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Hairstye short man foto

  • Foto - Juanes
    "Cada vez que yo me voy Llevo a un lado de mi piel Tu fotografa para verlas cada vez que tu ausencia me devora entero el corazón y yo no tengo remedio mas que amarte. Y en la distancia te puedo ver cuando"
  • Short Dick Man - 20 fingers
    "Ah, ah Ah, ah Ah, ah, Ah, ah Don't want no short dick man Don't want no short dick man Don't want no short dick man Don't want no short dick man Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't Don't,"
  • Short Dick Man - Machito Ponce
    "Diamanda: Don't want no short dick man Don't want no short dick man Don't want no short dick man Don't want no short dick man Machito: oye pana, oye brother yo no hago caso lo que hablan los rumores"
  • Ti scattero una foto - Tiziano Ferro
    "Ricorder e comunque anche se non vorrai Ti sposer perch non te l' ho detto mai Come fa male cercare , trovarti poco dopo E nell' ansia che ti perdo ti scatter una foto Ti scatter una foto Ricorder"
  • Life Is Too Short - Too Short
    "I remember how it all began I used to sing dirty raps to my east side fans back then I knew you couldn't stop this rap No MC could rock that Then the new style came the Bass got deeper He gave up the mic"
  • Short Man On Tv - Lodger
    "Receding hairline Woman that ain't mine Short man on TV He's a fucking swine Staying home to dine White bread, red wine I should be sick But I'm feeling fine I am seeing things and things look ugly and"
  • Short Memory - Midnight Oil
    "Conquistador of Mexico The Zulu and the Navaho The Belgians in the Congo Plantation in Virginia The Raj in British India The deadline in South Africa The story of El Salvador The silence of Hiroshima Destruction"
  • Short Stay - G-Unit
    "Yeah, She like it she love it, she kiss it she suck it, she want me to want it, She want to climb up on it, smile (Ha, ha)?Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent Look Mommy, we can creep through the ghetto with ya, feet"
  • Short Story - Clark Anne
    "------------- There is a little place in a little room where a little chap hides away amidst the gloom. Tucks his little legs undermeath a well-worn chair plucks a piece of paper and attacks at his despair. A"
  • Das Foto Vor Mir Auf Dem Tisch - Reinhard Mey
    "Das Foto vor mir auf dem Tisch Ist lngst vergilbt und altmodisch In seinem jugendstilgeschwung'nen Rahmen Ein kleines Mdchen jener Zeit In einem weien Spitzenkleid So wie auf manch alten Bonbonreklamen Ein"
  • Life's too short - Jerry Jeff Walker
    "Lately I'm feeling lousy all the time I picked up my pants sat down tried to figure out why I had it whittled down to a page or two And the paper trail led me straight to you I see life's too short to"
  • Esa foto - Aventura
    "Esa foto que tengo pegada en la pared frente a mi camame recuerda esos dias que con migo tu jugabas y ganabasY no te puedo olvidarcada dia te extrao mascomo pude perdertee imaginar que no me amabasfui"
  • Short Sweet Ride - Alan Jackson
    "I could see it coming from a mile away, A heartache looking for a place to stay. But I couldn't resist her and I couldn't be cool, The Lord made a woman to make a man a fool. Chorus: It's an age old story"
  • Short Term Affair - Bjork
    "(Duo : Bjrk/Tony Ferrino / Live BBC's Comic relief) Tony Ferrino : It's a short time affair You're my children's au-pair But I just couldn't bear Tony Ferrino & Bjrk : To keep my hands off you Bjrk"
  • Days Are Short - Arlo Guthrie
    "by Arlo Guthrie Days are short, and I ain't down The sun is on the hill Looking in my suitcase for a friend The door was opened wide You know I lost a little pride And inside it was just another man CHORUS: Every"
  • Short Term God - Kemet
    "It looks like a happy night. It began like a happy night. All the resolutions that we made are no more. It looks like a festive night, a stillborn festive night. The funfair was here in town only today..."
  • Short On Ideas - Less Than Jake
    "Have you been feeling down, pushed around Feeling like everything has been done before Do I need to understand every word from every man Or everything from every band Can I say it's all been done before Religion,"
  • One Short Story - Xavier Rudd
    "He was a boy Who felt like a man She was a girl From a far away land Far more beautiful Than the picture in his hand She had eyes That would draw him in They took a plane ride Together they would find Her"
  • Short Of Time - John Cale
    "Duck and Sally inside They're cooking for the down five Who's starin' at Miss Rayon Who's busy lickin' up her pig pen I'm searching for my mainline I said I couldn't hit it sideways I said I couldn't hit"
  • Don't Want No Short Dick Man - Gillette
    "Don't Want no short dick Man(x4) What in the world is that fucking thing Do you some fucking Tweezers to put that little thing away That has got to be the smallest Dick I have ever seen...In my whole life Get"

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