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Gyalogkakukk it's over now

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Gyalogkakukk it's over now

  • It's Over Now - Reamonn
    "Who decides when the time has come to role the dice? And say goodbye Should be fight or try to see it from the other side There's black or white Who was right never seems to be the question why Just"
  • It's Over Now - Luther Vandross
    "Voice: Get out! It's over now Something's going on It's the middle of the night And my ESP woke me up I know what's going on girl You ain't been treating me right And your sweet talking ain't enough I"
  • It's Over Now - Paddy Casey
    "Well it's all over now, and we both know why 'Cause we burnt our bridges as we passed them by Yeah it's over now, and the dream is broken And all our bitter words, will have now been spoken Well it's"
  • It's over now - Vandross Luther
    "Voice: Get out!It's over nowSomething's going onIt's the middle of the nightAnd my ESP woke me upI know what's going on girlYou ain't been treating me rightAnd your sweet talking ain't enoughI know you're"
  • It's Over Now - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * N.E.W.S. Can you tell me what it's all about now? There's a rumor spreading all over town yeah You'll never guess it or understand, baby Start living with a new idea It's over - close"
  • It's Over Now - Kirk Franklin
    "Its over now Its over now I feel like I can make it The storm is over now No more cloudy day there all gone Gone away I feel like I can make The storm is over now (Can you help me say?) No more cloudy"
  • It's Over Now - Jeanette
    "You heard me right We can't make it good And that is why It's no use to try You are in a way what I expected You see I can say that I reflected All the time It's over now The end is near I wanna stop"
  • It's Over Now - Natasha Thomas
    "What kind of love have you got, You should be home but you're not I don't wanna believe that it's over now, I could be wrong but I'm not, and you're still think you're on heart I don't wanna believe that"
  • It's Over Now - Neve
    "She comes up and every time She'll see what I could be A cold routine or something It just won't stop touching me And I wait here another time Like a thousand times before I'm dropping out and faded But"
  • It's Over Now - Sara May
    "I know you need me more Then you show, god stop pretending It's over, It's easy to see I know you want to feel That I'm weak and I need you So much baby, It's over right now I know you"
  • It's Over Now - Kurupt
    "(INTRO: AD LIBS) Yeah, I saw you up in the club, uh huh You think you was bad cause you had a Jag (CHORUS) It's over, it's over now, Move over, it's my turn now, It's over, the game's shut down, Sorry. It's"
  • It's Over Now - Aaliyah
    "What is this numbers in your pocket I remember when you used to throw those things away. Why do you wanna keep in touch now who gave you a reason to act so shady... Baby you know you can call me anytime"
  • It's Over Now - October Nites
    "So I don't know, What to do Since you are wasted and falling down Say, Say don't turn, Don't, Don't walk out But all these signals are fading out Do you think you're invincible? And above it all, Chase"
  • It's over now - Deborah Cox
    "Try to forget about it Ordinary things...typical predictable Baby I knew the end before it started You got me feelin' like I owed you something Cuz you were there at times when I had nothing But you threw"
  • It's Over Now - 112
    "What is this? Numbers in your pocket I remember when you Used to throw those things away Why do you wanna keep in touch now? Who gave you a reason? To act so shady Baby you know You can call me anytime Anything"
  • It's Over Now - Honeymoon Suite
    "Four in the morning, still no call What am I to think, do I matter at all? So many things I need to say But what's the use, your drifting away I've always thought we could make it through Nobody knows"
  • It's Over Now - Bosson
    "I'm sitting in a place where the sun is shining Looking up where the birds are flying Not afraid as the sea is running high 'Cause I know you are right by my side Holding me when I'm feeling so small Saving"
  • It's Over Now - Frehley's Comet
    "You were life and love upon this island And it was hard but you made it all worthwhile So afraid that I'm gonna run away Well if it was, I wouldn't be here today, ay And you took me by the heart And showed"
  • It's Over Now - Ace Frehley
    "You were life and love upon this island And it was hard but you made it all worthwhile So afraid that i'm gonna run away Well if i was, i wouldn't be here today, ay And you took me by the heart And showed"
  • It's Over Now - Mocca
    "I know that youre very nice Never ever tell me lies Youre always there to comfort me And cheer me up when I am down * However that is it Youve got youre world and Ive got mine And after all that weve"

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