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Happy days are Here Again

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Happy days are Here Again

  • Happy days are here again - Barbra Streisand
    "So long sad times Go long bad times We are rid of you at last Howdy gay times Cloudy gray times You are now a thing of the past Happy days are here again The skies above are clear again So let's sing a"
  • Happy Days Are Here Again - A.D. Police
    "Happy days are here again (2X) This is what I've been waiting This is what we've been wanting Happy days are here again And your life is about to begin Time has come for us to win And our love is there"
  • Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again - Barbra Streisand
    "(Barbra Streisand & Judy Garland) Judy: Forget your troubles Barbra: Happy days Judy: C'mon get happy Barbra: Are here again Judy: You better chase all your cares away Barbra: The skies above are clear"
  • Sing/happy Days Are Here Again - Barbra Streisand
    "Barbra Streisand Live Concert At The Forum Sing/happy Days Are Here Again Sing, sing a song Sing out loud Sing out strong Sing of good things, not bad Sing of happy, not sad Sing, sing a song Make it simple"
  • Happy days - Danzel
    "Happy days are here again, The time is right for making friends, Happy days are here again, Those special nights will never end ... Hello!! Shout out!!! Hip, hip ...hooray (x3) hip hip ... Let's do it"
  • Happy Days - Brian Wilson
    "Dark days were plenty Never ending sorrow Only the past with Uncertain tomorrow Oh God the pain That I've been going through Raining in my heart To my emotional rescue I used to be So far from life No"
  • Happy Days - Bobby Brown
    "Ayo this one is goin out to my man shaw in other words silly yall yeah we still husslin overtime baby whoah whoah whoah yeah you know its been along time, mighty long time but happy days are here again"
  • Happy Times Are Here Again - Susan Raye
    "Happy times are here again ain't felt like this since I don't know when Baby's coming in on the 12-0-10 happy times are here again I'm like a bird in the morning sun I'm like a bee in the honey comb I'm"
  • Happy Times Are Here Again - Buck Owens
    "Happy times are here again Ain't felt like this since I don't know when Baby's comin' in on the 12-0-10 Happy times are here again. Well, now I'm like a bird in the morning sun I'm like a bee in the"
  • Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) - The The
    "They're 5 miles high as the crow flies leavin' vapour trails against a blood red sky Movin' in from the East toward the West with Balaclava helmets over their heads, yes! But if you think that Jesus Christ"
  • Salad Days (Are Here Again) - Procol Harum
    "You come to me at midnight and say, 'It's dark in here.' You know you robbed me of my sight, and light is what I fear I tell you that I can not see but you persist in showing me those bangles that I"
  • Funky Days Are Back Again - Cornershop
    "Well, it seems like the funky days, they're back again Funky funky days they're back again And we re en vogue again Before the gurkers get called up again Seems like the funky days are back again And the"
  • Happy days - Darkbuster
    "First there was Arnold then AlHe made me French Fries cause he was my palDont forget Marrion and Mr. CHere comes Ralph Malph and PotsieAnd these are such Happy DaysI said nah nah nah Happy DaysPinky Tuscadero"
  • Good Old Days Are Here Again - Buck Owens
    "The good old days are here again, My baby's coming home She'll soon be back within my arms Yes, back where she belongs. The lonely nights are gone for good, Like castles in the air The good old days"
  • Happy Days Theme Song - Happy Days
    "Sunday, Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days, Thursday, Friday, Happy Days, Saturday, what a day, Groovin' all week with you. These days are ours Happy and free. (Oh Happy Days) These days"
  • Happy - Never Shout Never
  • Happy - Nevershoutnever
    "you make me happy whether you know it or not we should be happy that's what i said from the start i am so happy knowing you are the one that i want for the rest of my days for the rest of my days your"
  • Happy - Avant
    "I want you to be happy in love with me I want you to feel that my love is real I want you to know that if you love me I will never let you go (Let you go, never gonna let you go) I want you to be happy"
  • Happy - The Carpenters
    "I've played the game of love before Too young to know How hard the fall could be I never thought I'd try again Somehow you brought The gambler out in me You can deal me in this time around Even though"
  • Are Birthdays Happy? - Jens Lekman
    "Once I was a bully I couldn't stand weakness in somebodys side to understand it fully you gotta be haunted by the same black dogs as I and spend your days worrying that you never see the surface Once again"

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