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Half death Qebonafide

  • Half - Paradigma
    "I died mentally but my body lives on Half a life I lead as I linger on Sorrow I breed and sorrow I feed Half a death I suffer as I try to withdraw My sickness is no disease A mind in hell Can such a thing"
  • Half Mast - Refused
    "When freedom is in hiding from morality when you've finally scrubbed this great land clean of those values you hold in such high esteem when you've finally divorced the numbers from the names we can return"
  • Half Mast - Born Against
    "When freedom is in hiding from morality when you've finally scrubbed this great land clean of those values you hold in such high esteem when you've finally divorced the numbers from the names we can return"
  • It Scares Me Half To Death - George Jones
    "IT SCARES ME HALF TO DEATH (Joe Allison - Audrey Allison) '56 Central Songs It scares me half to death to think I almost lost you It breaks my heart to know how much I made you cry And if you'll let"
  • Other half - Within Temptation
    "Over the hills lies a new beginning Over the hills Over the hills, there is a way, I know it Over the hills You cant bring all the gloom Your heart is frayed and so empty You glorify the future Living"
  • Half Life - 10 Years
    "Styling your shroud Infecting the crowd Steady letting the fruit of her thrill Fool you so well Fictitious styles of living We've expected to work But this is all your giving Half of what your worth Pigeon"
  • Chopped In Half - Obituary
    "With the dying Rot in hell religious one the chosen son Find the darkness kill the day You said you'd never cease saying We're the cause of death Find the one kill the need You're the one to make him"
  • Half Way Tree - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "Its like keeping a stage show And want the place fi done Wha you do Call my management That walk wid 50 gun Wha mi do Nah goin go pon stage Until me get me funds Wha mi sing One Jr.Gong What a hefty sum Youngest"
  • Systematic Death - Crass
    "System, system, system Death in life System, system, system The surgeons knife System, system, system Hacking at the cord System, system, system A child is born Poor little fucker, poor little kid Never"
  • Death Story - LeCrae
    "I'm blackin out on my last leg takin final breaths. Overheard the doctor say I aint gonna make it, final steps. In the zone half panickin half feelin gone. Hang on homie! My boys yellin tryna keep me goin."
  • Death Blow - Kool Moe Dee
    "To the Break of dawn To the, to the, to the Times up punk yea yea Time to settle the score To the break of dawn, another dumb move Ha, ha, ha this time it's over boy This is me and you, head to head, let's"
  • Teenage Death - Cage
    "Man talking: The old cynicism is gone We have faith in our ears We're optimistic, as to what becomes of it all It really boils down to our ability to accept We don't need pessimism Teenage death, girls"
  • Half A Times Measure - Saint
    "And you should see it The faces of pain Death has his grip on them in the rail cars The monsters insane Four years of torment Forgotten alone How long oh Lord will you leave us to die? Forsaking your own "
  • Half - Kevin Fowler
    "She spent half of her life a lookin for a better half to make her whole Now she spends all her nights waitin' for a man who won't come home She had half a mind to leave him she had half a mind to stay She"
  • Half - JS
    "I started to burn your clothes I started to stratch your car I started to call my brothers But I don't have to go that far Was about to get back at you The way scandelous women do All because you weren't"
  • Half - Yasmine
    "Half de weg heb ik nu afgelegd Half de weg is nu voor jou Want we hadden afgesproken Dat we 't samen zouden doen Dus ik kom je halfweg tegemoet Als jij dat dan ook doet Je hebt me nog gevraagd Kan"
  • Half - Soraya
    "It might take sometime, dont ask why some things just happen, in the blink of an eye all that we have has a moments guarantee a transient pleasure destined to flee Today I will love you, like weve only"
  • With No Half-Measures - Void Of Silence
    "its criteria are easy 'n' fast hidden behind... the sun he lights you through the moon and you're great and he's your friend these are the criteria ov 666 ego decore domine sathanas ego decore domine sathanas his"
  • Half - Aikaryu
    "Feel prickly,have a sticking pain. I'll ever give in to the destiny. Can you see in the darkness of night? The truth about that story. boku wa anata wo aisuru koto ga dekinai anata no sono utsukushii kurokami"
  • Half & Half - Lush
    "( from volume ) So much happened and I couldn't deny That I broke your feelings with the way that I lied So I do understand the reason you became so weak. Oh baby you're not half the person that you"

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