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HAIM - Don't Save

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HAIM - Don't Save

  • Warm (feat. HAIM) - Charli XCX
    "you gotta tell me the reason why we can't fall in love you gotta tell me the reason why you won't open up Now I'mma send you to heaven tequila on your tongue you gotta tell me the reason why we can't fall"
  • Saturdays (feat HAIM) - Twin Shadow
    "this could be the last time that could be the fault line slipping away this could be your last time care about everything that you say this might be the last ride ever road could fall right under our"
  • Pray To God (feat. HAIM) - Calvin Harris
    "I remember when this road was my own I pray to God, I just don't know anymore I pray to God, I just don't know anymore, anymore Ooh, I lost the feeling but I'm tryina hold on I thought the end of love"
  • Bite Down (ft. HAIM) - Bastille
    "You don't have to look any further I've been waiting here for you all time You don't have to look any further You're missing what is right before your eyes No one's gonna stick the pieces together for"
  • So Bad (ft. HAIM) - Gesaffelstein
    "Please don't be (so bad) I still feel (you there) Tears, they (fell so bad) How could I be so wrong? How could I be (so strong?) Nothing else compares How could I be so wrong? How could I be so strong? I"
  • Whatever Happened To Corey Haim? - The Thrills
    "Now don't you believe me Oh can't you see I'm full of lies Oh something Oh something once pure I came to the city To build a mountain of envy And to marry a Kennedy So let's stay out tonight I just"
  • Don't Save Me - HAIM
    "Never thought I would grow so old Seeing the go? Still I never wanted it to go I've hoped cold heart Feel the way it used to start up. Take me back. Take me back to the way that I was before, Hungry for"
  • Don't Wanna - HAIM
    "You did me so bad When i was in the moment Well, i didn’t understand You did me so harsh Left me low in my high heels In the parking lot Always thought i’d see it coming But i don’t Got to leave the"
  • Holes In The Sky (ft. HAIM) - M83
    "On to the ground Far from the rivers Grace in our tears High on a fever Somebody heal me from my pain I'm reaching closer My stars have lowered Filling up lost memories Holes in the sky Pierced by the"
  • My Song 5 (ft. A$AP Ferg) - HAIM
    "I found it hard Tried to reserve I'll get it right When I am hurt (hot for me) The man's his own (hot for me) And to her he´ll go (hot for me) But I`ll be fine (hot for me) `Cause I know He´s in her heart"
  • Forever - HAIM
    "Hey you! Remember me? Remember love? Remember trying to stay together? My time, you took it all You tried to see You tried to bring yourself up without involving me It isn't fair, To have your way, To"
  • If I Could Change Your Mind - HAIM
    "No, please don't cry I've never done this before, drove a million miles Back when you were mine I was too young to know you were the one to find But if I was to say I regret it Would it mean a thing? 'Cause"
  • Don't - Sacred Reich
    "Savior Save me from this hell I'm in Take me Lead me out and take me in Make me Help me try to understand Hate me Just because of who I am Judge you by the clothes you wear Judge you by the length"
  • Don't Save Me - Sing It Loud
    "Don't save me I'm not the one you should be looking out for Don't save me I know it's a lot to ask But don't save me This can make things way too complicated Don't save me I know I can make it on my own Sometimes"
  • Don't Save Me - Marit Larsen
    "You say, we must move forward And I say, let's not go back Once we were brave explorers But this trail is a worn-out track Don't chase that setting sun Look what we've become Don't save me, I'll save"
  • Don't - David Gilmour
    "Don't, don't, that's what you say Each time that I hold you this way, When I feel like this and I want to kiss you, Baby, don't say don't. Don't, don't, leave me this way, For here in my arms you must"
  • Don't! - Shania Twain
    "Don't.. don't you wish we tried Do you feel what I feel inside You know love is stronger than pride Don't.. no don't Let your anger grow Just tell me what you need me to know Please talk to me don't close"
  • Don't - Elvis Presley
    "(Leiber And Stoller) Don't, don't, that's what you say Each time that I hold you this way, When I feel like this and I want to hold you, baby, don't say don't. Don't, don't leave my embrace For here"
  • Don't - Neil Sedaka
    "Oh, please Don't, don't lead me on Don't love me tonight if tomorrow you'll be gone If you don't mean the things that you say You only have to tell me And I'll be on my way Oh, don't Don't make me cry Don't"
  • Don't - 98 Mute
    "Don't-- tell me what to do. Don't-- make me talk to you. Don't-- tell me how to act. Don't-- show me what I lack. Don't-- tell me what to eat. Don't-- show me who to meet. Don't-- tell me what to wear."

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