip club. (strip"
  • God-Des And She Love You Better
    "Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Better. Better. I can love you better. Better. I can love you better. Something's going on. Yeh. I keep thinking 'bout ya. Every time I hear a love song. You're on my mind all the time But"
  • Jimi Blue Love You Better
    "One Night One Chance Thats All We Need Jus To Make It Right Babie I Don't Understand Why U Wanna Be With Him When He Only Makes You Cry I See The Pain In Your Eyes Baby I Can See That U Dying Inside"

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