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Hanoi Rocks Mental Beat

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Hanoi Rocks Mental Beat

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Hanoi Rocks Mental Beat
  • Hanoi Rocks Mental Beat
    "The beat is getting stronger I can't take it any longer Every time I try to sleep I wake up to This beat inside of me You can't ignore this beat You have to get up on your dancing feet You will have no"
  • Hanoi Rocks Oriental Beat
    "I'm gonna take a holiday, Be somewhere far away, I won't be back for awhile For a long long time, I wanna get away from the west To the place that I like best, And where the nights are long And the girls"
  • Hardcore Superstar Don't You Ever Leave Me (Hanoi Rocks Cover)
    "The nights are wearing me down And it's hard getting through the day 'Cos I need you right now And right now you're so faraway I guess I should have known That I'd end up this way But I swear I'll come"
  • Killah Priest Heavy Mental
    "The mind: Heavy Mental, Jesus Christ is Heavy Mental Everything brings in Heavy Mental day Today you will experience something Heavy Mental Never done: Heavy Mental Information begins to gathering Starting"
  • Jeru The Damaja Mental Stamina
    "featuring Afu Ra Yo Afu (Yo whassup?) Yo yo, c'mere c'mere Yo let's freak that rhyme we was freakin the other night (Yo I'm wit it yo just set it off) I'm sayin though, after this, it's no turnin back"
  • Dr. Dooom Mental Case
    "(Dr. Dooom) Yo, fuck Octagon! Don't ask me about that fuckin' shit Fuckin' ask me about that fuckin' shit again I ain't doin' that type of shit (I ain't doin' that shit) You motherfuckers think I'm crazy"
  • The Cool Kids Mikey Rocks
    "I-I I'm Mikey I-I-I rock I-I- I'm Mikey I-I- I rock Check it. Hold the phone like a call on the other line I'm on the phone with a bone of another kind So hold on we could roll to the other side Side"
  • Nanci Griffith Old Hanoi
    "Where are all the Satchel Boys Selling books outside the Metripole? Books to read in English Books of light and sorrows Of this foreign land They are gone They've flown away Where are all the cyclos With"
  • Celtic Frost Downtown Hanoi
    "Four arc lights. Moving stealth. Two ride up north. Into the barrel fear. Desire to share. My valiant care. Downtown Hanoi. We are drowning in purple wine. Standing as one, as one we line. Gold and light"
  • Stage Dolls Hanoi Waters
    "(T. Flakne/B. Icon) Johnny went off duty, caught a bullet from a gun they sent a car back to his mama's place to tell her 'bout her son oh, now he's just a picture on the wall gave his life, makes no sense"
  • Hanoi Rocks Blitzkrieg Bop
    "Hey ho, let's go They're forming in straight line They're going through a tight wind The kids are losing their minds The Blitzkrieg Bop They're piling in the back seat They're generating steam heat"
  • Hanoi Rocks You Make The Earth Move
    "(M. Monroe & A. McCoy) Exiled in my bedroom Feel jackhammers in my head A Southern Russian chill comes over me Well, I might have just mistaken you for Somebody who cares If that's the case, excuse me"
  • Hanoi Rocks Love's An Injection
    "I can't get, get any closer, You're so distant, so far away, Am I losing you This fix of love will cool you down for awhile,I know how bad it was before You told me we could make it somehow, If we really"
  • Hanoi Rocks I Can't Get It
    "So many things that mean a lot, So many things that I never got, You can look boy, but you can't touch, What I don't have seems to mean so much A beat up Chevy or Mercedes Benz Should make no difference"
  • Hanoi Rocks People Like Me
    "You need someone to point your finger at Well yeah, I'm your man, I'm everything you lack Someone to kick around when I'm down Maybe steal my credit where success is found Yeah, one once might've had"
  • eels Mental
    "It's like I'm dressed up in my mamma's clothing It's like I'm talking to a voice that doesn't exist It's like I got a wire crossed upstairs But all I want is just a little truth and that's it They say"
  • Dub War Mental
    "Killing dis and killing dat Whicha gun or with a knife Strangulation out your light Me no man no trouble Me no man a strife Live it good and live it right Crazy people in the community Murder in the backyard Mental"
  • Raggasonic Mental
    "Refrain Release me from this mental slavery Release me from those chains and chuckles Cause long time all people want to live free In love aud unity Release me from this pain and bondage Release me from"
  • Courtney Jaye Mental
    "On this lonely stretch of solitude I'm thinking 'bout the things that I never do All the promises that I made to you Well they're just words They're only words It took so long for me to recognize All this"
  • The Audition Beat City
    "Let's sail the beat! Get ready, get ready It's the place to be! Get ready, get ready Get ready, get ready It's the place to be! Get ready, get ready Watch the new jam! Get up, get up, get up! Beat,"

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