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Hanoi Rocks Stop Cryin

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Hanoi Rocks Stop Cryin

  • Stop Cryin' - Hanoi Rocks
    "Sweet Seventeen - your face is from a beauty magazine Sweet Seventeen - your body's an oasis for sex dreams It's sometimes hard to understand what you mean That's when you think nothing matters to me But"
  • Downtown Hanoi - Celtic Frost
    "Four arc lights. Moving stealth. Two ride up north. Into the barrel fear. Desire to share. My valiant care. Downtown Hanoi. We are drowning in purple wine. Standing as one, as one we line. Gold and light"
  • Stop Cryin' - Eva Avila
    "So much to say but Feels like my lips are sealed Everything's changing so quickly If these are growing pains, why does it feel like I'm sinking Pretending that my heart's not breaking It doesn't matter"
  • Don't You Ever Leave Me (Hanoi Rocks Cover) - Hardcore Superstar
    "The nights are wearing me down And it's hard getting through the day 'Cos I need you right now And right now you're so faraway I guess I should have known That I'd end up this way But I swear I'll come"
  • Smithereens (Stop Cryin') - El-P
    "Fell asleep late, neon buzz P.T.S. stress, we do drugs city air strange, sticky lungs Mayor Doomburg gives no funds and i'm cryin (cryin') call out with a fiendish ring broken into smithereens every thing's"
  • I Can't Stop Cryin' - Jan Howard
    "I can't stop cryin' I can't stop hurtin' For you can't stop lyin' and you won't stop flirtin' I can't stop hopin' you love me true and I can't stop cryin' until you do I can't forget you I tried before"
  • Rocks Off! - Esham
    "I came to get my rocks off... Right there, right there. I came to get my rocks off... Ahh you hit the spot, baby. I came to get my rocks off... Ohhh. I came to get my rocks off... I came"
  • Chinese Rocks - Sid Vicious
    "Somebody calls me on the phone Say hey-hey-hey is Arty home You wanna take a walk You wanna go cop You wanna go get some Chinese rock I'm livin' on a Chinese rock All my best things are in hock I'm livin'"
  • Krack Rocks - Kid Rock
    "Who are you, who are you Well i'm the punk with the pump in the back of my pack How you step rock I step in stride I step across stage with my nuts in my hand The punks wanna front cause i got my own"
  • Midnight Rocks - Al Stewart
    "With your photographs of Kitty HawkAnd the bi-planes on your wallYOu were always Amy Johnson>From the time that you were small.No schoolroom kept you groundedWhile your thoughts could get awayYou were"
  • I'm Cryin - Journey
    "(Perry/Rollie) Oo, I'm cryin', tears are fallin' down. I'm cryin' the lonely tears of clowns. I'm tryin' to wear a smilin' face. It was just yesterday things then they felt okay. Now that has all gone"
  • Cryin' Shame - Stray Cats
    "Well I'm in love with you baby And I do declare it's a cryin' shame Well I'm in love with you baby And I do declare it's a cryin' shame When I woke up last night And you called me by another man's name Well"
  • Oriental Beat - Hanoi Rocks
    "I'm gonna take a holiday, Be somewhere far away, I won't be back for awhile For a long long time, I wanna get away from the west To the place that I like best, And where the nights are long And the girls"
  • Old Hanoi - Nanci Griffith
    "Where are all the Satchel Boys Selling books outside the Metripole? Books to read in English Books of light and sorrows Of this foreign land They are gone They've flown away Where are all the cyclos With"
  • Mental Beat - Hanoi Rocks
    "The beat is getting stronger I can't take it any longer Every time I try to sleep I wake up to This beat inside of me You can't ignore this beat You have to get up on your dancing feet You will have no"
  • Hanoi Waters - Stage Dolls
    "(T. Flakne/B. Icon) Johnny went off duty, caught a bullet from a gun they sent a car back to his mama's place to tell her 'bout her son oh, now he's just a picture on the wall gave his life, makes no sense"
  • M.C. Baby - Hanoi Rocks
    "(Well) my baby's hot I mean the way she rocks Gives her old folks a shock The way she burns her wheels Down her home town streets My my my my my little motorcycle baby My baby is mean She's the fastest"
  • I Want You - Hanoi Rocks
    "Oh, we're gonna make this a big one I'm checking out my native city, I can feel the blood in my veins And my nerves are weak, And my heart is just about to collapse, oh I'm kind of desperate, Something"
  • Futurama - Hanoi Rocks
    "My little lover's gonna be another, copy of Raquel Welch, I'll build her a house and a made named Jill And spend the rest of my life down in Beverly Hills, I'll never have to feed her, And she'll stay"
  • Obscured - Hanoi Rocks
    "I love my freedom And speaking out of my mind I can see how that could get somebody down Tho' you can't always see them You can feel their vicious vibes They somehow seem to find their way around And you'll"

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