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  • Halloween - Rent
    "Mark (on the phone/spoken) Hi. It's Mark Cohen. Is Alexi there?...Uhh, no need to bother her. Just let her know that I'm running late for my appointment. I'm at my...Yes, I'll still be there..Yes, I"
  • Halloween - Status Quo
    "There's a chill in the air but I don't care I'm out and about tonight And out on the street ain't no place for me to be Changing faces in different places I'm everywhere you are I'm looking for you, you'd"
  • Halloween - Helloween
    "Masquerade, masquerade, Grab your mask and don't be late Get out get out well disguised Heat and fever in the air tonight Meet the others at the store, Knock on other people's door Trick or treat they"
  • Halloween - Aqua
    "(Telephone Rings) Hello? - Remember me? - Who's there? - I got your number! oh no no! - I'm back to haunt you! - No stay away! It's Friday night so creepy outside It's thundering and lightning there's"
  • Halloween - Aqua Teens
    "Hello? Remember me? Who's there? I've got your number Oh no, no I'm back to haunt you No, stay away Ha ha ha ha ha It's Friday night So creepy outside It's is thundering and lightning There's"
  • Halloween - Stephen Lynch
    "''This one's weird, 'cause I can only play it once a year.'' ''On Halloween.'' ''Scary...'' Thinking of all the cool creatures That I will meet... on this night. Ghosts and goblins and witches, Roaming"
  • Halloween - Green Apple Quick Step
    "The yellow grass is growin' and creepy old broken trees. no one ever wants to stop by and see us on halloween. oh take me with you I'm already there watch me dig a hole in my backyard and bury e Ne there."
  • Halloween - Ryan Adams
    "Heart stops beating, all the words worth repeating She is dancing but not singing, is it maybe that she doesn't know the words? She's dressed up, but don't worry, she's got friends Snowflake eating,"
  • Halloween - Mc Vapour
    "Olash! Whos ready?Whos ready?uh ha! b.o.d wit mc vapour flava for the ravea dida da danger danger mr ava rava ha do you like da sound of emotion you no y it was written in da paper this weekend coz ive"
  • Halloween - Original Broadway Cast
    "MIMI It's true you sold your guitar and bought a car? ROGER It's true - I'm leave now for Santa Fe It's true you're with this yuppie scum? BENNY You said you'd never speak to him again MIMI Not now MAUREEN Who"
  • Halloween - Dark Moor
    "Masquerade, masqueradeGrab your mask and don't be lateGet out, get outWell disguised heat and fever in the air tonightMeet the others at the store,Knock on other people's doorTrick or treat they have the"
  • Every Halloween - Insane Clown Posse
    "I paint my face every year all day the 31st aint nothin to me, another holiday all of a sudden face paintin's in style And I've been doin ever since Gilligan's Island was on but try to live all year though try"
  • Halloween Is - Tom T. Hall
    "How would yopu like to be scared right out of your socks Whether or not you're wearin' socks How would you like to be frightened out of your room With some big scary something out of the gloom That's what"
  • Halloween Medley - Jimmy Fallon
    "Colin Quinn: And now with some thoughts on trick-or-treating, Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon: Thanks a lot, thanks, Colin. I realized I'm too old to be dressing up for trick-or-treating and yet I still wanna"
  • My Halloween - Damnation
    "This whole place has really gone to shit man A real down hill tune Everybody owes you candy You'll glass to chew Trick or treatin' is a dangerous game man The children walk in fear One razor in a poison"
  • Wicked Halloween - Insane Clown Posse
    "Knock Knock Knock ... How horrid to be buried alive Imagine the terror of being trapped in your own coffin Your heart beating wildly, every gasping breath Using up your valuable oxygen My hand popped"
  • Halloween - Blind Guardian
    "[3:22] Years ago I came back. This'll be my hardest attack. Burning fire in my brain. I can feel the deadly flame. You'll never make it, your blood I suck. Your fire's burning round my neck. Celebration,"
  • Halloween - Rob Zombie
    "Aw! Pack the moon with coffin, eyes so crazy for the dead she go-go in the devils house with a satan on the bed Freak on her like a maniac yeah go baby, go A Psycho-path and a poor white trash is all she'll"
  • Halloween - Rage
    "Dark mountains, thunder and rain The lightning burns down the sky Wild creatures howling out in the night The fire's burning, hell has opened its gates Satan meets all his wifes They come from everywhere"
  • Halloween - Mudhoney
    "There's something shifting in the distance Don't know what it is Day as dead as night Except for the feeling That's crawling up inside of me As you sing your song As you swing along, and you It's"

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