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Hands to my self

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Hands to my self

  • Self - American Head Charge
    "No sense of self To balance it off Preconceived notions of something Everyones gone Will I show up With all that I have to give Would you consider it a gift But that Doesnt matter anyway Liar youre such"
  • Keep you hands to your self - Georgia Satellites
    "I got a little change in my pocket gonna jing a ling a lingGonna call you on the telephone baby, give you a ringBut each time I try I get the same old thing alwaysNo huggy no kissy till I get a wedding"
  • Self - Spineshank
    "Feel the tension of rejection Bleach it out with the therapy The confusion and seclusion Turns it into my deformity Never trust it, maladjusted I've become my own worst enemy The aggravation in my"
  • Self - Phish
    "Grass has been greater Skies have been bluer I know my soul is down in the sewer You say that I am selfish Well you know that that is true I don't care what you say pretty mama And I don't care what you"
  • My New Self - Wide Mouth Mason
    "I came home late one night and I didn't see the car I went inside and looked around and all I saw The note she left was to the point it's you she wants And her that you want too I can't forgive you just"
  • Self-Control - Glenn Kaiser
    "It's the thing I lack most and it puts me in a bind The wise possess it, it brings them peace of mind Down in my soul, I need self-control Without it my mouth says terrible things Without it my hands work"
  • Self Abuse - Poison Idea
    "Take frustrations out on yourself, Think you've hurt all, there's no one else, Put your head thru a window, Then hold it high and let the blood flow, Why do you drink untill you pass out face first in"
  • Self Inflicted - Project Deadman
    "All your troubles and all you do All the evil you put out comes back to you (Prozak) It's just another day for me I'm askin ya'll to pray for me My life is wounded fatally you might as well just say to"
  • Self Forsaken - Meadows End
    "I sold my soul into this self forsaken game. My powers were erased and now my will to live the same. The rules of the selection will befall upon the weak. They enter in majority but few will end the"
  • Self Defiance - Cry Of The Afflicted
    "Take my fingers, and take my hands. Save me from myself, selfish distractions. Board the windows, and lock all doors. Save me from my flaws, misguided solutions. I'm always walking on the easiest path. And"
  • Self Evident - Ani DiFranco
    "yes, us people are just poems we're 90% metaphor with a leanness of meaning approaching hyper-distillation and once upon a time we were moonshine rushing down the throat of a giraffe yes, rushing"
  • Dear Future Self (Hands Up) ft. Wyclef Jean - Fall Out Boy
    "hands up ready for the boom never mind the rocket launcher talking about a tune you can hear us coming whit the zoom listen to the boom boom we are breaking through we prepared for the turbulence but"
  • Note To Self - From First To Last
    "Two roads...Split off from here, and my life goes running in opposite directions. Exaggerating the barrier between who I am, and who I want to be. I wanted to be that breath of fresh air, When everything"
  • Tie My Hands - You're Pretty
    "Here I sit Laughing at the wrong thing Waiting for someone to notice me You found me Just in time to lose me From my self and all I held on to I need you to believe Wait I have a lot of things to say About"
  • Torn Self - Dead To Fall
    "Every one of us is lost against ourselves, And pushing through the constant struggle of forward thought This thing we call humanity Has brought us down, and has us caught Is this what I've become? A callous,"
  • Self Made Man - Montgomery Gentry
    "I could say it's all her fault She never had any patience at all I'm a complicated guy, and she didn't try to understand I could claim I had nothing to do with the fact I'm lonesome and blue But that wouldn't"
  • Self Healing Lie - Mesh
    "I'm just somebody who's got under your skin Bet you never felt like that I pushed in my knife and managed to miss But it never happened like that You need somebody with feelings that can't get inside"
  • All For Self - Fun Lovin' Criminals
    "Now I thought we'd come alive and Stop all this drunken driving You were the one who wanted to storm those gates and kill those prophets that couldn't relate But still you're the one who wanted to"
  • Involuntary self defence - Fenix TX
    "Sometimes I think of what I could have been, and then I kickmyself, knowing that I've ended up just like him.And there's other times it doesn't seem so bad, we always usedto say, "With him dead they'll"
  • Hands - Macy Gray
    "Baby, all I want is just one .do Gats to have my hands on you I chosen baby house in you That to get my hands on you I need your love, I do Gats to have my hands on you Just one more do I dream about"

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