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Hard As Love

  • Hard As Love - Marillion
    "(Helmer/Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) Well I hear that you were looking out to hunt me down And I guess you're used to having everything you want But you know that love can be as hard as sticks"
  • Twice as hard - Stereophonics
    "Collaboration with The Black CrowesClean as a whistle, smelling like a rose,You got your dirty little fingers, bloodshot eyes are gone,Tell me I'm wrong,Twice as hard, as it was the first time, I said"
  • Twice As Hard - The Black Crowes
    "Clean as a whistle Smellin' like a rose She got no dirty little fingers Bloodshot eyes are gone Tell me I'm wrong Twice as Hard As it was the first time I said goodbye And no one ever wanna' know Love"
  • Hard To Beat - Hard-FI
    "I've seen you darling, seen you hanging round town You in a short skirt, shining eyes of deep brown You had a dirty look, you caught me on your hook Turn up the thermostat, I want to see you sweat Oh"
  • Hard to beat - Hard-FI
    "I've seen you darling, seen you hanging round town You in a short skirt, shining eyes of deep brown You had a dirty look, you caught me on your hook Turn up the thermostat, I want to see you sweat Oh"
  • Hard As I Try - Anne Murray
    "Ever since that first night When I gave my love to you Everything just seems so right You are my sunlight shining through And I've tried so not to let it show Yet it seems sad because I know No matter"
  • Twice As Bad As Love - Ryan Adams
    "Candy is quick and she's good at impressions She's stacked on the corner, man, she's stacked on the street She's got pills that distort her depression Counting her friends on her hands and her feet"
  • Twice As Hard - Interpol
    "There were days of no surprise on the way When Nobody cared but you Out I retried to feel the salvation The proof of your words always coo, Boo If these ties should signify, my mistakes Please give me"
  • Hard as iron - Judas Priest
    "Whipcrack, stings the sky Don't mess with me I'm danger The meanest on alive Earthquake, breaks the Richter scale The more that you resist The more the pain you'll feel I'm blazing on to glory There's"
  • Hard As Fuck - Against All Authority
    "One day I decided I would pray (Hey!) I kneeled down and looked to the sky (Hey!) I asked God why is life so hard (Hey!) He turned his back and I started to cry (Hey!) You turn your back on me So I turn"
  • Twice as hard - Black Crowes
    "Clean as a whistleSmellin' like a roseShe got no dirty little fingersBloodshot eyes are goneTell me I"m wrongTwice as HardAs it was the first timeI said goodbyeAnd no one ever wanna' knowLove ain't funnyA"
  • As Hard As It Is - Fine Young Cannibals
    "Life's been quiet since you've been gone It's no fun burning for one I was happy before you came Lord know as hard as it is, as hard as it is Now you've gone, it's just not the same He knows just how"
  • Hard Drive - Honorata Skarbek "Honey"
    "Got your picture on my phone Got your favourite song Set as your ringtone And I like when you write That it would be nice If we meet tonight Hit me on ICQ Baby you got me Double dot you're so cute Write"
  • Hard Candy - Chris Knight
    "Her hair was as black as pike county cold And her lips were as red as blood on the snow She wore short vinyl skirts and them boots to her knees And she lived in the holler across the mountain from me Hard"
  • Hard road - Black Sabbath
    "Old men crying, young men dying World still turns as Father Time looks on On and on Children playing, dreamers praying Laughter turns to tear as love has gone Has it gone? Oh, it's a hard road Oh, it's"
  • Hard Core - Glenn Tipton
    "As I lie awake in the morning Just killing time I can feel the pain and the torment Building up inside my mind Have to get it under the counter Stop myself from going blind An excess is what I'm"
  • Ride hard - Terry Lee Hale
    "Just grab a horse I'll go get mine Not much that's left to do But just get on and ride And somebody's coming And we haven't much time It's such a bloody mess But what was I to do It's true he was a friend"
  • Go Hard - Joe
    "(feat. Johnta Austin) Theres A Girl Around Town For Real Shes Amazing Hottest Thing Around No Doubt She Keeps It Right And The Word That Came Down Shes Looking For A Date And She Rocks The Kinda Style"
  • Hard Road - Sam Roberts
    "Feel, feel it grow In your mind In your mind Life is how you live it Through time Through time And there's no desert sun That is hot enough to feed your fire We shipwreck like fools Only to become the"
  • Hard Day - Michael George
    "DON'T BRING ME DOWN DON'T BRING ME DOWN DON'T BRING ME DOWN I've never been one for playing games You can move your mouth forever But the words sound just the same Something like, bang bang you're"

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