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Growing angel isn

  • Isn - Tony Bennett
    "Isn't it romantic Music in the air A dream that can be heard Isn't it romantic Moving shadows write the only magic word I hear the music playing in the trees above While all the world is saying you"
  • This Isn - B2K
    "when your eyes I see what you mean to me when you calling out my name Boy you know that I want you by my side so why do you feel this way? Can't you see...... that I want you in..... my life so if you"
  • Texas Isn - Ugly Americans
    "Without your love I might move to Oklahoma Without your love I might pack my bags and go Without your love I might as well be living in a coma Without your love I might move to Oklahoma Texas isn't big"
  • Angel - PIG
    "Where, where is my angel, my angel Marlene? Why, why did we pain you my angel Marlene? Between the devil and the deep blue sea Lies a heart that's twisted in agony Between the carnal pleasure and The"
  • Fifth Angel - Fifth Angel
    "In a land far from nowhere With a false god as a king They rejoice and sing In the night their chanting rings In the dark mist they wonder If it's true, the distant spell They look to the sky And they"
  • Growing - Primer 55
    "Crossing the line again, it's all fundamental. Feeling like there's got to be a way to control. But some people keep to themselves. And with a little luck it goes away with in time. Pushing everybody out"
  • That Tattoo Isn - Owen
    "Well tell me again what you were thinking When you got that bruise tattoo Forever black and blue And you won't say, like you don't say Anything anyone can hold you to I hope I don't make the same Foolish"
  • Angel Blake - Danzig
    "Angel Blake lived by the lake.. Threw her in, and she floated like a snake. Cross the moors into their sleeping beds... Now Angel roams around inside the children's heads... Oooooh...ooooh... Angel"
  • Angel Lady - Morris Albert
    "Opening my eyes To see the day Looking for a friend For me to say All about the thinks I dream Trying all songs I sing Wish to that's you're Just more no to you Just for you Harmony keeps growing in my"
  • Angel Rebellion - Edguy
    "In the silence there's a fear It's growing stronger with every breath I take A fire inside that drives me mad A haunt of darkness that makes me stay awake But is it just a trace of evil Or is it the force"
  • Angel - Angel
    "When I'm upside down You turn me right side up By the simple words you say When I'm south of you, Well your north of me And I know your here to stay well your fingers walk and your body talks to me sweetly"
  • Growing Old, Growing Cold - No Fun At All
    "I wanna take you out of heaven I've already forgotten my crime Well I fell out of heaven been trapped here for a long time I've been waiting here waiting for a sign I'm telling you , you are growing old I'm"
  • Growing Up - Roy Orbison
    "Your life begins when teardrops start, a broken toy, a broken heart All of these things are just a part of growing up From kiddie cars to walking shoes from lullabyes to lonely blues Somehow you never"
  • Growing Pains - Tim Finn
    "Growing pains, growing pains, always in a hurry, It remains to be seen if its worth the worry, Growing pains, growing pains, always in a hurry. And I won't regret it for a single moment, The hours I spend"
  • Growing Pain - Yoko Ono
    "I'm a battleship, frozen by my mother's anger, Anchored in the north pole sea. I'm a sphinx, stamped on the hilton poster, Hoping to see the desert. I'm a woman without country or state. Opening her head"
  • Growing Up - The Maine
    "Photograph, remembering the summer It takes me back, To Southern California. Where the girls would all pass On the boardwalk and laugh At our desperate attempts and our sunburned backs We never had a"
  • Growing Pains - Sammy Hagar
    "I got tired of my present situation So I tried rollin' over the stone Even tried to make a change of occupation But, my conscience wouldn't leave me alone You know, even the rich have their problems I"
  • It's Growing - Garnett Silk
    "My love is stepping up (My love is stepping up), I know My love is stepping up Its growing This love inside of me Oh, and its showing Shining so bright Its growing This love of mine Yes, and its showing Just"
  • Growing Pains - Lobo
    "(Johnny Cymbal / Austin Roberts) Always younger than the rest They would put me to the test Pay your dues and don't complain They're just growing pains High school beauties look so fine They were always"
  • Growing Up - Sammy Hagar
    "Oh, yeah See all the kids on the side street Hangin' 'round in their cars They're out makin' memories, yeah See the girls in their summer clothes All the boys all rough and tough They just can't get"

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