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  • H2o - Green Lizard
    "he's always staring at me he's always fuckin' with me softly whispering to me he makes promises he never keeps if you should wonder why I never seem to try to turn my back and walk away I'm killin'"
  • H2O Proof - Ras Kass
    "I was lyrically Hip Hop's top 5, before two of my niggas died Syntax a deep impact Bruce Willis couldn't survive A strange death, since niggas wasn't loud I'm throwin monitors offstage cause Rakim said"
  • 78% H2O - Ani DiFranco
    "When the joy had left your body And you were locked into your own pulse You used to love to sit by the water And watch it lapping on the rocks And every time you put your feet in You cry out and you pray But"
  • Opposite Of H2O - Drag-On
    "Yo this nigga Drag-On burn niggas, flame niggas, potch niggas Sautee niggas, skin scorch niggas You could be any complexion, black, caucasian We spit razors in kiloid faces Like ear to ear, eye to eye,"
  • Opposite Of H2o - Drag On
    "Yo this nigga Drag-On burn niggas, flame niggas, potch niggas Sautee niggas, skin scorch niggas You could be any complexion, black, caucasian We spit razors in kiloid faces Like ear to ear, eye to eye,"
  • C17-H19-No3-H2o - Enslavement Of Beauty
    "I beweep my foolish prudence, I beweep thy sick reluctancy chaos disguised as nought, accusing acquaintance of sodomy Sometimes I just stare blankly for hours wondering how it could have been interrupted"
  • Hymn Wodociągów Krakowskich (Czułe h2o) - Lawok
    "by sie mogła zrodzić miłość z tej młodości, z tej urody by się ślubne stroje szyło trzeba garstkę żywej wody by niż z rana oczy przemyć czarną noca poklejone co wypatrzę z krańców ziemi swego męża, swoją"
  • Thicker Than Water - H2O
    "my family looks out for me, like friends our story never ends. we've run into the fire and somehow water comes to save us. there are so few we can depend on, with blood there is an honor. we act like we"
  • Nazi Punks Fuck Off - H2O
    "h2o go! punk ain't no religious cult. punk means thinking for yourself. you ain't hardcore cause you spike your hair. when a jock still lives inside your head. nazi punks, nazi punks, nazi punks, fuck"
  • Forest King - H2O
    "H2O - Forest King Do what you want It really doesn't matter anyway A lot of different people Got a lot of different things to say But - what is a reason for hunting anything What are you hiding What"
  • Spirit Of '84 - H2O
    "You can't have me I won't sign my life away I'm not even gonna listen Cause your words are based on lies The truth escapes you You put your foot in your mouth Let me tell you what it's all about"
  • Role Model - H2O
    "Who can I believe in When all my heroes are gone Does anybody out there know their right from wrong? No I can't trust the president I can't trust the cops I can't believe my ears when the radio's on I"
  • Self Reliable - H2O
    "What if you could live your life Like you're the only one around Would you do it just to see if you could or would it scare you too much Not to see you friends Hail, Hail the gangs not here at all Self"
  • Si Esto No Es Amor - H2O
    "No me pidas que te saque de mi vida sabes bien que esto no es nada personal yo no se quien te conto tantas mentiras y ahora tu te quieres ir de la ciudad como quisiera tomarte entre mis brazos pero nunca"
  • Static - H2O
    "I can hear it on the line While you profess that everything is fine, but Theres a static in your voice And all I wanna do is read between the noise. I hear you, but I cant hear you I feel like somethings"
  • 5 Year Plan - H2O
    "My friends look out for me like family My mom's been struggling since I was 3 (x2) Am I scared, am I pushed, am I worried? Another day, another year so what's the hurry? Here I sit, alone and in despair The"
  • All We Want(Unrealeased) - H2O
    "Cover up your eyes, and put your fingers in your ears, we will probably say some shit that you dont wanna hear. theres too many kids out there who never stand a chance they say some basic words there mom"
  • Day By Day - H2O
    "s what else can i say, that's not been said each day i rise up, thinking i've wised up i realize that i don't know shit chorus i don't know where i'm gonna be - day by day with me i don't know where"
  • Empty Pockets - H2O
    "all these politics, it's a deception falling on america's weak they say we're keeping ourselves down we sold out on half ass trailer park dreams so now we're living with rednecks, racists -blk/white"
  • Fading - H2O
    "you look me in my eyes, and i could not see your disguise i followed every caution that i knew, but now it's no surprise that you can only talk the talk and now there's nothing left for me to do i will"

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