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Hard life

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Hard life

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Hard life
  • TQ Hard life
    "Introducing the hard life As if you all aint know about it (in the hard life) Just another one of them ghetto things (in the hard life) The hard life Living and the dying, think about it When I think"
  • Snow Hard life
    "I led a hard life Dust in the wind I led a hard life I led a hard life Close my eyes Only for a moment And the moment's gone All we do Crumbles to the ground And we refuse to see Dust in the wind All we"
  • Balance Of Power Hard Life
    "The days of a child are over, the fields are gone There's nobody there, who knows your name Remember the games you played How you laughed at everyone It's a shame, how can time Take away what is mine I'm"
  • Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Hard Life
    "And it's a hard life For a man with no wife Baby, it's a hard life God makes you live But without it, Don't doubt it You don't even have Your tears to give I wake up and I'm fine With my dreamings still"
  • Patrice Life hard
    "Ref: Life is getting hard in the ghetto Life is getting hard in the concrete jungle I know I know that Jah will never leave I alone I feel I feel the great spirit coming definitely I see I see that Jah"
  • Big Tymers Hard Life
    "(feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile) For sure, lil' one I know what you're goin' through to shine Niggas pullin' off all type of shit But, look: if you don't know what you're doin', you'd better catch the"
  • Hetane Hard
    "Move me, move me baby I dont wanna be a lamb Move me, move me darlin I bought a lacy bra Move me, move me baby Tear my pants off Move me darlin Anywhere, anyhow Love on a table love on the stairs love.. love"
  • Peter Frampton Hard
    "HARD Kind a hard to put your finger on Leaves a nasty taste upon your lips I only need the air to turn me on Take a breath and then I"ll know why Do you wanna now we're gonna feel free The door is"
  • John Denver Prisoners (Hard Life, Hard Times)
    "Josie works a counter at the downtown five and dime Anything at all to help her pass the time Her mama keeps the baby and grandpa rambles on About the good times playing in his mind It's a hard life"
  • John Mellencamp Life Is Hard
    "Life is hard anyway you cut it Life is sweet, like a berry from a tree Life is temptation, Baby, every single day Life is hard Life is funny, I don't mean ha-ha It's not always sunny, when it needs to"
  • Punk5 Hard Knock Life
    "It's a hard-knock life for us! Instead of treated, We get tricked! Instead of kisses, We get kicked! It's a hard-knock life! Got no folks to speak of, so, It's a hard-knock row we how! Cotton blankets,"
  • Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Hard Knock Life
    "- It's the Hard-Knock Life It's the hard-knock life for us! It's the hard-knock life for us! 'Steada treated, We get tricked! 'Steada kisses, We get kicked! It's the hard-knock life! Got"
  • Jay-Z Hard Knock Life
    "Take the baseline out, uh huh Jigga uh huh uh huh uh huh It's the Hard Knock Life for us It's the Hard Knock Life for us Stead of treated, we get tricked Stead of kisses, we get kicked It's the Hard Knock"
  • Satellite Party Hard Life Easy
    "You are my secret lover, And so I took you undercover. You ask me "How you doin' tiger?" I say, My hard life just got easy. Big mountain Colorado. Small island Fiji. I take you, everywhere I go because, You"
  • Dr. Evil Hard Knock Life
    "(spoken) Take the base line out! No? You don't have to. Bounce wit it! (it's the hard knock life for us, it's the hard knock life for us, 'stead of treated, we get tricked, 'stead of kisses, we get kicked."
  • Bad Azz Life Ain't Hard
    "(feat. Blaqthoven, Jelly Roll) Life, Life ain't hard, but it ain't easy, damn sure ain't easy hey Life, Life ain't hard, but it ain't easy, damn sure ain't easy hey The world built like a jail, Long"
  • Afterburn Inc Life Is Hard
    "Afterburn Inc. Life is hard Verse 1 People wanna wish death upon us Cuz we wanna kill them Police runnin around causing a fuss Asking when where and when We put caps in there Face For wielding a mace Cuz"
  • Hilary Duff A Hard New Life
    "Today's the day It fells like nothing has changed But everything one thinks it has I'm the same person I was last year Its not like I'm doing stupid wrong things I'm just Living a hard new life I"
  • Ricky Skaggs When Life Hits Hard
    "WHEN LIFE HITS HARD (Mark D. Sanders - Steve Seskin) '97 Love This Town Music Life is a mountain of a journey With rivers to cross at every turn It's always something or too much of nothing But if"
  • Kelly Family Life Is Hard Enough
    "I'm gonna get you I'm gonna Buy you a little horse You can ride You can play all day My little child We're gonna go Out the fields tonight You'll be brave You'll be strong one day Life is hard enough"

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