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Hammerfall -

  • Hammerfall - Hammerfall
    "Silent screaming, You're on your own Balancing on a blade between Whats right and what is wrong Don't loose your faith, don't sit there in silence show your strength, let's hail the metal gods, bare"
  • Breaking the law - Hammerfall
    "There I was completely wastingOut of work and downAll inside it's so frustratingAs I drift from town to townFeel as though nobody caresIf I live or dieSo I might as well beginTo put some action in my lifeBreaking"
  • Dark wings dark words - Hammerfall
    "It's been a long cold winter, widespread snowfall, raging storms.Caught in winds delusions, of our heart and soul.He came down from the mountains, into our own frozen world.Spoke of revolution, fed us"
  • Desinted for glory - Hammerfall
    "Once upon a time in a forlorn land,a man on a mission was left at fates handIn his eyes you could see the whites turn redSurrounded by evil, abandoned for deadBorn on the run by the sign of the sunA mail-clad"
  • Dragon lies bleeding - Hammerfall
    "You made me see right past myself, well beyondMy fears, realized I'm synchronized, far beyond my yearsI'm so geard unto them, I serve unto their soulsNow that I'm addicted, my hunger only growsI'm a child"
  • Edguy - Hammerfall
    "Out of the darkness the voices are callingRiding the wings of a songThe Fury is screaming and Heaven is fallingI feel it coming on strong.The lightning strikes cracking the nightIt feels like never beforeThunder"
  • Howlin' with the 'pac - Hammerfall
    "There is a crying in the nightfall.There is a howling in the wind.And when the urge is getting stronger.We hit the streets, the city calls.The night is free for all.We rule the dark and we do as we please.And"
  • Land of the miracle - Hammerfall
    "Blinded by the fire and the sorrow of the day, I come knocking at your door to dry the tears away, the eventide is calling me to take a look into your eyes, pull me on and make me mesmerized! Riding on"
  • Never ever - Hammerfall
    "Sitting in my room, staring at the wall, I can't believe it's happening Once so wonderful, now, life's a twisted kind of reality, a fantasy Don't know where to begin Saw your love for me vanish in a single"
  • Never let me down - Hammerfall
    "You are so brilliant - never let me down You've got a shine like golden grass Hold me tight Don't turn away Never let me down You're my only shelter in the night You are like a wonder - never let me down"
  • Rising force - Hammerfall
    "Out of the darkness the voices are calling Riding the wings of a song The Fury is screaming and Heaven is falling I feel it coming on strong. Chorus: The lightning strikes cracking the night It feels like"
  • The unforgiving blade - Hammerfall
    "When the sky is turning black, you fear the dawn Your inner voice compels you, but youre all alone Thy secret sense lies still obscure within your shattered dreams, and all you can do is scream Long ago"
  • Why you - Hammerfall
    "Why you I go out I get in And a pout becomes my grin There you are surrounded by some peeping foes Girl I want You to know Without the people and the show I'd never let you go Why you doesn't everybody"
  • Back To Back - Hammerfall
    "They came at dawn into the morning light black shadows riding on the mist Prepered for battle, swords were shining bright filled with anger and harm Came to kill not to charm The sound of metal screaming"
  • Stronger Than All - Hammerfall
    "Always standing proud, we know our time has come marching off to war, the crusade has just begun Fighting for the right to live under the sun we won't stop 'til they've lost and we've won Come and fly"
  • Warriors Of Faith - Hammerfall
    "They search the desert plains in the land of no return To seek out the danger, time to burn They are the rightous ones they've come to claim this land Like warriors under command They fight for gold"
  • The Fallen One - Hammerfall
    "I saw your face in the morning sun Oh, I thought you were there I heard your voice as the wind passed me by Silently, whispering my name So many things that I wanted to say Forever left untold I still"
  • I Want Out - Hammerfall
    "From our lives' beginning on We are pushed in little forms No one asks us how we like to be In school they teach you what to think But everyone says different things But they're all convinced that They're"
  • Man On The Silver Mountain - Hammerfall
    "I'm a wheel, I'm a wheel I can roll, I can feel And you can't stop me turning Cause I'm the sun, I'm the sun I can move, I can run But you'll never stop me burning Come down with fire Lift my spirit"
  • Templars Of Steel - Hammerfall
    "The hands of time have brought you here to make a change, to break down the walls You are the ones and you are the only trying to live by your own goals And you all cry for freedom Raise your fists to"

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