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Halo fed hot chili pappers

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Halo fed hot chili pappers

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Halo fed hot chili pappers
  • Steve Miller Band Hot Chili
    "(Tim Davis) Sittin' here thumbin' through the pages of a magazine The pages tell me come right away, you know what I mean The air is so spacey, the ladies are lacey And there is nothing you gotta do But"
  • Apache Rose Peacock Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Sittin' on a sack of beans Sittin' down in New Orleans You wouldn't believe what I've seen Sitting on that sack of beans Lunatics on pogo sticks Another southern fried freak on a crucifix Hicks don't"
  • My Lovely Man Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "I used to shout Across the room to you And you'd come dancin' Like a fool Show your step You funky mother Come to me All warm as covers Rest with me My lovely brother For you see There is no other Memory"
  • Naked In The Rain Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Standin' on the corner of civilization There's a time there's a place for me In a world where I can't be found Cold and mean people give me the creeps Going to the jungle where the elephant roams Got"
  • Wac Toja n Matheo Chili Hot (feat. Kizo)
    "zabijasz mnie po wszystkim dalej chcę cię tak demoniczne płyną myśli chcę odlecieć w snach elementy moich wizji przekułem przez strach dołóż swoje do mej misji dopóki trwa gra ona mówi że jeszcze jeszcze"
  • Big Cyc Red hot chili Big Cyc
    "Wczoraj miałeś brudne nogi, teraz kupuj dwa hot-dogi Jeśli miałeś brudne ręce, nie chodź więcej już w sukienceTo kiszona jest kapusta, widać z dala krzywe usta Biodro Twoje bardzo duże, czas popijać już"
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Halo
    "I'm the man, i'm the king I'm the one thats pure inside Everyday, Everyway I smell of suicide Bitter sins how they grow within So you tell me it ain't right I am all sins and you're my reason for life I"
  • Bounty Killer Fed Up
    "Intro: Well this one reaching out to all the leaders, and the media, Well this is Rodney Price aka Bounty Kiler, The leader for Poor People Government Chorus Well poor people fed up to how yuh system"
  • Beginner Chili-Chil B
    "Der Vadder war 'n Bure, die Mutter war ne Hure seine Kindheit verbrachte er in einer dunklen Truhe. Sie ftterten ihn mit Erbrochenem und Innereien und jedes Wochenende gab's ein ganzes Kinderbein. Doch"
  • Made Out Of Babies Fed
    "It's just a little bit quiet And the air is sweet and so cold and now it's just getting started running straight to my head Drown in here shuffles of drying straw that's got my full attention it goes"
  • Big L Fed Up With The Bullshit
    "Yo, on the scene is the brother that's big, I'm not a little kid I'm a nig who don't dig a muthafuckin pig Cause to me they ain't nothin but harassers That misuse they badges to whip niggas' asses Then"
  • Cattle Decapitation Chili dispenser
    "Diarrhea comes quicklyCup your hands to catch itUse your tongue and lap it up.Feces.Anus starts to percolateDilated and impregnated withDiseaseChoking and suffocating andGagging from the smellThis shit"
  • The Time Chili Sauce
    ".... (Ah, good evening Mr. Day. Two for dinner?) Yes, give us one of those little sexy tables in the back. .... (Oh, I'm sorry Sir, those are all taken.) Jerome ... .... (Urgh! I think maybe we can arrange"
  • James Taylor Chili Dog
    "Make my bed out of Wonder Bread, spread some mustard upon my head. I don't want no onions or sauerkraut, mamma, hold on to the bun baby, work it on out. I'm a chilidog. I guess you guessed by now, babe. Sure"
  • Fat Amy Chili Red
    "(R.J. Johnson/Guiney/Reedy) At peace, with your pain seems like you hurt forever Didn't want you to go away Will it always feel the same way Not a word, at my turn to speak could help anyone Nothing I"
  • Ours Disaster In A Halo
    "Lately Ive been thinking about what you said Time is growing old and I am getting colder Hungers just a pain that wont be fed Ill be working for the ghost until Im dead and done Disaster in a halo Nothing"
  • Lisa Lavie Halo
    "Remember those walls I built Well baby they're tumbling down And they didn't even put up a fight They didn't even make a sound I found a way to let you in But I never really had a doubt Standing in the"
  • Texas Halo
    "Bright light city You're her religion Superstars in their own private movie Play just like children Lies that take her Places she's never seen The kiss and tell of it all To her it seems so obscene She's"
  • The Pussycat Dolls Halo
    "I can make love feel just like heaven I can be a little devil in bed and Even clean and cook your breakfast But I'm not perfect I can take off when you need down time I can cheerlead for you from the"
  • Pussycat Dolls Halo
    "I can make love feel just like heaven I can be a little devil in bed and Even clean and cook your breakfast But I'm not perfect I can take off when you need down time I can cheerlead for you from the"

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