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Gurcan Erdem Dreams In The Night

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Gurcan Erdem Dreams In The Night

  • In My Dreams - Dreams
    "Puff Daddy: Ashley (Ashley...) Melissa (Melissa...) Diana (Diana...) Holly (Holly...) Dream (Dream...) Bad Boy baby, let's go! Don't know what I've got to do To get through to you You aren't trying way"
  • Dreams - Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz
    "(Chorus 2x) Hey lover am I the only one Or are you selling your baby a dream (Am I who you thinkin' of who you thinkin' of) Hey lover boy am I the only one Or are you selling your baby a dream (Am"
  • Dreams - King Diamond
    "The witching hour has arrived here too soon I know that all my dreams are inside this room Oh yeah, it's all in this tune Dreams in the night, they're falling like rain Dreams in the night, they drive"
  • Dreams - Bob Catley
    "How, even now your fate is sealed With the hound upon your heels, lie still Tremble and the jaws could kill, now How, in the terror that you feel Does it touch you like the coldest steel? Why is everything"
  • Dreams - Cans
    "When the night comes down And I'm feeling cold Shadows are moving around I've been here before Where the roads lead to nowhere Please don't make a sound Up from the gutter thay will rise With fiery eyes And"
  • Dreams - Dua Lipa
    "Last night, my fantasies become oh-so true You said you wanted me as much as I want you If I said it hadn't crossed my mind Then, oh baby, I'll be lying It just got complicated, I don't know what to do Can"
  • Dreams - Nana
    "Chorus: In my dreams God is talking to me In my dreams I am down on my knees In my dreams I am begging you please Let my soul rest in peace Dreams sometimes I ask the Lord why Mama back again in my dreams"
  • Dreams - Sebadoh
    "In my dreams I react as my true self And I learn humility Twisted moral planes As real as circumstance, each night I dance with primal urges Pornographic scenes That always start as they are ending In"
  • Dreams - Uriah Heep
    "You should have seen Tuesday's dream, dancing in my headFor you'd have heard a thousand words that nobody had saidAnd you'd have watched me try to run where dreams have never strayedHeard my cries because"
  • Dreams - Dntel
    "I wonder why the animals are thinking late at night when its dark outside, people are sleeping. I had a friend who once told me when you be friend then that they come into your dreams and dance in the"
  • Dreams - Enslavement Of Beauty
    "Oh! that my young life were a lasting dream! My spirit not awakening, till the beam Of an Eternity should bring the morrow. Yes! tho' that long dream were of hopeless sorrow, 'Twere better than the"
  • Dreams - Little Brother
    "Real story, like I was I was playin this, this record For a friend of mine y'knahmsayin we was just chillin I was just playin her the album and like She was like, "Yo I love the record, record is incredible But"
  • Dreams - Manafest
    "Dreams are still alive They don't ever die Close your eyes and imagine it right now We got to keep dreaming we giving life meaning Staying clear of the lies I wasn't suppose to be here, compose and flow"
  • Dreams - Waterdeep
    "written by Lori Chaffer on 10/24/97 at 10:05am He was holding her hand For the very first time He was telling her things that she just did not understand Between her hand and his She felt every touch she"
  • Dreams - Obsidian Voice
    "Can this be true, can this be you Is this your hand in mine You smile with me and cry for me And all you are makes night and day divine I dare to want i dare to touch Your skin so soft and fair You breathe"
  • Dreams - Cat Power
    "Dream, dream, dream, dream Dream, dream, dream, dream When I feel blue in the night I want you to hold me tight Whenever I want you All I have to do is dream I can make you mine Taste your lips of wine Anytime"
  • Dreams - Hey
    "There is something in her eyes, And I think it's fear Why don't you tell me little girl, Why are you so afraid Last night my father Came to my room alone, He was stark naked Very quiet closed the"
  • Dreams - 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
    "(Bridge) Dreams to survive Dreams make a wish come true, oooh Keep your dreams alive Dream... dream on Your dream will come alive (Chorus) Come on dream on Come on dream on Come on dream on, boy Your dream"
  • In Dreams - Chris De Burgh
    "(Roy Orbison) A candy coloured clown they call the sandman, Tiptoes to my room every night, Just to sprinkle star dust and to whisper, "Go to sleep everything is alright;" I close my eyes and I drift"
  • In Dreams - Rene Froger

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