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Gromi i Lukas Meyer

  • Caleb Meyer - Welch Gillian
    "I figured out most of the lyrics, but there are a few spots where I'm not quite sure. Hence, the dashes. Caleb Meyer, he lived alone In them hollarin' pines And he made a little whiskey for himself Sip"
  • Caleb Meyer - Gillian Welch
    "Caleb Meyer, he lived alone In them hollarin' pines He made a little whiskey for himself Said it helped to pass the time Late one evening in back of my house, Caleb came around He called my name 'til"
  • Lukas Song - Racoon
    "It took a lotta years, never got it right from the start All the little efforts were never too serious Set a lotta business straight then took it apart Summer in your eyes won't turn to winter that's obvious Got"
  • Neurotic (ft. Lukas Rossi) - Three Days Grace
    "I can't get down from this high, somebody check my vital signs Cause I'm in trouble this time, I’m in trouble this time, I’m in trouble I gotta run for my life before I’m buried alive, I don’t wanna die Yeah"
  • Without You (ft. Lukas Meijer) - Gromee
    "I am the water you are the Sun when you are closer, closer one come undone no I am not a here and I’m trying to run heart beating faster, faster skin can be the one because I’m dying every day Without"
  • Light me up (feat. Lukas Meijer) - Gromee
    "A part of me is feeling weak I took a chance but now it feels so hard to breathe a lip of faith haunting me what happen to the word that’s only you and me I wanna feel alive When I'm running through"
  • Nie Obcy (ft. Lukas Odgłosy Miasta) - Vin Vinci
    "nieobcy mi ból nieobcy mi smutek nieobca mi szczerość tak wygarnę bez ogródek w życiu obrałem kierunek że nie obce rożne rzeczy tak że wiem jak czynić dobro i potrafię również grzeszyć nieobca mi strata żal"
  • Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski - Jurgen
    "2x: Poldi Poldi Halleluja Poldi Poldi Halleluja Poldi Poldi Halleluja Es gibt einen Fuballgott Jrgen: Manche Spieler, die sind einfach schwach Du regierst den Ball und hlst ihn flach Manche, die sind faule"
  • All I want - Liz Meyer
    "Everytime I feel your tocher... I wonder if I ever could be yours? It's plain to see that I have put you on a pedastal I tried to let it go but I'm fallin' harder everyday I can't help but let you know... All"
  • I love in your eyes - Kim Lukas
    "Trust me, love me I can do no wrong Miles apart But still i know where i belong Time will tell Exactly how we feel Days go by and Yet I know this love is real Cause I live in your eyes I feel close,"
  • I Want You To Know - Kim Lukas
    "Tu tu, tu tu tu tu tu tuu-hu Tu tu, tu tu tu tu tu tuu-hu... I want you to know that what I feel When I'm with you is real it's true When I think of you and me and all that We can be it makes me smile And"
  • Never Again - Jamie Meyer
    "It was such a surprise I never saw you coming Out of the blue, into my life Like a star in the sky Like a one in a million Now I might never see you again They say a man's gotta do What a man's gotta"
  • Last Goodbye First Hello - Jamie Meyer
    "Was never ready for an end like this my heart was taken by surprise you never told me love would hurt like this if I had known before I would have never opened that door Baby when I feel like this nothing"
  • Gotta Go - Jamie Meyer
    "Gotta' creepy feeling it's been bugging me for days ain't no way to shake it but to tell you like it is straight to your face I don't want to hurt you but tell me is there any other way don't wanna se"
  • Can't Tell A Thing - Jamie Meyer
    "Lately I've been thinking something is crazy I've got this feeling I'm losing you Just an illusion or is it for real You've got to tell me how you feel Take me back, tell me how we got started Tell me"
  • Iyeaho - Jamie Meyer
    "Gather round gotta a pretty little story to tell I took a trip, caught a plane went through heaven and hell I was doing pretty good making music, knock on wood til I happend to meet this girl named Leah Yeooh"
  • Iyeaho (Old Version) - Jamie Meyer
    "Iyeaho Well here I am I'm doing pretty well I already have Some crazy stories that I will tell But something strange is going on Cause Now I'm standing here With you With nothing to say To you I will"
  • It's All About Me - Jamie Meyer
    "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME (Elofsson/Robyn Carlsson) F'rlag: BMG Music Publishing Scandinavia AB/Robyn Songs Back me up cover me Bless my soul set me free I will smile so don't you cry We both know the reasons"
  • Psycho - Jamie Meyer
    "Here she comes There she goes What she wants God only knows Bad is good Good is worse Honestly Shes my kind of curse Kisses and lies Hello's and godbyes Takes me through pleasure n'pain She drives me"
  • The Devil Went To Jamaica - Travis Meyer
    "The devil went to Jamaica, he was lookin' to sell some weed, He was doin' fine, they were standin' in line, it was excellent weed indeed, When he came across this young man who likewise peddlin' pot, And"

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