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  • Hollywood Undead - Paradise Lost
    "So watch my chest heave as this last breath leaves me I am trying to be what you're dying to see I feel like "F**k man, can't take this, anymore, this heart, break this." This is life that's so thankless, How"
  • Lion - Hollywood Undead
    "I am a lion and I want to be free Do you see a lion when you look inside of me? Outside the window just to watch you as you sleep Cause I am a lion born from things you cannot be How can I sleep at night,"
  • Undead - Hollywood Undead
    "Undead! Undead! Undead! Chorus: (Undead!) You better get up out the way, Tomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today. You know I don't give a fuck what you think or say, Cuz we gonna rock this whole place"
  • Christmas In Hollywood - Hollywood Undead
    "It's Christmas in Hollywood Santa's back up in the hood So meet me under the mistletoe lets fuck It's Hanukkah in Inglewood the dradles spinning in the hood so meet me by the manorah lets get drunk J"
  • Christmas Time In Hollywood - Hollywood Undead
    "It's Christmas in Hollywood Santa's back up in the hood So meet me under the mistletoe lets fuck It's Chanukah in Inglewood the dradles spinning in the hood so meet me by the manura lets get drunk J"
  • Undead - Undead
    "(Steele) Flies clinging to my body Spiders crawling on the walls Demons hovering around me trying to damn my immortal soul Evil runs rampant Everywhere I see Witches and vampires lunging at me Friends,"
  • Undead - Pyogenesis
    "It's cold here, show me the sky you see I don't have wings to fly but I have a will This way - I feel A lie - is real Screaming for heaven, resting souls rebirth Cause we are undead fading away No will"
  • Hollywood Boulevard - Undead
    "(Steele) The full moon's light broken by the blades of a helicopter People screaming, running, lights flashing Suddenly, a beam of light from the overhead chopper, detects my presence He radios to the"
  • Undead - Wargasm
    "Without warning without name tearing thru the ground they came No tomb will hold them coffins crack earth is spewing bodies back Cemeteries once were filled ancient curse is now fulfilled One thousand"
  • Undead - Tad Morose
    "Empty shelves, hollow corridors A daunting smell, never felt before Compassion breaking down In time we lose ourselves, anyway A strange emotion fill the air The second seal, cracked up, unfair I force"
  • Undead - Sadus
    "Emerging from Hell's Dominion To crawl upon the Land Mutants of the Holocaust Lose their Flesh into the Sand Victims of the wicked World Pray to the evil Shrine Brimstone Churches They all fall in Time The"
  • Undead - Adagio
    "Midnight has passed, those streets are cold, Emptiness I can hear voices in my back Silent footsteps Need to feed Rotten corps and flesh Devouring Wormy earth keeps moving in stone At, the next corner"
  • Hollywood Squares - Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton
    "Game over, you win. Game over, I win. The Sleigh bells are a-ringing, the children they are singing The memories are fleeting, a little game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock} The wedding Bells are ringing, the"
  • Hollis To Hollywood - LL Cool J
    "Yeah, you know it be buggin' me out, you know what I'm sayin' that rap, how everybody like is using metaphors and all that it seems like everybody's some kind of metaphor freak some kind of metaphorical"
  • Lion - Years & Years
    "If I was a lion, I'd be silent, I'd keep you there Never let you go Grow into a giant, be the brightest I'm not scared, I'm invincible If I was a lion I'd be silent, I'd keep you there Never let you"
  • Lion - Coma
    "I’m not worried I’m not feeling this chivy I’m not worried And I’m not asking for help Yea, I’m not worried I’m just trying to bring out their pain I’m not worried Today I’m trying to forget I’m not"
  • Lion - Rebecca St. James
    "Mysterious That's what I call You I'm curious about You I'm scared and not sure that You are safe But Your eyes seem to say that You are good Chorus This is not a dream that I'm living This is just a"
  • Lion - Smuta
    "16 lat na ringu i 300 walk za sobą ma Pierwsze walki od razu złote medale zdobywa Chcesz też tak, to musisz być tak dobry jak on Szybki i silny i zwinny jak Lion Masz serce do waliki jak on? Nie boi się"
  • Lion - Toto
    "I got my feet back on the ground We were headed for disaster Woke up, I got ready for work You weren't around I was fast, but you were faster Such a night, feeling right Nothing I could say (Don't take"
  • Lion - May'n and Megumi Nakajima
    "hoshi wo mawase sekai no mannaka de Kushami sureba dokoka no mori de chou ga ranbu Kimi ga mamoru doa no kagi detarame Hazukashii monogatari Nameatte mo raion wa tsuyoi Ikinokoritai Ikinokoritai Mada ikiteitaku"

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