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  • Home - Roger Waters
    "Jim: Oh, God! Californian Weirdo: Sole has no eyes. Could be Jerusalem, or it could be Cairo Could be Berlin, or it could be Prague Could be Moscow, could be New York Could be Llanelli, and it could be"
  • Southern Calm Waters - Mental Home
    "Look from the sky, I hold you in my hands, When the sun drowns in the sea, It seems like a dream. Shaking fingers makes you breath, When i get you out of pack, Under light of southern stars, You may rest"
  • Roger - Sparks
    "(Russel Mael) I'm picking up where I once left off in the search for a justified balance between the wealth that I have now and the wealth that they all want to have Let's ask Roger if he knows what"
  • Roger - Frenzal Rhomb
    "I turn you on at 6 o'clock why is it that you're such a cock You smile and tell me that it's a good evening Then you put on that stupid frown talk about the bullshit going down It's hard to stop myself"
  • Roger - The Frames
    "Your big mouth, steelish stare It fills my wings, enough to fly I sent a letter on a stone Through your window down the hall One more day, still stuck in here I burnt my words, on a beaten stove I sent"
  • Lazy Waters - The Byrds
    "Written by B. Rafkin When I was young I'd go down by the river Just about a mile from my home A million miles from everyone My eyes could see your water My ears could hear your song Oh to be wise again Get"
  • Across waters - Blindside
    "That day I woke up, screaming of emptiness A thought crushed my mind To all of them she's just a worn-out dress They can seek but not find Time pass please this day of rain I'm in this world and she's"
  • Nobody Home - Roger Waters
    ""Alright, I'll take care of them part of the time, but the somebody else that needs taking care of in Washington." "Who's that?" "Rose Pilchitt" "Rose Pilchitt, who's that?" (child screams in background"
  • Home (2007) - Roger Waters
    ""Oh, God!" "Sole has no eyes." Could be Jerusalem Or it could be Cairo Could be Berlin Or it could be Prague Could be Moscow Could be New York Could be Llanelli And it could be Warrington Could be"
  • Bring The Boys Back Home - Roger Waters
    "Bring the boys back home Bring the boys back home Don't leave the children on their own, no, no Bring the boys back home Bring the boys back home Don't leave the children on their own. no no Bring the"
  • Late Home Tonight, Part II - Roger Waters
    "Hark the wire service sing Clear the satellite link Check the fax machine Hold the lead story boys There's some great pictures coming in Now the pilot's heartbeat slows Palms dry out No questions only"
  • Late Home Tonight, Part I - Roger Waters
    "Standing at the window A farmer's wife in Oxfordshire Glances at the clock it's nearly time for tea She doesn't see The phantom in the hedgerow dip its wings Doesn't hear the engine sing But in the cockpit's"
  • Waters Of Lethe - Warmen
    "Waters Of Lethe Look at me mess we've made Open your eyes to see This endless gap through eternity Waisting the flame of time Elbowing through your life Your heart is not a home of sad regrets Sounds"
  • Across waters again - Blindside
    "Waiting How can someone so close Be allowed to be so far away Your red leaves fall in the evening While Im waking up to smog these days You know how I love when the sun touch my skin But I still miss your"
  • Across The Waters - Triumvirat
    "When the hell broke loose at midnight, time to die was near Golden tongues, disastrous fire increasing human fear Sounds of prayers to God had faded there was no escape Burning bodies, crowded sundeck told"
  • Meeting Of The Waters - Widespread Panic
    "The meeting of the waters makes a sound In her eyes, you sit around in your room The meeting of the waters raises towns Baptized in every drop we found They can seize us as we are now Singin, dancin,"
  • Wading Through Deep Waters - Gospel
    "Chors I been wading through deep waters trying to get home but the waves of sin they dash so high sometimes i think i'm gone but when i think i'm gonna sink i hold my hands up high and the great big hand"
  • Alles Roger! - Sportfreunde Stiller
    "Habe die Ehre liebe Sprachbarriere, oft und gerne kommst du mir in die Quere. Ich hab keine Ahnung nicht mal ne ungefhre, Ende Gelnde sone Elende Misere. Eine Doktrine ist keine Medizinerin, eine Blockade"
  • Down Into Muddy Waters - Aaron Neville
    "(Dennis Linde) Now you left me here and went out on the town I don't know when I've been so down The sky is dark, the moon is blue I don't know what I'm gonna do It's like I'm falling down into muddy"
  • Roger Wilco - Shawn Colvin
    "Roger Wilco it`s okay It's all yours it's anything that you say My company fell in we were dropped like like sticks in the wind I relinquish this misson sir in the intrest of my men I do not expect to"

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