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Guns in roses

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Guns in roses

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Guns in roses
  • Lucky Dube Guns & Roses
    "I don' t know why I keep believing That one day, they' ll bring us together When they' ve shown In more ways than one That all they care about is the dollar You belong to the one political party I belong"
  • Jay-Z Guns Roses
    "Yeah it's magic Uhh, Jay-Z and Lenny Kravitz And it's a Heavy D product you bastards Come on Ha hey yo stop playin man This is real serious Ha (It's the rock) yeah yo Post Postatono, Hov' hangin with"
  • Clipse Guns N Roses
    "(feat. The Neptunes) Uh uh, uh huh Clipse (Clipse), Exclusive shit (Exclusive shit) Yeah, whooo (Chorus) Guns n' roses mafia proses Briefcase money, hot cars, and hot clothes This is the life, nigga"
  • Jay-Z Guns & Roses (Feat. Lenny Kravitz)
    "Yeah it's magic Uhh, Jay-Z and Lenny Kravitz And it's a Heavy D product you bastards Come on Ha hey yo stop playin man This is real serious Ha (It's the rock) yeah yo Post Postatono, Hov' hangin with"
  • John Mayer Patience (Guns 'N' Roses Cover)
    "Was a time when I wasn't sure But you set my mind at ease There is no doubt You're in my heart now Said, woman, take it slow It'll work itself out fine You and I've got what it takes to make it Said, woman,"
  • A.F.I. My Michelle (Guns N' Roses Cover)
    "Your Daddy works in porno Now that Mommy's not around She used to love her heroin But now she's underground So you stay out late at night And you do your coke for free Drivin' your friends crazy With your"
  • Manic Street Preachers It's So Easy (Guns N' Roses)
    "I see your sister in her Sunday dress She's out to please She pouts her best She's out to take No need to try She's ready to make It's so easy, easy When everybody's tryin' to please me baby It's so easy,"
  • Eighteen Visions Paradise City (Guns N' Roses Tribute)
    "Just a' urchin livin' under the street I'm a hard case that's tough to beat I'm your charity case So buy me somethin' to eat I'll pay you at another time Take it to the end of the line Ragz to richez"
  • T.I. Guns And Roses (feat. Pink /P!nk/)
    "Aye have you ever loved somebody so much you can’t stand it but can’t do without him? Do anything for him cuz you truly do adore him Like dedicate songs, write poems But they be on that bullshit and you"
  • Accept Guns
    "Accept Death Row Guns r Us How about a mega-store Full of guns to start a war Were selling toys for fatal games Well take the credit not the blame When they shoot the neighbours Shoot the daughters Shoot"
  • Madness Guns
    "I read a brand new paper About a man who had a thousand guns Lived in the Southern States Ran away from everyone Felt it wasn't safe Even in the Southern States I read a brand new paper Walking down my"
  • Coldplay Guns
    "Take it from the playgrounds and take it from the bums Take it from the hospitals and squeeze it from the slums All the kids make pistols with their fingers and their thumbs Advertise a revolution, arm"
  • 311 Guns
    "Here comes the thunder down under we're natural wonders night falls when we leave all you feel is the hunger sunrises of people all shapes and sizes dig on the decade and realize it's funky no matter this"
  • Rheostatics Guns
    "Dave Clark You take a gun and shoot an animal. Say like your neighbor or a squirrel. Safe to say that at any one time both can be spotted in the locale and struck down with ease. You can rest easy in"
  • God Forbid Out Ta Get Me (Guns N' Roses Cover)
    "Been hiding out and laying low It's nothing new to me Well you can always find a place to go If you can keep your sanity They break down the doors and they rape my rights but They won't touch me They scream"
  • Laleh Roses
    "I will listen in stereo Im here Im here it was longtime ago someone whispered in my ears and Sevy says she knows me I wont stay I wont stay and she might know me well but not today, I hope and this time"
  • Reba McEntire Roses
    "(Melba Montgomery/Leslie Satcher) A soft summer evening, another time, another place He brought her red roses on their very first date She got carried away by the things that he said Time would erase"
  • Meg & Dia Roses
    "Turn around, there's those eyes again Turn around, fake indifference and I Watch the cold, dark silhouettes disappear A hundred bodies fill this room And all their faces overdone Pain is foreign, foreign"
    "All my angers were brought to feel All confusions were born All my sadness so heavy to bare All my feelings held beneath All my glories and all of the raptures All my failures so disruptive All my emotions"
  • dEUS Roses
    "Rose said quote: "it's time to make a mess" Time won't be soon mine in time I guess She's painting on my back a beautiful flowerpot And she treats me she treats me she treats me like her local god Rose"

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