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Grupo extra me emorracherre

  • Extra! Extra! - Karate High School
    "Extra! Extra! Hear all about it! Consider these words a call to arms Don't mistake this for a false alarm We've got to unite to save what is left of our lives The revolution beings on the day you kill"
  • Extra Extra - Christina Aguilera
    "Compassion is the last thing felt for someone who's rich Automatically labeled as a whiny, spoiled little bitch Sometimes the truth is something some don't wanna ever swallow So instead they'd rather start"
  • Extra, Extra - Nickasaur
    "Oh I can't believe my eyes. I'm at a loss of words to say. I'm getting butterflys. My mind's running out of place. I can wait for you, if you want me to. wheres the tylenol, to cure this flu No jk, jk,"
  • Extra, extra - Immature
    "Chorus Extra Extra Read all about it I'm looking for that one love Who's gonna treat me right Extra Extra Read all about it I'm looking for that one love That's gonna hold me tight I'm gonna put in the"
  • Extra Extra - Gym Class Heroes
    "Let the bass make your spine jerk, drums make your ears hurt, Hear me deliverin' this phat ass verse, been puttin' in work, Eventually I'll master the craft and sit back, grab the phone and tell the boss"
  • Extra extra - Neil Young
    "Selling papers on the corner,I saw a man yesterday.I asked him if he'd wannaTell me what made him this way.He said, when it's born, it's warm,Then it gathers strength in lies,When it falls, it falls all"
  • Som Africano (Extra - Martinho Da Vila
    "Munami Zeca:Meu Filho Jos, no saia de casa, h muito perigo nas ruas. Se voc ficar, sei que vamos amanhecer juntos. Mas como sei que quando eu adormecer voc vai sair, peo a Nazambe,Deus,para traz-lo de"
  • Grupo Limite Amiga Mia - Yuri Gonzaga
    "Oyeme Porfavor No digas nada Perdoname Anoche entre sus brazos me senti realmente enamorada Oyeme Porfavor No digas nada Perdoname Anoche entre sus brazos me senti realmente enamorada Se que tu pensadas Que"
  • Extra Smooth - Aaliyah
    "So He got big brown eyes so he built nice Coming on strong six pack showing He's to cool for his own shoes Nothin' rude but way to sure for me He tryna be extra smooth, extra smooth Extra cool, extra cute Am"
  • Extra smoooth - Aaliyah
    "He got big brown eyes, so he look nice (Ooh) Coming on strong, six pack showin (Ohh) Hes too cool for his own shoes (Umm) Nothing rude, but way too short for me He tryin to be extra smooth, extra smooth"
  • Extra Ordinary - Better Than Ezra
    "(feat. DJ Swamp) I got a little bit of hope Like a soap on a rope Sweeter than sour But getting thinner by the hour Falling fast, and I'm running out of gas Muggin on your sister! Smart as Bobby Fischer! Still"
  • Extra Lovable - Prince
    "I wanna rap a little bit, oh! Yeah! Baby, U got somethin' that would make A many hippie mighty proud U got a dozen little sexy tricks That doesn't seem that Miss U.S. would even allow Never do U"
  • Extra Krispy - Mono Puff
    "Welcome to New York City Crispy You think you're leavin' You say goodbye You really mean it this time Then you start dreamin' Just one more time It's not a real big surprise It's like, once you get"
  • Extra-Sensory - Superdrag
    "i don't know if living makes me happy. i don't know if anything's exactly what it needs to be. when it comes to me. she is a god to me. i waited for so long. i don't know if living makes much sense"
  • Extra Hard - Little Brother
    "Uhh! Little Brother Uhh! Mr. Porter Uhh! Aiyyo Denaun this a This a provocative-ass beat my nigga~! I ain't gon' lie Like, this shit so hard, it's so provocative Before I could do it I had to go get a"
  • Extra Something - Kevin Seconds
    "Tracy, I was your man did everything to make you understand and now there's no more you and me. Tracy Standing in the shadows Evil thoughts inside your head It took an extra something To keep you from"
  • Extra Mannish - E-40
    "(E-40) I'm a little mannish muthafucka I take after my older brother Started off selling marijuana but now I'm selling yola Shit was gettin hella funky at first when a nigga was stealin a bitches purse Ended"
  • Extra Thump - Defari
    "(feat. Tash) (Tash talkin) what up Fred you know ooh woop ooh woop oh boy, oh boy oh girl (Defari) Wassup Fred I need a 4X to the head or that new t-shirt sayin "wassup Fred" can I live like Jay-Z, make"
  • Extra Track - Grey Daze
    "People come around People let you down Anywhere you go Anyone you see It's real It's up to you to make it happen It's up to you to make it real And you know how it feels To bleed some, to need some Tell"
  • Te Extra - Tito El Bambino
    "Te Extrańo, y he tratado de buscarte en otras mujeres y no te halle he tratado de remediar con otras y no te encontre y no se que has hecho que te extrańoooo tanto. Que extrańo tu boca besandome extrańo"

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