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Hands are shaking

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Hands are shaking

  • Shaking - Nields
    "Your words are kind and your eyes are sweet All of my beginnings end in defeat Meanwhile I know it's time to go home. You're whispering kings I cannot believe I don't know what you want to achieve All"
  • Shaking Hands - Michelle Shocked
    "Shaking hands and fingers that do tremble Soldier's Joy has been a bitter pill Though in battle, a brave man I resemble Alone I am a coward without will Pierce McGee from the great State of Missouri To"
  • Shaking - Our Lady Peace
    "So, you fucked this up again It's time for you to leave You never had many friends And you thought this was all right You're rushing to meditate Should eat but probably wait You never thought of yourself,"
  • Shaking Through - R.E.M.
    "Could it be that one small voice doesn't count in the world? Yellow like a geisha gown, denial all the way Could this by three be turned? Honor marches on. Yellow like a geisha gown, denial all the way Shaking"
  • Shaking So Bad - Gluecifer
    "It was a long long hour in a long long year it took a time to get out of the rut Now the long gone power got you bendin over and it is time to get out of the rut Can this night go on Can this night go"
  • Shaking Hand Incision - At The Drive-In
    "Nothing ever changes. Except your scenery arrangements. In the affectionate hands of horsepowered assault. You best keep your pants on, boy. Behind the armor of fault. Homeless makeshift triggers."
  • Shaking The Tree - Peter Gabriel
    "Souma Yergon, Sou Nou Yergon, We are shakin' the tree Souma Yergon, Sou Nou Yergon, We are shakin' the tree Waiting your time, dreaming of a better life Waiting your time, you're more than just a wife You"
  • You're The Shaking Kind - Roy Drusky
    "(Hey Mister there's something you ought to know) You're shaking the hand that's shaking your world to pieces Don't you understand that the time and place were right To you she's a wife but to me she's"
  • Shaking Off The Chains - Black Sabbath
    "Is life everything you want to be, Does it give you everything that you need, Does it live up to your expectations, Are you ready for the celebrations. This is not for the weak of mind, Are you sure"
  • Shaking - Sugarcult
    "I'm searching for a change of pace Trying to pull away all these names Tell you how it all works out I'm terrible on the phone It's better when it's us all alone Tell you how it all works out You're not"
  • Nervous (Why Am I Shaking) - Far Too Jones
    "It loves to keep you on your knees Begging baby, baby please I reek of the scent of a sinner I breathe the ache to be in you again And it's just not enough There's a kliller in the court tonight But,"
  • Till (Your Legs Start Shaking) - Sleepy Brown
    "Uh uh uh, You know it's on right... Now that I've got you home with me tonight They say I'd rather love cuz this feels so right I'm on top of you, you're under me There's no place in this world that"
  • Hands - Tub Ring
    "Peter Held His Masterpiece In All Six Of His Hands Reactions There Were Natural But Never Quite As Grand And Hands Held The Breakfast Food Hands Held It Tight Hands Made It Understood Hands Throughout"
  • Hands - Jewel
    "If I could tell the world just one thing It would be that we're all OK And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful And useless in times like these I won't be made useless I won't be idle with despair I will"
  • Hands - Quindon Tarver
    "If I Could Tell the World Just One Thing It Would Be That We're All Ok and Not to Worry 'cause Worry Is Wasteful and Useless in Times Like These I Won't Be Made Useless I Won't Be Idle With Despair"
  • Hands - Kane
    "HEY HEY YEAH! Oh no no no no no I saw you You stood there I've seen you right there from the start With ev'ry heartbeat closer I've seen you right there where you are And it could have been so fine yeah"
  • Hands - The Rumble Strips
    "Oh no, where are my hands They're in my pockets Away from your hands And that is where they will stay Because you are far away You said you had something to say But while you were talking, my feet started"
  • Hands - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "Ooh ... ooh ... Ho ... Ah ho ho ho ah ... Oh ... There's a man outside my door tonight He cries for help, he sings a pleadin' song The times are tough for everyone Gotta hold on to what I got, and just"
  • Hands - Swervedriver
    "I just love this part of the world The food's fine and the sun shines And the people seem so relaxed They ride motorbikes lidless It seems like nobody's ever been anywhere They didn't wanna be I guess"
  • Hands - Karen Lehner
    "It is morning now And he is there beside you But it's different somehow Was last night a big mistake But his eyes were so Kind of heaven like And he was better than he could ever be And his hands 16 years"

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