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Gromee one
  • Magda Ćwiertnia One Last Time
    "I was a liar, I gave into the fire. I know I should’ve fought it, At least I’m being honest. Feel like a failure, Cause I know that I failed you. I should’ve done you better, Cause you don’t want a liar. (Come"
  • Cher Lloyd One Drink Away
    "You see how i pul lup to the party Came in with an attitude i am bossy I know that i am keeping ypur attentiom But i ain’t tryna hook up wih nobody I took 9 shots I like the way they hit me I am in this"
  • Dedis Dla niej
    "Góry dla ciebie przeniosę Zostawię w tyle ten jebany syf Tylko mi proszę zaufaj I nie płacz przez mnie Bo kurwa mi wstyd Nigdy już więcej nie zranię Serce z kamienia a chce ci je dać Jestem skurwielem"
  • TWENTY ONE PILOTS Implicit Demand for Proof
    "I know you're not a liar and I know you could set fire this day Go ahead and make me look away Strike me down, I am calling your lightning down from your dark hiding place Go ahead and show me your face "
    "I don't wanna fall, fall away I don't wanna fall, fall away I'll keep the lights on in this place 'Cause I don't wanna fall, fall a—way (la, da, da, da, da) I don't wanna fall, fall a—way (la, da, da,"
  • TWENTY ONE PILOTS Oh Ms. Believer
    "Oh, Ms Believer, my pretty sleeper Your twisted mind is like snow on the road Your shaking shoulders prove that it's colder Inside your head than the winter of dead I will tell you, I love you But the"
  • IZ*ONE (아이즈원) Beware
    "Why is that? When you get close to me Anytime anywhere I can feel you beside me Yeah, it’s ike my heart’s Antennae are beeping It’s like mood change And i catch it Be-be Beware!"
  • Agata Serwin What I'm Made Off
    ".. will be make it all teh way But my heart is goes a spark And it’s turning to a flame Yeah, tere;s a dream inside It’s too big to be contain Gonna chase it like the sunrise Rising up every day I got"
  • Van Halen 5150
    "The love line is never straight and narrow Unless your love is tried and true We take a chance with new beginnings Still we try (Oooh) Win or lose (Oooh) Take the highs (Oooh) With the blues (Oooh) Always"
  • Tiesto The Business
    "Let’s get down Let’s get down to business Give you one more night One night to get this We’ve had a milion , milion nights just like this So let’s get down Let’s get down to business Mama pls don’t"
  • The Neighbourhood Lost in Translation
    "I’ve been gettig lost in translation Trouble keeping up communication We were having fun, now I can’t wait to be done It feels like iam the only one that’s sick of playing Baby Why you gotta keep me hanging? Like"
  • Viki Gabor ME!
    "I know that I'm a handful, baby, uh I know I never think before I jump And you're the kind of guy the ladies want (And there's a lot of cool chicks out there) I know that I went psycho on the phone I never"
  • YUNGBLUD cotton candy
    "Tallulah knows That she’s not the only one I am holding close On the low I get vertigo from body Overdose So tell me your name And tell me your problems I got the same And i wan’t to get stuck"
  • OBI Próbujesz Zapomnieć (ft. Bryan)
    "gdy tylko próbujesz zapomnieć o mnie wypełniam ponad brzegi notes to nie istotne one chcą wszystkiego co drogie wolniej a ja nie nosze hajsu w torbie tam mi wygodnie one by chciałby bym miał porsche czym"
  • Przemek Ferguson HUGO
    "Przemek Ferguson 2020 HUGO, Kudel Lubię walić koks, kiedy lecą takie mocne bity Wpierdalam się do studia, no i puszczam Fatality Jestem kotem, jak Sylwester Gdzie mój mały ptaszek, Twitty? One maja"
  • Szymon Czyżewski If I Can't Have You
    "I can't write one song that’s not about you Can’t drink without thinking about you Is it too late to tell you that Everything means nothing if I can’t have you? I’m in Toronto and I got this view But"
  • Gorillaz The Pink Phantom (ft. Elton John & 6LACK)
    "You’ve more or less forgotten to Me this summer I can’t hide my disappointment I was on my way in the Phantom fire The one you gave away Try to tell you That i loveyou But i told ya You forgot and that"
  • Marta Bielawska Dance Monkey
    "they say oh my god i see the way you shine take your hands my dear and place them both in mine you know you stopped me dead while I was passing by and now I beg to see you dance just one more time see"
  • Greta Van Fleet My Way, Soon
    "I’ve seeb many people There are s omany people Some are much younger people An soem are so old I’ve seen many places There are so many places An where are the people going Will they choose the road I’ve"
  • Amaranthe STRONG
    "I know I made a lot of mistakes I know I'm not perfect in any way But after all, who's the one to blame When I don't even know myself I know I can heal almost anything Because I am stronger than I've"

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