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H-Blockx - Love Can

  • H-Blockx - H-Blockx
    "Did you see my mother walking round the blocks? Did you see them nasty boys looting the lots? Did they ever miss you or did they even kiss you? Or is the only thing you see Britain's milita? If you"
  • B.l.o.c.k.x. fm - H-Blockx
    "Introducing, the news we get lose and we rock it, we can`t stop it we topit, we`re gonna pump you up till we`re on top of the pop shit -Blast-smoked yo ass.smoke the slim beats like I smoke dem weeds,"
  • Kiss me - H-Blockx
    "We're talking for hours, all through the nightWe said everything about us and I know its alrightYoull be gone for quite some timeI love your brown eyes I love your smileI love everything about you and"
  • Someday somehow - H-Blockx
    "Do you know how much I love you, and do you know the reason why? So many things I need to tell you, so listen up and let me try! I would never leave you, I love you forever and a day. Ref.: Someday, girl"
  • Gotta Find A Way - H-Blockx
    "Why do I panic? This shit is manic I got it going on and I don't know where it's coming from I feel no strenght in, I have no trust in Myself or anything I liked that's gone so long Might be a timeshock"
  • What you wanna do - H-Blockx
    "I-I know it's time to realize, I-I know the love you felt for me has died, I-I try to cope with the pain inside but I just realize that I cannot hide the feelings that I have inside... Can you hear me?"
  • One Day - H-Blockx
    "it was a cold night late in june drunk and I didn't know what to do till I ran into someone new to find it's you you smiled at me and closed your eyes you kissed away your summer lies embraced my worn"
  • Do What You Wanna Do (Dave Don't Like It) - H-Blockx
    "I - I know it's time to realize, I - I know the love you felt for me has died, I - try to cope with the pain inside But I just realize that I cannot hide the feelings that I have inside... Chorus: Hear"
  • Do what you wanna do - H-Blockx
    "I-I know it's time to realize,I-I know the love you felt for me has died,I-I try to cope with the pain insidebut I just realize that I cannot hide the feelings that I have inside...Can you hear me?I-I"
  • Real Love - H-Blockx
    "I gotta step back, back to see reality remember girls that were my destiny those feelings that were always inside of me always I thought - BAM - there was reality My heart my insight once had a bright"
  • Love Can - Lisa Stansfield
    "Drift, what it means Nothing wrong in my past Played and ran from me Out of space and out of time I shattered you to pieces When you leave get out my way Why did I come to running away? For just letting"
  • Love can - Cindy Morgan
    "Far away You seem so far away Holding the hourglass And it's pouring out so fast Would you say After these years and all this pain That we could make a change And you could meet me halfway To lay it down"
  • All season love - H-Blockx
    "Did you hear the summer say:"Nothing'S right when you're away"?Did you ever feel the same, did you ever fell like me?Take a breath and soothe the fright, and try to keep the wind from blowing out the light!Did"
  • Can - Os Travessos
    "Em cada amanhecer A todo tempo tudo o que acontecer Em cada descobrir Em cada abrao amigo e a cada sorrir Voc vai estar do meu lado Mesmo sozinho estou acompanhado No importa o que h de vir Sempre tenho"
  • Can - 365
    "Olhares distantes, cabea a pensar. Luzes no cu no pode alcanar. Jovens nas ruas comeam a marchar. Tiros no escuro a algo no ar. H uma nova cano, que est no ar. A luz que desceu cegou seu olhar. Agora"
  • Can - Timbalada
    "h uma lei no meu corao que sem amor se vive no enxugue seu rosto no meu abad escute essa cano de paquerar aonde eu for voc vai estar estampe seu rosto no meu abad existe um prazer de canalizar escute essa"
  • Can - Francisco Fanhais
    "Ó navegante do mar do medo Ouve um instante o meu segredo, Ó caminhante da noite fria Ouve um instante minha alegria: Ao longe longe j aparece Uma cidade que resplandece Ao longe longe o sol j vem Eu"
  • Can - Elizeth Cardoso
    "Ó mulher, Tu que criaste o amor! Aqui estou eu to só Na imensa treva Da tua ausncia. Mulher cano! Noturna flor do adeus Vem me matar de amor, De amor nos braos teus. tanto meu amor, tanto por ti Que"
  • Can - Mull Historical Society
    "Can Can I let you go inside my head A little while with nothing said The simple things are what I want to be I opened up but now I'm closed Today I'm just on answer-phone Tomorrow's what I really"
  • Can - Vanusa
    "Quando eu vi voc Beleza total Paixo, prazer Eu olhei voc Parei, cheguei distrada Mas voc nem perguntou Me pegou pra voc Nem prestou ateno E eu me dei e te amei Por voc qualquer dia Me atrevo, me entrego,"

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