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  • Ziemia Zakazana Autor Słów
    "Z kałuży grzechu piję jak żebrak, patrząc w jej lustro żałuję tych chwil... Co we mnie się rodzi, umiera nad ranem, tak będę myślał do końca swych dni... A gdy przyjdzie moment zapytam Boga czy wszystko"
  • Paula DeAnda Marching
    "If you only knew Trouble she's been going through Could you walk in hard shoes When you ain't got nothing to lose Say you're hoping you're praying for me To get back what they took away So you keep on"
  • Blues Traveler When Johnny Comes Marching Home
    "Take a look out to the east, where the sun will rise And think of all the possibility it brings And it's that which makes it seem a hope that life dead lies With it's rationale that enslaves kings But"
  • Rich Mullins Marching On
    ""Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored He has loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword And He's"
  • The Alarm Marching On
    "Well, There's a young boy standing Staring at the world You know he can't control his anger You can see it in his eyes He's gonna smash the window He's gonna tear down the walls Hey mister you don't"
  • Alarm Marching On
    "Alarm Declaration Marching On There's a young boy standing Staring at the world He can't control his anger You can see it in his eyes He's gonna smash the window He's gonna tear down the walls Hey mister"
  • Dougie MacLean Marching Mystery
    "From ship to shining shore Out of an age when time was young Across the silver ocean's floor Their endless battle has begun Chorus: And they burn upon the open hand, Blinding all who see They feast upon"
  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Souljahs Marching
    "The souljahs marching on prepared for war The souljahs marching on prepared for war The cycle continues look what I've been through Chapter 5 from the Book of Thugs Nineteen Ninety Nine two thousand New"
  • informatyk usb Lubię tę konwencję autora, wykonuje bardzo emocjonalny tekst swoim pustym głosem
    "mam dość od dzieciństwa kur* słyszę: masz tu odnieść sukces jak mam mamo odnieść sukces kiedy życie tak po trumnie może zbyt stary żeby mieć depresje może zbyt młody i bezsenności jeszcze wiedzie jak codziennie"
  • Everon Marching Out
    "With cooling rain and warming sun So long we lived here, disturbed by none In freedom, peace and harmony Like this it should forever be The forest was our generous host Until the day when we have lost All"
  • Dave Matthews Band Ants marching
    "He wakes up in the morning Does his teeth bite to eat and he rollin Never changes a thing The week ends, the week begins She thinks, we look at eachother Wonderin what the other is thinking But we never"
  • Ryan Adams Funeral Marching
    "Oh, what's the use in trying? Thick as thieves and packs of lies Marching to the palaces of night All my life I looked for something All my seas are drops of rain Drunk as sailors drinking from your hand Girl,"
  • Kosheen Marching Orders
    "If you're out there laughing Fishbowl culture You're fighting for water If you're out there laughing In our direction We see our failure Get on your precious rocket I think you better go Traded your empty"
  • Deb Talan Angels Marching
    "i hear the angels coming but they are taking their time they all decided to walk here instead of flying on little white feet that our eyes cannot see traveling inside a snail shell along the boundary and"
  • Halcali Marching March
    "I know you know enter da machi baby I know you know enter da machi baby I know you know enter da machi baby Kono machi de machingu everybody Sutandingu obeeshon Maachingu maachi hajimarimasu Maachingu"
  • Sufjan Stevens Marching Band
    "One dark day the trees began a trumpet sound, trumpet sound We sat listening patiently, the sky was near and i felt the trembling motion we ran out to see the future, from the ground from the ground"
  • Editors Marching Orders
    "I can open my mind But this no makes dreamer of you In this desperate times I ‘m walking home Walking home to you I will fall with the rain I will flicker with the flame, the fire I used to run down"
  • Emberghost If You're Marching, Stop Marching
    "Police cars, ambulances call Like a chorus of coyotes as they celebrate a kill My best friend left and he never came home Got a 30-.06 that says they're going down Flashing lights, red, blue, illuminate"
  • Owal/Emcedwa feat. Dj-Ean Pliki i teksty
    "Mógłbym pod ten bit przewinąć jak Eldoka Ale co tam to jest moje to mój projekt To miasto Poznań po tym możesz mnie poznać Epizod trzeci chyba że masz coś przeciw Nad miastem krążę moje miasto w to włączę Bez"
  • Sammy Hagar Marching To Mars
    "Here we go marching to Mars On a rainbow bridge, it don't seem so far Steppin' into our universe Moving towards life to solve the problems on Earth Marching to Mars Everybody's marching to Mars Gonna"

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