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Gwen Stefani Danger Zone');

  • Danger Zone - Gwen Stefani
    "I can't imagine how hard it must be to be you Adopting all your history it's hard being me too Are your secrets where you left them? cause now your ghosts are mine as well I think it's time I met them"
  • Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
    "Uh huh, this my shit All the girls stomp your feet like this A few times I've been around that track So it's not just goin' to happen like that Because I ain't no hollandback girl I ain't no hollandback"
  • Together (ft. Gwen Stefani) - Calvin Harris
    "Always running from what feels right To fast, and I didn't know Then a minute toss the daylight You're here, no way to let go Don't look back, when you're holding me Cause I know what this love was meant"
  • Run Away (ft. Gwen Stefani) - Snoop Dogg
    "Let’s forget where we are and what’s going on Let’s forget who we are and who we know Why does it gotta be complicated, does it have to be? Come on baby we can escape, run away with me You like the way"
  • Happy Anywhere (feat. Gwen Stefani) - Blake Shelton
    "I always was a rolling stones With the reckless streak Yeah, te grass never gets too grown Underneath my feet The city lights, Southern stars No such thing’s gone too far I am running wide open I was"
  • Danger Zone - Rainbow
    "Shaking off the tresholds of a long forgotten dream And you just can't make it last Coaching paradise on a personal line But you get fired to fast And you lie, memories drifting by Love don't make it"
  • Danger Zone - Black Sabbath
    "Midnight, something don't feel right It's been too much, too far away from home Hard life, living the hard life I can't resist, I'm falling To the danger zone All day long I'm pushed and shoved I just"
  • Danger Zone - Virgin Steele
    "[1st verse:] Oh people, your darkness hath come. Oh no, they've blackened the sun. The night was cold, but now it burns hot. You may cry till tomorrow, but I'd rather not. [1st chorus:] Oh come with me"
  • Danger Zone - Ramones
    "New York city is a real cool town Society really brings me down Our playground is a pharmacy Kids find trouble so easily Other countries are just as bad The soviets really make me mad On the boulevard"
  • Danger Zone - The Ramones
    "New York is a real cool town Sociey really Brings me down Our playground is a pharmacy Kids find trouble so easily Other countries are just so bad The soviets really Make me mad on the boulevard where"
  • Danger zone - Kenny Loggins
    "Revvin' up your engine Listen to her howlin' roar Metal under tension Beggin' you to touch and go Highway to the Danger Zone Ride into the Danger Zone Headin' into twillight Spreadin' out her wings tonight"
  • Danger Zone - Billy Burnette
    "Written by billy burnette and michael smotherman. I was laughing at all these people, who Jump through hoops and loop de loop In the name of love I told all my friends this could never Happen to me 'cause"
  • Danger zone - The Kinks
    "Ooh, I wrote you a letter, And you never sent a reply. It's a shame, always money or power, And it doesn't really matter what you think. Oh, I'd give you all I had to give, Over and over again. While the"
  • Danger zone - Capleton
    "Intro: Cah through warrior we defend we jus mek dem know always have up your shield prepare informers spies and traitors and sorcerers and confederates, Who dem Living inna de danger zone In de battlefield"
  • Danger Zone - Ray Charles
    "Sad and lonely all the time That's because I've got a worried mind You know the world is in an uproar The danger zone is everywhere, everywhere Just read your paper And you'll see Just exactly what keeps"
  • Danger Zone - Sinner
    "(Spoken:) Welcome to the danger zone Runnin' to a land so dark full of pain I'm feeling dirty, feelin' hot again I got the miracles in my hands Deliver me from evil The sorcerer is planting his seed Growing"
  • Danger Zone - Amaranthe
    "Unreal As I fight back My heart is telling me I just cannot settle everything Now my chance I can't back down now Got to keep moving And nothing's gonna change my mind I am the one, You call the enemy Who"
  • Danger Zone - Hellraiser
    "Danger, danger u gotta draw aback Danger zone is geting Wild Look out you are victimized Tenacious fingers hold me tight Pain, Pain my blood is spilling down Bastards gonna bring me down Life is a monstrous"
  • Danger Zone - King's X
    "mom says she don't understand, says i'm such a problem child i'm always getting into trouble, i hurt her all the time but i don't know who i am, sometimes i don't understand we get in a lot of fights,"
  • Danger Zone - Split Heaven
    "Servant for more than one thousand years The gunslinger rises over the ashes! This world was left behind a long time ago with none life in charge Chorus: Dark knight teach me how I must surrender but"

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