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Halloween stamp stamp stamp

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Halloween stamp stamp stamp

  • Hand Stamp - Shamra
    "He spoke in broken English Some words were hard to hear Can't get into this party That part was very clear Can't let into party I need your hand stamp Too cool and too party I need your hand stamp I'm"
  • Stamp Reject - Mis-Teeq
    "Welcome to the Mis-Teeq boutique If your man's not doing good by you Shop Around, Shop Around Girls say you're lookin' for a man one who understands One to pay your bills and gives you good loving One"
  • Stamp reject - Mis Teeq
    "Intro: Welcome to the Mis-Teeq boutique If your man's not doing good by you Shop around Shop around V1: Girls say youre lookin' for a man one who understands One to pay your bills and gives you good lovin'"
  • Date Stamp - ABC
    "This heart's up for sale Yeah, this heart's on the stand Mix and match and melt in my mouth Nothing ever goes quite as planned You'll fly north and I'll sail south So redevelop product, redesign this"
  • Postage stamp world - Rogue Wave
    "Ever since mom walked out, sis and I can get no sleep. since then dad's brought home 13 redheads, a blond, a brunette, and a sheep I pray to god, oh, can you help us? save us from this revelry. shotgun"
  • Food Stamp Love - Jewel
    "Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah yeah yeah woh woih woh yeah (so called cheesy intro vocals) I'm outside your window Talking through glass You throw out some love crumbs But I've got an appetite bigger than that I'm"
  • Lesson 2 Stamp - Kan Mikami
    "The flickering, fluttering sound of the hot spring Wraps itself around our flesh But the naked bathers take no notice A long cable stretches to the waterfall massage Satellite waves fly From here to mainland The"
  • Swamp-Stamp-Polka - Mechanical Poet
    "Damn me! Real coin of sterling silver I found! Nip me! It was merely lying there on the ground! Felt boots with a coat I'm going to buy Furry mittens, a suit and a tie Sackful of grits and a bottle of"
  • Food stamp love - Quindon Tarver
    "Mmmmmmmmmm, Yeah Yeah Yeah Woh Woih Woh Yeah(So Called Cheesy Intro Vocals)I'm Outside Your WindowTalking Through GlassYou Throw Out Some Love CrumbsBut I've Got An Appetite Bigger Than ThatI'm Hungry"
  • Help Stamp Out Loneliness - Stonewall Jackson
    "Help help help stamp out loneliness bring back the happy that we had before Let's all get together tonight and begin by lining the ladies up next to the men Then two by two let's march day and night Till"
  • Story Of A Stamp - UnSuNg ZeRoS
    "Timmy died last night a freak car accident never saw the pole that he hit had no premonition but what's the saddest is the note he left unsent Briana dear I love you oh this note it said for two long years Timmy"
  • Put Ya Stamp On It - Akrobatik
    "feat. Talib Kweli Yeah "Akrobatik-batikkkkk" (uh, uh) (what?) "And Talib, Talib, Kw-Kw-Kw-Kweli, Kweli" (yeah, word) "I blow the back out" "Back out, the track out, the track out" (uh, uh) "Kweli and"
  • Calling All Destroyers - Rachel Stamp
    "Walking wild at midnight Breathing like a panther Holding hands with my love Dancing like a master Calling all destroyers Shadow beach burgundy Get you high as lightning Driving in your Porsche coupe Don't"
  • Take A Hold Of Yourself - Rachel Stamp
    "You got a man who treats you like a baby You sit at home and you go crazy He doesn't treat you right He falls asleep every night I know it's hard I know it's tough now baby It doesn't take a dirty"
  • The Loveless - Rachel Stamp
    "I don't want you to leave, I want you to stay, Here in my bed, Just ignore the stains. Oh, save your love! I get more love from machines than humans, And all this romance is just rotting your tiny mind. Sleeping"
  • Twisted - Rachel Stamp
    "I got myself a brand new box of matches I got myself a stack of dirty magazines I don't know why they call me Anastacia? I'm gonna torch those fuckers- You better call the Police! Cos I'm twisted... Push"
  • Black Cherry - Rachel Stamp
    "i was born with a red dress on i am a bad motherfucker a horny angel with tits of chrome i love you like no other each time I look in your eye I get a hot sensation each time I look in your eye I get a"
  • Black Tambourine - Rachel Stamp
    "Undertaker princess I would rip out my heart to be inside your dress undertaker princess I would sacrifice myself to your kiss of death but what's the use in saying "I love you"? when i know you'll only"
  • Brand New Toy - Rachel Stamp
    "i want a brand new toy cos this one is broken i want a brand new toy cos this one is choking me zipper catches skin elevator goes down you are my favourite sin in your river i drown hey girl, whatcha"
  • Carmelita - Rachel Stamp
    "I hear mariachi static on my radio And the tubes they glow in the dark And I'm there with her in Encenada And I'm here in Echo Park Carmelita, hold me tighter I think I'm sinking down And I'm all"

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