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Hailee Steinfeld Love Myself

  • Colour (ft. Hailee Steinfeld) - MNEK
    "before you came into my life everything was black and white now all I see is color like a rainbow in the sky so tell me your love will never fade that I won’t see no clouds of grey cos I don’t want another you"
  • Ordinary Day (feat. Hailee Steinfeld) - Logic
    "It was an ordinary day until I saw you crawl around my way And the night goes On, and on, and on, and on On, and on, and on, and on On, and on, and on, and on On, and on, and on, and on It was an ordinary"
  • At My Best (ft. Hailee Steinfeld) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "I wrote this song as a massage from hell On behalf of anybody fading there self I wrote this letter to numb your pain Cuz every day I wake up I’m feeling the sanme I got issues, just like you got issues I"
  • Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld
    "When I get chills at night I feel it deep inside without you, yeah Know how to satisfy Keeping that tempo right without you, yeah Pictures in my mind on replay I'm gonna touch the pain away I know how"
  • Woke Up Late (ft. Hailee Steinfeld) - Drax Project
    "woke up late somewhere far away from home pocket empty wallet gone the sun is streaming all on down on my face layin’ down on someone’s bed a girl that I had hardly met my head is spinnin’ like I’ve been"
  • I Love You's - Hailee Steinfeld
    "where do I begin? I am sitting here jaded I fell asleep whit the makeup still all on my skin wide awake again I am praying I make it I’m stepping the 12 but it’s somewhere I’ve already been diamonds won’t"
  • Wrong Direction - Hailee Steinfeld
    "I don't hate you No, I couldn't if I wanted to I just hate all the hurt that you put me through And that I blame myself for letting you Did you know I already knew? Couldn't even see you through the"
  • End this (L.O.V.E.) - Hailee Steinfeld
    "L is for the way you lied to me O is I’m the only one, who sees that V, you’re so vindictive, so I’ll be vicious and E-N-D this L-OV-E, love every time I think about you and the roses here in my room I"
  • Afterlife - Hailee Steinfeld
    "red eyes, like the smoke we rise as the candle’s burning low trust me in whatever you like are you plying whit me? every time your name, it leaves my lips running still like words left unsaid fire in"
  • SunKissing - Hailee Steinfeld
    "I had a dream that We were underwater Drowning in us I’ve had a feeling There’s something up above Maybe its love California Right in front of ya Fast lane follower Baby take my hand and don’t let go. (Oh"
  • Rock Bottom - Hailee Steinfeld
    "What are we fighting for? Seems like we do it just for fun In this stupid war We play hard with our plastic guns Breathe deep, bottle it up So deep, until it’s all we got Don’t speak, just use your touch Don’t"
  • Hell Nos And Headphones - Hailee Steinfeld
    "Seems like everybody here is speakin' different languages With that green prescription file Blowin' up their faces And they all look me up and down like I'm the fucking new kid But I saw the sun rise"
  • Let Me Go (ft. Florida Georgia Line, watt) - Hailee Steinfeld, Alesso
    "you made plans and i made problems we’re sleeping back to back we know this thing wasn’t built to last and good on paper, picture perfct chased the light, to far, to fast picket white fence but we paint"
  • Capital Letters - Hailee Steinfeld & BloodPop®
    "Never was a leader Never had a thing for fairytales Not really a believer, oh-oh Small voice in the quiet Guess I never dared to know myself Can my heart beat quiet? No But then there was you (but then"
  • Myself - Fireflight
    "You turned a page, inside my heart, Brought the light when my world was so dark I feel something I cant explain You consumed me and took on my shame PreChrs: Everything is gone that held me down,"
  • Myself - Michael Tolcher
    "Underneath the words we use There's a living form of expression And even as we talk we lose Something that was once pure emotion And I will give you more I know it's what we came here for And if I could"
  • Stitches - Shawn Mendes & Hailee Steinfeld
    "I thought that I've been hurt before But no one's ever left me quite this sore Your words cut deeper than a knife Now I need someone to breathe me back to life Got a feeling that I'm going under But I"
  • I Love Myself - Chris Brown
    "(Chrous) I love myself Ohh....yeah I cant take this B*tch Kiss me Chris (Chris Brown) Take to myself(Yeah) Learning (What to do) So Kelis is here to sing the song that is playing (Playing) I Love Myself (Kelis) What"
  • Can't love myself - September
    "All this talk of livingDrives me crazyMaking something, I don't nothingBaby, it's hard, so hardI would like to wear your face for an eveningYou are always stayingI'm always leavingAnd baby I'm goneAnd"
  • Lose Myself - Lauryn Hill
    "I used to do it for the love a long time ago And all I ever wanted was love I used to love without fear a long time ago And all I ever wanted was love Then somebody came around and tried to hurt me Tried"

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