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Had horn

  • Cape Horn - Sarah Brightman
    "voice of a salty sea dog) It was like riding a port over a waterfall, and wind is not the for what blows in your face: It was something made of iron! Swings at ya from the West, never changin' day in"
  • Get The Horn - Gluecifer
    "I'm packin' and I'm bad and I'm a rock machine Joke crackin' and you're had - know what I mean I got loose and I'm gettin' it Gotta schmooze without wettin' it It's cruise and I'm hittin' it Don't mess"
  • Rounding The Horn - Lloyd
    "Rounding the Horn The gallant frigate, Amphitrite, she lay in Plymouth Sound, Blue Peter at the foremast head for she was outward bound; We were waiting there for orders to send us far from home; Our orders"
  • Horn - Phish
    "Now that you've deceived me, and played my name aroundAnd hung those nasty flyers, on all the buildings in townDribbled my possessions in a ring around the earthAnd bought and sold my self-control for"
  • Battle Of Little Big Horn - Porter Wagoner
    "Have you ever heard the story of the pride of Little Big Horn Right from the lips of someone that saw Well I was there on that cold and fateful morning Watched General Custer and the bloody masacre There"
  • Battle Of Little Big Horn - Eddy Arnold
    "Have you ever heard the story of the fight of Little Big Horn Right from the lips of someone that saw Well I was there on that cold and fateful morning Watched General Custer and the bloody masacre There"
  • Tanz Den Horn - Guildo Horn
    "Du mchtest gerne tanzen Doch du weit noch nicht wie Dann beweg den Kopf nach hinten Und drcke durch die Knie Die Arme weit nach oben Den Krper ganz nach vorn Versuch dich zu bewegen Und schon tanzt du"
  • Cape Horn - Nieznani
    "Słowa i muzyka: Marek ("Maras") Razowski Dzisiaj pierwszy raz ujrzałem go, Kiedy szliśmy wzdłuż przylądka Horn. Po raz pierwszy zobaczyłem strach, Gdy ocean zawrzał wokół nas. Wachta nocna uderzyła w dzwon, Kiedy"
  • Little Horn - Marilyn Manson
    "There's an apple in the pussy mouth Now I am the dinner whore There's a tumor in the t.v. mouth Burn it out before it grows Someone better get the dog to kick, Jaws wired shut to save the dick Out of"
  • Horn Fair - Spiers And Boden
    "As I was a-walking one morning in Spring, So soft blew the wind through the leaves growing green. I spied a pretty fair maid all on a grey mare, As she was a-riding on down to Horn Fair. I asked this"
  • Green Horn - Mechanicy Szanty
    "Miałem wtedy, ech!, szesnaście te lat, swoją drogą szedłem przez świat, w sercu zawsze tkwiła uparta myśl, by za głosem morza iść. Refren: A więc śpiewam: "Żegnaj Carling Ford i żegnaj nam Green Horn, będę"
  • Capo Horn - Jovanotti
    "Alzarsi la mattina salutare il sole come un vecchio amico che non rivedevi pi chiss da quanto tempo ormai hey come stai che cosa hai fatto mentre io non c'ero ma dimmi se sei vero o gran termosifone illuminante che"
  • Car Horn - Common
    "(feat. Mark the 45 King) I'm the C-O to the double M O to the N You heard, motherfucker? Well boy I hit ya again Official bald nigga from the City of Winds Stay doing it, doing it, I am doing it What"
  • The Horn - Super Furry Animals
    "Go, go with the flow Rock, rock the freeway Drink, smoke, love enjoy the ride Right or wrong Hair down long We vote her out Nationwide screams and shouts Go, go with the flow Rock, rock the freeway"
  • Looking For Horn - Shadow
    "A young man Asked for my opinion About a lady He want to marry You working? No You joking? No You stealing? No You dealing? No You looking for horn, plenty, plenty horn, boy You looking for horn, you"
  • Boy Meets Horn - Duke Ellington
    "In the dark of deepest night there comes a haunting sigh floating down from somewhere on high, oh, what a lonely lullaby You'll hear a symphony in blue when ever BOY MEETS HORN, you'll hear a melody so"
  • Tam na Horn - Yank Shippers
    "1. Wyruszyć w drogę dzisiaj na Cape Horn Przyszło, choć sztormu dzikie fale, Przy linach zleci nam kolejna noc I łajbą zakołysze znów. Choć szarpie wanty nasze tysiąc ton, My coraz szybciej, coraz dalej, Gdy"
  • Little Big Horn - Running Wild
    "Hey Mr. Custer, Why do you dare the hand of fate? The claw of death waits to grab A golden medal, your honor idolized Your heart is stone, your blood is iced Ceaseless rifle fire Blowing your dreams away The"
  • Around Cape Horn - Unknown Artist
    "Around Cape Horn SOURCE: Bob Pfeffer SOURCE'S SOURCE: Lisa Null COMMENTS: From Gale Huntington TEXT: D A7 D Around Cape Horn the young men go A7 "
  • Horn Crowned Majesty - Naglfar
    "Oh, glorious morning-star, my pridefull light Cast down in the abyss lord of fire, lord of night Unveiled in a vision Poison my heart and soul Come forth and set your child free Kill all once pure inside"

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