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Harry Styles Don't let me go

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Harry Styles Don't let me go

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Harry Styles Don't let me go
  • Styles Styles
    "(feat. Jadakiss) Yeah, Holiday, Gary I don't want y'all to compare me to niggas no more Unless they got a case pending Unless they poke somethin up Unless they keepin it real gutter, y'know SP I'm"
  • Harry Styles Don't Let Me Go
    "Now you were standing there right in front of me I hold on scared and harder to breath All of a sudden these lights are blinding me I never noticed how bright they would be I saw in the corner there is"
  • Chamillionaire Switch Styles
    "(*talking*) As we get on the proceedings this evening Ha-ha, it's Koopa nigga, it's Koopa nigga Hey man switch styles man, stay switching styles You know I'm tal'n bout, switch everything nigga Paint switching,"
  • Foxy Brown Styles
    ": Bitches throw ya drinks up style when you're comin in Niggas throw ya guns up wild when we be runnin in No that ain't nothin we at the bar frontin It's necessary we sttles in Burberry whoo You know how"
  • Chamillionaire Switch Styles Reloaded
    "Ha Switch Styles I'm the boss of the ballers My business is to go get it You getting money in the city, I make yo business my business I got heat on the doe I call it Dennis The Menace You goin get greet"
  • Kottonmouth Kings Life Styles
    "(Chorus) We the ones who made us The life styles that we live Radios' scared to play us Life styles like this Industry fools can't fade us The life styles that we live So Fuck off all you haters"
  • Snow Drunken styles
    "No respect yes Daddy Snow me I go come back again I written and danced ah yes You never know Daddy Snow haven't told ya Told ya told ya Nuff respect nuff respect Yes daddy snow he might have talk of de"
  • Meghan Trainor London Lights (ft. Harry Styles)
    "Got me looking in the London's lights Wishing you were here with me in these London's lights Saying that you love how I've got hazel eyes Honestly I won't catch up on sleep tonight I'll be looking in the"
  • Macy Gray Harry
    "You must be smellin' cherries and strawberries and peaches and plums Roses and dandelions Special lovin' on the night I spent with you It was the best that I've had lately But it didn't mean anything,"
  • Maestro Fresh Wes How Many Styles
    "INTRO It's the power move (yeah) It's the power move (yeah) Peace to the power move (yeah) It's the master plan (word) Peace To the master plan (yeah) 1994 baby, the Maestro wild like a psycho That's"
  • Lil Rob So Many Styles
    "Giving you a selection of perfection No need to question why I leave these other vatos with manic depression Missdirection, leaving them guessing and leaving them stressing And leave them sketching their"
  • Lil' Rob So Many Styles
    "Giving you a selection of perfection No need to question why I leave these other vatos with manic depression Missdirection, leaving them guessing and leaving them stressing And leave them sketching their"
  • Frank Zappa Harry & Rhonda
    "Frank zappa (guitar, synclavier) Steve vai (guitar) Ray white (guitar, vocals) Tommy mars (keyboards) Chuck wild (piano) Arthur barrow (bass) Scott thunes (bass) Jay anderson (string bass) Ed mann (percussion) Chad"
  • Mc Chris Harry Potter
    "This is a story about a boy named Harry. Early morning, he wakes up Knock, knock, knock on the door It's time for hiding, even fighting It's you he's been waiting for James goes. "Lily, take harry and"
  • Grace Dirty Harry
    "Average, we ain't got much We ain't living lavish Dirty Beamer out front Sharla had a party, didn't run it by moms DJ acting shy, tell him turn that shit up The kids next door, they couldn't sleep cause"
  • Proof Derty Harry
    "Hey them horns ain't extensions nigga listen Real shit here Haha Face to face you got no heart When I blow sparks you lean on me like Joe Clark My mind is so dark Its superficial Nuclear Missile Hit your"
  • Slovo Frank & Harry
    "The Goal I can make you whole Change your scrimmage, image, Everything about you plus give you soul Come on with me, Let's get heavy visionary, hit you, Get you into a new you that'll fit you True,"
  • Azealia Banks Nathan (Feat. Styles P)
    "What up, what up? Do you motherfuckers Wanna gamble with your luck? Better roll four, five, six Then up and up I'mma roll head, crack trips You got the nuts? I'mma call your bluff like "I'm next, small"
  • Akon Locked Up (Remix) feat. Taz & Styles P.
    "Locked up, they won't let me out, And I had a long day in court shit stressed me out, Won't gimme the bail they can't get me out, Now I'm headed to the county, Gotta do a bid here, I'm used to living luxurious, I"
  • Jesse Sykes Don't Let Me Go
    "Keep me, don't let me go, When I'm losing my head. Well, if the angels won't have me, Well, meet me at the bar-room instead. Keep me, don't let me go. Keep me, don't you let me go. Go. Go. Like"

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