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Hands on you

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Hands on you

  • Hands - Macy Gray
    "Baby, all I want is just one .do Gats to have my hands on you I chosen baby house in you That to get my hands on you I need your love, I do Gats to have my hands on you Just one more do I dream about"
  • Hands - Phil Ochs
    "Pre>g bm c d I've seen the hands of laborers that lifted all the loads G bm c d And the granite stuck to their fingers as they dug the canals and the roads Em bm Now they're cleared"
  • Hands - Donna Lewis
    "under the red rose under the yellow under the open sky come here come to me come sleep lie with me and watch the graceful little greenedged animals enchant you I could be here with you if only you would"
  • Hands - The Rumble Strips
    "Oh no, where are my hands They're in my pockets Away from your hands And that is where they will stay Because you are far away You said you had something to say But while you were talking, my feet started"
  • Hands - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "Ooh ... ooh ... Ho ... Ah ho ho ho ah ... Oh ... There's a man outside my door tonight He cries for help, he sings a pleadin' song The times are tough for everyone Gotta hold on to what I got, and just"
  • Hands - Guy Clark
    "A hand is just another kind of hammer made of steel Beating blindly on the anvil a hammer cannot feel But a hand is for reaching out and touching all you can Holding on and hoping that you'll come to"
  • Hands - Swervedriver
    "I just love this part of the world The food's fine and the sun shines And the people seem so relaxed They ride motorbikes lidless It seems like nobody's ever been anywhere They didn't wanna be I guess"
  • Hands - Tunng
    "He stands with his head in his hands In the corridor in A&E He couldn't resuscitate her And now he'll go home to his wife for tea We sing as the sky falls down We sing as the sky collapses And make what"
  • Hands On You - Eric Carmen
    "(wally bryson/scott mccarl) How I wish I had my hands on you Always want to have my hands on you Just can't wait to have my hands on you Bring your friend, she's welcome too Here we go, I got my hands"
  • Hands On You - Donell Jones
    "(Verse 1) You been lookin, so damn good and, sexy girl you know it, (know it) Aint no tellin, what's gonna happen, if you let me on it, (on it) I can feel you, girl I feel you, if you get to know me, (know"
  • Hands On You - Joey Daniels
    "Vers 1 A rumor don't grow no moss in this town The one you started been makin' its rounds I'm calling you up just to hear it from you Do you crave my kiss like they say you do 'cause you've got some nerve It's"
  • Hands On You - Obie Trice
    "(feat. Eminem) Babe uh, yeah! Girl, you my only one though aight, haha You my baby, fuck all that shit You're the one for me Check it out. Baby I'm feeling the feelings you giving, I'm feelin your"
  • Hands On You - Eminem
    "Verse 1 -[ Obie Trice] Baby im feeling the feelings you givin', Im feelin your style N' im willing to let my guard down to figure u out Im picturin your figure in a swimsuit whilin Somewhere in the carribean"
  • Hands On Us - The Notwist
    "Leo they'll forgive you Leo they'll forgive you For not taking Everything away Leo they'll forgive you Leo they'll forgive you For no never Leading them astray Hands on us, away Hands on us Hands on"
  • Hands On Man - Jeff Bates
    "She said: "Sir, do you need the instruction manual?" "Well, no, Ma'am: there's no job I can't handle." Don't matter to me if it's high or low tech, I'm either ways: all hands on deck. I'm a hands on"
  • Hands On Me - Vanessa Carlton
    "Two, three I first saw you at the video exchange I know my heart, and it will never change This temp work would be alright if you'd call me, you'd call me I lie awake at night for you and I pray We"
  • Hands On Deck - Waking Ashland
    "All Hands on deck Dont abandon the ship You'll never know what it could have been All hands on deck My ship is sinking Dont let me go Dont let me drown A step to the right To your own rhythm Cause what"
  • Hands On Thorns - 13 Winters
    "I cut my hands on thorns, as you stood there and watched. Blood running from my hands down my fingers, yet you do nothing but fucking stare! I've gotten your attention, but gotten no respect. You don't"
  • Hands on stance - Ignite
    "If you care, love something And see it threatened You'll get angry and fight A scorched earth policy Nature's not valued by our society Sometimes you fight and you win Most of the time it's a loss up against"
  • Hands On Me - Christina Milian
    "VERSE 1: I can't help it, oh I got a thing for this guy Infatuated by, the way he looks in my eyes We only met one night yet he's in all my dreams His thuggish style, his smile Fufill my fantasy Cuz he"

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