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HIM The Funeral Of Hearts

  • Funeral of hearts - HIM
    "Love's the funeral of heartsAnd an ode for crueltyWhere angels cry bloodOn flowers of evil in bloomThe funeral of heartsAnd a plea for mercyWhen love is a gunSeparating me from youShe was the sun shining"
  • The Funeral Of Hearts - HIM
    "Love's the funeral of hearts And an ode for cruelty When angels cry blood On flowers of evil in bloom The funeral of hearts And a plea for mercy When love is a gun Separating me from you She was the"
  • The Funeral Of Hearts - H.I.M.
    "Love's the Funeral Of Hearts and an ode for cruelty, When angels cry blood on flowers of evil in bloom, The Funeral Of Hearts and a plea for mercy, when Love is a gun separating me from you. She was the"
  • Funeral - Ice Cube
    "Niggaz are in a state of emergencyThe death side: a mirror damage of where we are todayThe life side: a vision of where we need to goSo sign your death certificateFuck all y'all ...Lisa got him- Allright,"
  • Jester's Funeral - Jester's Funeral
    "music by Stefan Schmidt, Heiko Hhn, Bastian Emig, lyrics by Stefan Schmidt & Heiko Hhn Laughing, howling and in rage, they keep him caught in his painful cage. Never let him go, and torturing him, but"
  • The Funeral - The Game
    "I'm Back.... Haha! Niggaz can't f**k with me man.... Niggaz is crazy, dogg. I run this underground rap shit, and the mainstream nigga I'ma do like Boo-Boo... Diss niggaz right when they f**king album come"
  • Funeral - Band Of Horses
    "Im coming up only to hold you under Im coming up only to show you wrong and to know you is hard we wander to know you all wrong we won Ooooohh oooohh Ooooohhhoohhhhooh Really to late to call so be"
  • The Funeral - 50 Cent
    "You forgot my style Flowers, a funeral service, a kid's in the coffin It sound so familiar, don't it happen so often? The shoot-out shit happens, the sister read the eulogy Couldn't help but think ''nigga"
  • The Funeral - Ice Cube
    "Niggaz are in a state of emergency The death side: a mirror damage of where we are today The life side: a vision of where we need to go So sign your death certificate Fuck all y'all ... Lisa got him -"
  • Funeral - Gardenian
    "So let me wake from this nightmare This is so wrong Now when you're gone What should I do but shed my tears All night long This should not have happened Not this soon I can not be whole without you You"
  • Funeral - Silent Civilian
    "I look at the reflection of what I've become Been witness to death and life, at times very numb Scars will never go away, but all is not lost Focus on my strength today, no matter the cost Breathe Slow Be"
  • Funeral - King Diamond
    ""We are gathered here tonight, to lay to rest Abigail LaFey, whom we now know was first born dead on The 7th Day of July 1777. Abigail must be nailed to her coffin with 7 silver spikes, 1 through each"
  • Funeral Home - Macabre
    "You are pronounced dead Due to a crushing blow to the head The reaper has passed his curse Lifeless body hauled away in a hearse Death is the reality Life it lies in a dormant grave It's off to the funeral"
  • Funeral (Rap) - Joni Mitchell
    ""..led an enormous band." Swede: "Oh, But I know he's very lucky too, because when Mingus dies there's gonna be the same funeral they had for Duke Ellington... in a big church and the whole country's going"
  • Funeral Tango - Scott Walker
    "Oh I can see them now Clutching a hankerchief And blowing me a kiss Discreetly asking how How came he died so young Or was he very old Is the body still warm Or is it already cold All doors are open wide They"
  • God's Funeral - Superior
    "A rainy day A silent procession Dismayed faces And empty stares Beside the cross A hole in the ground The preacher tries to speak But not a word comes out And now down there he goes He goes No sense"
  • Funeral Music - 50 Cent
    "The Business is entertainment And what entertain the customers is the sight of blood Cam I mean, I was bein nice to him, Ok I'll get him You niggas should worship the ground I walk on I make mills"
  • The Funeral - Band Of Horses
    "I'm coming up only to hold you under I'm coming up only to show you wrong And to know you is hard and we wonder To know you all wrong we were Ooo Ooo Really too late to call so we wait for Morning to"
  • The Return Of Funeral Winds - Graveland
    "Cold winds bring me the memories Dark feelings arise in my wind I remember when I was watching In your mystic red eyes, master ! I remember when you gave me this secret and I got eternal immortality We"
  • Hearts - Give Up The Ghost
    "Dear eastern prom I know what's wrong... But it's suicide eyes That wrote this song For all I'm worth Writer's block is a bitch Words falling like bricks For a New England wish... I was an easy"

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