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Hans Kraenzlin FREEDOM

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Hans Kraenzlin FREEDOM

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Hans Kraenzlin FREEDOM
  • BeForU Freedom
    "Yume mitatte ima mite kita subete ni nigete kita korekara no ippo kakete mitai bouken wa ima hajimaru! Kitto "toberu" to sou iikikasete sono hane hirogete shinjite mitai mou mayowanai aoku hirogaru sekai"
  • Tele Hans
    "Egal, was du tust, machst gut fr mich, und wenn du dieses Jahr noch wiederkommst, ich bin hier und warte auf dich Wie auf eine botschaft, ein Signal Ich hre es immer lauter und die Pausen werden krzer Hans"
  • Alan Parson Project, The Little Hans
    "Alan Parson Project, The Freudiana Little Hans Freud's youngest patient Lead vocal: graham dye Little hans, little hans, what do you see? The worlds is full of big surprises Little hans, little hans,"
  • Alan Parsons Project Little Hans
    "Little Hans, little Hans, what do you see?The worlds is full of big surprisesLittle Hans, little Hans, what can they be?They come in many shapes and sizesLittle boys always love to playBut something is"
  • Laura Lynn Arrivederci Hans
    "ARRIVEDERCI HANS! Dat was de mooiste dans! Laat mij nu zo maar niet gaan, Maar kus me, komaan, Ja, dit is je laatste kans! ARRIVEDERCI HANS! Dat was de laatste dans! Want morgen is het gedaan,> dus, laat"
  • Funny Van Dannen Hans-Georg
    "Heute habe ich Hans-Georg gesagt, dass er mich nie mehr besuchen soll. Heute habe ich im ins Gesicht gesagt: Ich hab von dir die Schnauze voll! Ich kann dein Gerede nicht mehr hren, dein Geschimpfe und"
  • Alicia Keys It's on again (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, Hans Zimmer)
    "And everybody know the story of David and Goliath But this is bigger than triumph This is for the warrior, this is for you and I This is for euphoria, give me a piece of mind God is recording this, won't"
  • Gun Freedom
    "Outside a storm is raging Inside my faith is strong Love came down without warning Love walked out without saying Can't hide my secret Can't live this lie no more What can you say to make me change my"
  • Paul McCartney Freedom
    "(McCartney) This is my right A right given by God To live a free life To live in freedom Talkin' about freedom I'm talkin' 'bout freedom I will fight For the right To live in freedom Anyone tries to"
  • Perry Blake Freedom
    "Freedom, freedom Is this freedom? Is it freedom? Because I've been fighting wars I'll never win Been losing all my life Is this freedom? Is this freedom? Too high, too low Too young to know Too high,"
  • King's X Freedom
    "Freedom to have two mothers and all be friends Freedom to terminate my fetus if it don't fit in Freedom to kiss my brother right on the lips Freedom to make my own concoction and take a sip What a trip,"
  • Neon Hitch FREEDOM
    "We are broken, But we're fuckin' beautiful We got no money, But everything is alright, alright We don't need money to feel alright, alright Coz we got FREEDOM! We got FREEDOM! We got FREEDOM!"
  • Alice Cooper Freedom
    "We the people of the United States In order to form a more perfect union Stop pretending that you've never been bad You're never wrong and you've never been dirty You're such a saint, that ain't the way"
  • B.B. King Freedom
    "Don't understand How I could be so blind Something is changing And I don't know why Heaven knows how much I sacrifice (I hear you, I hear you) Now nothing in this world Will ever change her mind Freedom,"
  • Dc Cooper Freedom
    "Travelled from the home so far A man said he would take them For a price of everything he has Promise of some hope and dreams beyond your faith not saying Never saying that your life will be at stake (Freedom)"
  • Toasters Freedom
    "Give me freedom, give me liberty Don't want policeman with a stick in his hand Standing over me Freedom, fraternity I don't pick my friends by the color of their skin Or the language they speak Give"
  • Dropkick Murphys Freedom
    "Freedom Same old story, nothings changed. Only the rules have been rearranged. You treat the losers commodity. Act to someone yourself by day to day Whats going on? Whats going on? Freedom Freedom Freedom Blinded"
  • Pete Murray Freedom
    "Freedom, comes my way some times But I have got no place to go Freedom, has it's own silence But I can hear no more I've got no time For lies that bring me down And I must be wise Before I vote you there Freedom"
  • Dan Balan Freedom
    "she says Love sucks thi sway another evening goes away night and day /3x she hates that feeling I can’t explain I got lot of love /2x night and day /2x she kills my feeling Freedom! Freedom! All I want"
  • BB King Freedom
    "Don't understandHow i could be so blindSomething is changingAnd i don't know whyHeaven knows how much i sacrifice(i hear you, i hear you)Now nothing in this worldWill ever change her mindFreedom, what"

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