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  • Hardwell, Afrojack, MC Ambush Hands Up - Hardwell, Afrojack, MC Ambush
    "All of you, hands up before ... The one and the only: Afrojack Hardwell On Air!"
  • Never Say Goodbye (ft. Bright Lights & Dyro) - Hardwell
    "You'll never fly, if you're too scared of the height You'll never live if you're just too scared to die Everybody wants heaven... I know But darling freedom ain't free, its a long road You'll never find"
  • Call Me A Spaceman (ft. Mitch Crown) - Hardwell
    "Trough the milky way In my spaceship At the speed of light I' m gonna make it I know you've been expecting me Turn on the camera's take another scene We go like hands up people get with the show We're"
  • Young Again (ft. Chris Jones) - Hardwell
    "When I was a boy I dreamed of a place in the sky Playing in the fields Battling with my shields Bows made out of twine I wish I could see this world again Through those eyes See the child in me In my fantasy Never"
  • Colors (feat. Tiesto & Andreas Moe) - Hardwell
    "Purple skies, vivid dreams When you breath next to me Now your heart is in the gold There is a mystery that I wanna know No more hurt into field In the dark we can glow Past the night, there is a feel where"
  • Mad World (feat. Jake Reese) - Hardwell
    "Sometimes it feels like my life’s a battle And I think I’m losing my mind When all that surrounds me is made of shadows If I’m just a lost soul that’s made of paper But your touch can color the white"
  • Dare You (feat. Matthew Koma) - Hardwell
    "We?re a million lonely people All together on this needle in the sky Afraid of heights And your dreams were made illegal By the laws of lesser evil We call I, but not tonight I dare you to love I dare"
  • Echo (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) - Hardwell
    "Dreaming with no sound Silence screams so loud Trying to break through, anyway, to you Tears fall like rain And I can see your pain It's time to fix you up again For your love I'd take the sun from the"
  • Thinking About You (feat. Jay Sean) - Hardwell
    "I wake up smiling every morning Yeah, I don't mind sleeping alone People ask me if I don't miss you But I ain't been thinking about All the nights we've spent together And how your skin felt on my skin And"
  • I'm Not Sorry - Hardwell & Mike Williams
    "I'm Not Sorry I'm Not Sorry I know you want it I know you well you know I got it oh you can tell I fucked up had a real good time and I'm Not Sorry I'm Not Sorry I know you want it I know you well you"
  • Go to begin again - Billy Joel
    "Well so here I am at the end of the roadWhere do I go from here?I always figured it would be like thisStill nothing seems to be quite clearAll the words have been spoken and the prophecy fulfilledBut I"
  • Stand By Your Beds - Nazareth
    "gonna keep it in the family Gotta straighten my face Wanna keep it in the family Savin?my disgrace Like a tick-a time bomb inside ae Been to the mount, seen the other side Money back, number one, guaranteed Sole-satisfied Gimme,"
  • Eu nao merecia - Vanessa Moraes
    "Thought that I was all aloneBroken and afraidBut You were there with meYes, You were there with meAnd I didnt even knowThat I had lost my wayBut You were there with meYes, You were there with meTil You"
  • Everything i don't need - Clay Aiken
    "Get out of my dreamsThere's no room leftGet out of my bed.we did goodbye yesterdayDon't you think I heard what you saidYou want to muchYou play to hardWell, well you invade my morning light againDon't"

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