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Harbinger Of Fate

  • Harbinger Of Fate - Iced Earth
    "When I was young I was different There was more inside of me So alone yet a sense of purpose The guiding light of the order nurtured me Daunted by the truth revealed What am I? What's my destiny? A million"
  • Harbinger - Rock The SAT
    "You're a harbinger of good things to come A sign that it's all changing for me It's happiness, euphoria, it's something out of a fantasy Life was so jejune before I met you It was so ordinary Prosaic"
  • Harbinger - The Human Abstract
    "Inching nearer each and every moment feel the rhythm of our drums. Searching, seeking forward thinking, a dawning of mind that we create. A border breaking for the taking, words that remind us to awake. I"
  • Harbinger Of Light - Canibus
    "Yea, the life of the world Let me share somethin' witchu What does not die that'll eternally thrives the free minds That's who you know you're alive I was spiritual first She cut my umbilical at the"
  • Fate - Unitopia
    "Isn't it amazing the way things seem to turn. With so much confusion will I ever learn? Everything around me seems to fall into place. It seems like a dream, a vision. Will I fall from grace? I remember"
  • Fate - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "(GHOSTS & SPIRITS) Faith and belief and retreat When you're standing all alone With your dreams in the dark Never knowing what is real In the shadows you meet Never knowing what is true In the answers"
  • Fate - Four Star Mary
    "time is healing i'm ahead find a reason once again take a moment out of time i'll be standing back behind on a wing so out of line taken in so out of time all it takes is living i want to fly i've never"
  • Fate - RAMP
    "Smileless faces parking cars in the streets We see this misery AND While we close our eyes it grows constantly The richness made by poverty In this arms... you can see this pain There's no mind..."
  • Fate - Colony 5
    "This must be fate like on the movie screens it's the first time for all is this really what I need? Come back to me You belong here All the gods of this age will become enraged if you are not by my side Give"
  • Fate - Des'ree
    "Standing on ceremony. Waiting for life to begin I ain't looking for nothing necessarily, then in you sauntered in. You were too cool, too suave. The way you handled your guitar. When you started to play, you"
  • Fate - Chaka Khan
    "(F. Musker and D. Bugatti) When you walked into my lonely life tonight I saw my destiny, I saw eternity tonight And the moment I held you I knew it What we do is decided before we do it Fate, this"
  • Fate - Your Naked Girlfriend
    "life has dragged me to the ground every day I'm here around things were never clear to me is there still a reason to be? no love in my heart, no fun in my head I think fate wants me to be dead fuckin'"
  • Fate - Schiller
    "* - 90-100% sure no asterix - not sure She prays * I feel a reason Like a sun * To every season * A clear sun * Felt through your touch * Falling in fear * I surrender my life to you Chorus: *"
  • Fate - New Model Army
    "I put my hands into the roaring flames I felt the pain as it started to burn I've done the same thing over again and again As if I never ever wanted to learn Moving through the world at obsession speed"
  • Fate - Pink Cream 69
    "Take a look at me, I'm getting higher Feeling kind of free, feed my desire Running with the devil, I don't regret it Loging for the time, when I finally get it How many days before I meet my fate? How"
  • Fate - Ana Johnsson
    "You change the sound of my name A moment of truth that I saw in your face It hurts inside, a moment this vile That you brought alive All the roads lead back to you Give me something to return to In your"
  • Fate - Ana Johnston
    "You change the sound of my name A moment of truth that I saw in your face It hurts inside, a moment this vile That you brought to life All the roads lead back to you Give me something to return to In your"
  • Fate - Cobalt London Smaug
    "(E. Pugh) How can we live Sliding through a sieve When our world is just a game With no order We must resort-to-her Watch the moonlight wane Can we wait To fulfill our fate The shunning of the same And"
  • Fate - Suicide Commando
    "They comming to get you You'd better hide They looking for you You can't get out They gettng closer You gotta run They gonna get you The end is done Death is coming, Comming your way Death is comming To"
  • Fate - Tristania
    "I've been trying to participate in masquerades The throne's been empty for too long Paradise for those who play along and the fortunate ones I've been listening to the voice at night And he is right I"

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