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Guster Medicine

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Guster Medicine

  • Guster - Perfect
    "Played follow the leader Keeping my steps in time Counting on the wonder ahead I leave the pain behind It's on me It's all mine Go away They're my mistakes They're not your problem Pinned down"
  • Medicine - Guster
    "Into the maze Enter the medicine handed down Within these veins Bleeding with apathy till it drowns No more to gain Needing the ugliness that surrounds Return again Caught in the medicine handed"
  • Medicine - The 1975
    "I find it hard to say bye-bye Even in the state of you and I And how can I refuse? Yeah you rid me of the blues Ever since you came into my life Because you’re my medicine (Yeah, you’re medicine) Yeah,"
  • Medicine - Kim Leoni
    "They say that your kiss is like a pill Designed to change the way that I feel For every heartache you gotta cure That's why I put my trust in you Everybody's looking for what they want And everybody's"
  • Medicine - Ashbury Heights
    "We've always been divided into Two halves of the whole We cannot stand each other Yet we're playing the same role Is there no medicine to get rid of you? Isn't there a single cure For the things we do? We've"
  • Medicine - James Arthur
    "you're my buletproof vest when it's getting dangerous always make me feel blessed you’re my guardian angel you are you are you are you are you are you are you put your body on mine when you’re taking you’’re"
  • Medicine - Bobaflex
    "What would you do without your medicine, falling on the floor again, looking for the fix you found heaven in What would you do without your medicine, run like a fiend, never weaned from the breast,"
  • Medicine - Simon Townshend
    "She's running her fingers through my hair My little baby she don't care No ended so complete Just what baby does to me, right She does everything right She does everything right She does everything right She's"
  • Medicine - Guru
    "feat Ini Kamoze, True Master Yo, son, pass me the medicine... Ah... Yes, Ini Kamoze alongside the Guru Baby, I got red eyes What? I got red eyes I got red eyes, what? I got red eyes Gimme the medicine,"
  • Medicine - Glasseater
    "Let me start by saying thank you In the past, we've all had our mistakes Cause I've crushed a lot of hearts But only because mine's been stomped to the ground way before The only medicine i ever needed"
  • Medicine - Rage
    "I feel sick, I'm so nervous I can't sleep, Life is getting more busy each day And my doctor is giving me more pills Some get me up, some calm me down, yeah Modern chemistry, big into business Is the keeper"
  • Medicine - Harry Styles
    "help me take my medicine take my medicine treat you like a pill give me the adrenaline the adrenaline think I’m gonna sick with you can i take my medicine take my medicine rest it on your fingertips up"
  • Medicine - Del Amitri
    "You can find another country if you want Somewhere you can hide yourself away Find yourself another set of holes to haunt Get yourself another debt that you can't pay Yeah, you can try to run for cover"
  • Medicine - Bob Schneider
    "Got a heart don't work so good Cause it don't feel the way that I think that it should It pumps and pounds and gets some down Any time you come around Baby baby let me in I need me some of your sweet"
  • Medicine - Orbit
    "She's a car broken down out on the highway she's a good little girl but her daddy don't know I said my bed is just a moment away she stops herself she holds herself and she shakes her head she says "i'm"
  • Medicine - Sons And Daughters
    "Hit me hit me hit me I'm already on the ground You're asleep in the next room and I'm banging to be found I cannot feel my body and I'm floating then I'm drowned And nothing I have taken keeps it down It's"
  • Medicine - The Sundays
    "Dig down to the earth here outside Lose my mind here any day now Don't be sad, we're only half way there O no, that's what I call home You remember the hills we slithered down "I'm not going anywhere" You"
  • medicine - Bring Me The Horizon
    "some people are a lot like clouds you know cause life’s so much brighter when they go you rained on my heart for far too long couldn’t see the thunder for the storm because I cut my teeth and bite mt"
  • Medicine - The Fold
    "Let's skip to the point, let's skip to this condition Let's skip to the point, let's skip to this condition Here we go again we're takin medicine to take the pain away To get this gone is what I need"
  • Medicine - South Park
    "First verse: All this time, you've been mine, heaven-sent valentine And just like that, my life stopped on the dime I can't stop cryin', inside I'm dyin' I caught you red-handed, that's what I get for"

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