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  • Mase My Harlen Lullaby
    "Yeah, YEAH C'mon Man I just do what the due is due C'mon, yeah you heard the man I just do what the due is due Now I been makin hits since underage Contract intact, can't be under paid This ain't a"
  • Bobby Rydell The Alley Cat Song
    "The Alley Cat Song Artist: Bobby Rydell -from his "Top Hits Of 1963" LP Words by Jack Harlen and Music by Frank Bjorn Despite the title of the LP, the instrumental version by Bent Fabric charted at #"
  • Newsies Carrying The Banner
    "That's my cigar You'll steal another Hey bummers we got work to do Since when did you become me mother Ah stop your bawling Hey, who asked you?! Try Bottle Alley or the harbor Try Central Park its guaranteed"
  • Frank Sinatra Stormy Weather
    "(T.Koehler, H.Arlen) Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky Stormy weather Since my gal and I ain't together Keeps rainin' all the time Life is bare, gloom and misery everywhere Stormy weather Just"
  • Frank Sinatra The Gal That Got Away
    "(H.Arlen, I.Gershwin) The night is bitter, the stars have lost their glitter The winds grow colder, suddenly you're a lot older And all because of a gal who got away No more her eager call, the writing"

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