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  • Hot - No Secrets
    "Summertime, No Secrets Bring it live, dance with me now This is for all of us right here, you feel me? F-ah, f-ah Hot, ohh NYC to Cali Oh we're cuttin' trips in the valley Everywhere we go, you know we"
  • Hot right now - TomB
    "Ej, ty! Dzwonię do ziomka, potem wsiadam do metra, no i jadę do niego I nie pogadać, co się dzieje, raczej dlaczego I to jest powód, dla którego zawsze tu trzeba pić Wóda wraca wspomnienia mi Wiesz, ile"
  • Hot - Bobby Valentino
    "Hanging out for the night, just chillin With my homeboys, it's a good feelin And it's off the chain, no question, yeah Right about now you walk past me Caught my attention so quickly Lookin oh so fine"
  • Hot - A.T.R.
    "Dreaming about you every day and night Feeling bad, always sad, Hopeless its gonna change Dreaming about you every day and night Cant wait I think Im late To see what will happen tonight I wanna know everything"
  • Hot - Missy Elliott
    "This is an old school Missy exclusive Look I ain't on no ra-ra shit You dont wanna test how far Miss get Me and Tim's cars got kits But we don't drive around trying to prove you shit Everyone trying"
  • Right - Dilated Peoples
    "I push my levels to zero without distorting Compression enhances the message I'm recording Live from California, warning night to morning The illest squad this side of Earth is now forming itself into"
  • Hot Love - Aldo Nova
    "Lord, have mercy, I'm on the line My body's shaking and my head is on fire I've got a fever and it's making me run And getting hot really is no fun So let me make this clear I've got love coming out of"
  • I'm Hot - Erick Sermon
    "(Verse 1 - Erick Sermon) (I'm Hot) Open the door, feel the breeze And park that ass like Aj's and Free's But this section's E's behind the rope If your not with me freeze back the hell up (I'm Hot)"
  • Hot Nasty - Black Oak Arkansas
    "CHORUS: Yeah they call me yeah Hot n Nasty Yeah they call me uh Mister Fancy Yeah when you ball me Yeah you're hot n nasty Oh when you ball me You're Miss Fancy Right When I come a knockin' at your"
  • Hot Ride - Prodigy
    "Now get out Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme a ride Hot ride in my air balloon Skipping fast right around the moon On a bullet train outta"
  • Too Hot - Big Shug
    "(Big Shug) Hey ma, I like how you wiggle I like how you giggle, I wanna dig your middle But right now, I got business to tend to Take some loot, and your friends to the bar too I'ma catch up with you much"
  • So Hot - Atomic Kitten
    "Flash lights movin' hot bodies groovin' I knew there was love in the air Anticipation,my heart is racing I'm yours for the night if you dare If you wanna do it make your move right If you want me baby keep"
  • Hot Love - Michael Bolton
    "I never knew someone who made me Feel so good before But I never gave my heart to anyone Who could hurt me more And when you promise me that no one else Will ever take my place I get the feeling you're"
  • Hot Booty - Esham
    "Where ya at? What's goin' on? Them bitches in Detroit, they got it goin' on Freak bone, to the biggie breaka dawn Big fat booty you gotta put me on I'm rollin' down 7 with the monster thumps Lookin' for"
  • Hot Stuff - Craig David
    "I don't know about you But if your feeling the groove You know what you gotta do It's got to be fire! Let's Dance Get on the floor No need to hold back Sexy thong, mini-skirt, stilletos And shakin' all"
  • Hot Tonight - Jon B.
    "{eve}}Yo yo watchin me deadlyFrom the corner of your eye real steadySee you lickin your lips nigga readyFor a freaky nite in your mind like you get meSelf control wont get mePlay my self im a treasureEyes"
  • Red Hot - Ellegarden
    "Wake me up before you leave I've got an interview today I wanna job so don't forget to lend me Some for train I'm growing up to be a better man But I always fail I'm still a dirty bug I wanna grab the"
  • Hot Spot - Foxy Brown
    "Guess who's back! Uhh Yeah, uhh, uhh Aiyyo! Rhyme or crime, let's get it on MC's wanna eat me but it's Ramadan Peep what's on the arm, when it's ice it's ice When I'm right, I'm right, when you're"
  • Hot Commodity - Trina
    "(feat. Rick Ross) Yeah, that's that real shit, feel me (feel me) Lay back Maybach, ugh Up in this pussy feel better than the lottery Don't lie to me I'm a hot commodity Six figures from the nigga"
  • Hot Grits - Camoflauge
    "(hook:) (x2)Aint nobody gonna rip like meSpit like meFlip like meDrop them hot grits like me (its like me)Just like me naw (camoflauge)Aint nobody gonna do it like meDo it like meMake other rappers look"

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