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HUSTLER barely legal

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HUSTLER barely legal

  • Barely Legal - Smartbomb
    "sign em' up and shave their heads and ship them off to die ship them off to die before their time is of the essence when you're barely eighteen you're too preoccupied too young to question why does the"
  • Barely legal - The Strokes
    "I didn't take no shortcuts I spent the money that I saved up Aw mama runnin' out of luck Well like my sister don't give a fuck I wanna steal your innocence To me my life it don't make sense Your strange"
  • Legal - Snow
    "She's legal, tender and fineShe's not conceited but she knows she's a dimeShe's legal, tender and fineShe picked my pocket but committed no crime Let me tell ya a little story about this girl named MissyShe"
  • Legal - Lament
    "In secret she hid her shame She placed her confidence in a lie The very instrument she thought would set her free Will cause her to die Her body racked with pain Her plea you would deny On deaf ears"
  • Hustler - Lady Pank
    "You could scratch my itch If you were a little bolder, You could be my bitch If you were a little older, I could make you rich If you had a warmer shoulder. First I turned the switch, And then I"
  • Hustler - Blatz
    "i got nothing better to do than to shoot some pool im lining up shots im looking so cool i sink the yellow ball and the sun comes up the nights all gone gonna grab a coffe cup wish my stick was straight"
  • Hustler - Lloyd
    "LLOYD (f/ Chink Santana) LYRICS Hustler Yo yo yo (hustler baby) Oh No (hustler baby) Oh No (hustler baby) (verse 1:) Deep in the cut With the chrome on the thrown Down in Decatur Where the haters"
  • Hustler - Simian Mobile Disco
    "I'm a Hustler baby That's what my daddy's made me Yeah, I'm a Hustler baby That's what my daddy's made me I'm a Hustler baby That's what my daddy's made me Yeah, I'm a Hustler baby That's what my daddy's"
  • Hustler - Josef Salvat
    "You’re really not alone on this world when you have love Without love we’re alone, we just not exists The world is shit without love I can promise you, you need love in this world It's not easy on my"
  • Hustler - Az
    "(feat. Animal, Trav) I'm a hustler, not by choice I didn't fall from heaven, I rose from hell Bigboy, get bagged, he gon' hold my bail It's like Attica '67 when they, closed the jail Be careful,"
  • Hustler - Scarface
    "(feat. Hoodlumz) Uno is for the money, deuce is for the show Trey is for the video, what the fuck is fo'? Fo' is for the hoes, and 5 to stay alive That shoulda been number 1, cause I don't wanna die Add"
  • Hustler - Magic
    "(*talking*) This for my niggas, 9th Ward bound Cross the canal, and the CTC I'm still thuggin' nigga, ha-ha Ya heard me Ain't nothing changed, still struggling trying to make an advance I got a little"
  • Hustler - 50 Cent
    "Yea, I need you,I need you to hateSo I can use it for your angeryou know, its very shit, feel this !50 CENTAmericas got a thing for this gangstas shit, they love meBlack Chucks, black skullies, leather"
  • Hustler - Journey
    "(Dunbar) I get beside women all men desire, Crazy with passion I'll never be tired, Money's no good to me 'cause lovin's my game, I don't need no trouble and I'll show you no pain. I move like a lover,"
  • Barely Listening - Pilot Speed
    "Lying awake on this phone call She's dreaming of better days Flowers lie on the counter Remind her of better days She sends a prayer up to Jesus Ands she asks him for his strength The night will go on"
  • Barely Listening - Pilate
    "I lie awake on this phone call, she's dreaming of better days Flowers lie on the counter, remind her of better days She sends a prayer up to Jesus And she asks him for his strength And the night will"
  • Barely Be - Big Wreck
    "Barely be I raise a fire with you Wasting time with you When all the things are fine Undertold You raise a fire with me After I found some free When all the things seem good On your side Cause after"
  • Barely Enough - Lux Courageous
    "We got these anxious hearts Screaming for a crowd of careful ears They're getting restless They're growing oh so tired now From a patience that they've never found Your palms now perspire just barely"
  • Barely Breathing - Duncan Sheik
    "I know what you're doing, I see it all too clear I only taste the saline when I kiss away your tears You really had me going, wishing on a star But the black holes that surround you are heavier by far I"
  • Legal Tender - Hades Almighty
    "In God we trust But You're not God You make and break all the rules Land of the free But nothings free 'Cause even when you win you lose LEGAL TENDER Resist success You know you'll have to pay the price It"

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