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Haryjos joint

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Haryjos joint

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Haryjos joint
  • Rip Slyme Joint
    "!! PSY ! I know! You know! I say (X3) Continuelisten Next 6 Jump aroundOnce again Come again Oi Oi Oi chill chop Chop FUNK Sing Sing Sing Jump upListen (X3) Continuelisten SU Just"
  • Kawada Mami Joint
    "futatabi miru sekai wa chiri to zanzou awai kage rin to shita senaka ni wa sono subete wo seou kaku go ga aru doushitai no? doushite? kodoku na tabi sou kimeta hazudatta no ni kono te wo hanasanai de kimi"
  • Prince Joint 2 Joint
    "If U wanna we can kick it, baby, joint 2 joint (Sex me) - Uh, yeah (safe), joint 2 joint (Sex me) - Uh, yeah (safe), kick it, baby, joint 2 joint (Sex me) - Uh, yeah (safe), joint 2 joint (Sex me) - Uh,"
  • Kottonmouth Kings The Joint
    "Yo, you gots the joint? Nah, I got the joint Yo, who's got the joint? We all got the joint We all on point, we all on point Yo, you gots the Joint? Nah, I got the joint Where and when, it probably fell"
  • Fatty Koo Juke Joint
    "(Valure) Somebody put the juke jonit on, listen to the words of the song, let me prove what i say is true, that i'm realy really feelin you (verse #1:) (Eddie) hey, hey, hey shorty why u here standing"
  • O-Town The Joint
    "(DJ can you play it as a favour for me?) *scratch* (DJ can you play it as a favour for me?) *scratch* DJ can you play it as a favour for me You know the joint that the shortys keep talkin about DJ can"
  • EPMD Da Joint
    "Verse One: Erick Sermon I make a million bucks every six months and y'all hating my game, saying my name, they call me the E, wrong things knowing Im fly without wings while some of y'all have to pull"
  • EPMD The Joint
    "I make a million buck every six months and y'all hating my game, saying my name, they call me the E, wrong things knowing Im fly without wings while some of y'all have to pull strings. In this era I maintain"
  • Hemp Gru Dr. Joint
    "Elo Sprawdź to... Odwieczny problem Gdy płuco zbyt lekkie Masz ciśnienie synu Czas wypełnić bletkę Dokleili nam metkę Dawno dawno temu Się jara HWDP Nienawiść do systemu Dziś już wiesz, czemu hater znowu"
  • Slightly Stoopid This Joint
    "The taste of this joint We rolling it up from Philly And I need all the weed from Cali Original, cutting the beat And I getting all the weed I said, does it taste strong? We rolling it up from Philly And"
  • John Legend Soul Joint
    "Yall know Soul Joint? I got soul. yall know that song We about to do that It all began rockin with the church band when I was 5 years old Now I could see that the music was in me and that i had plenty"
  • Beatnuts Rik's Joint
    "Beatnuts Miscellaneous Rik's Joint Yeah them niggas be flipping that old ill Just makes me feel with the skill sort of flow with the real Will you pass it? Yep, I won't drop it I could rock it, I got"
  • Saafir Joint Custody
    "I'm accurate secure my spot there be no hot seats don't trick sweet treats even if i'm stiffer than a swisher easy going when i'm sleep warlike it's when i attack untight mike masses don't conceal ya feel"
  • Styles P G-Joint
    "(feat. J-Hood) Man I rock the fuck out, though I don't know about everyone else Whatever we don't make, we gon' take muh'fucker Get this straight and fix yo' face I ain't got to sell millions, I'm in"
  • Luke Freestyle Joint
    "(feat. Clayvosie, Debonaire, Fresh Kid Ice, JT Money) Awwwwwwwww, shit! Ha ha, yeah! Luke Records in the motherfuckin' house, we gon' freestyle this thing, for the 1993, yo, yo .... Clayvosie in"
  • D'Angelo Spanish Joint
    "Whenever it rains I feel this way a little sumthing 2 get me thorugh this give me a little that, no time flat gonna be a good thing serene but in need of feelin free letting go and landing on my feet brushed"
  • Mary J. Blige Mary's Joint
    "oh, no no no... I know That you're just a man But you're all the man I need And I know That you care and you'll never leave No, you'll never leave I love you so I can't let go You know it's real The"
  • Jim Jones Jamaican joint
    "Killa, Jones, Jones, Let's Go Clowns don't come around, pound pounds i pump in townDo like House of Pain, Kriss Kross, jump aroundJumpin' down, stuntin style, over those I pollyThen merk-o from squalie,"
  • Jim Jones Tupac joint
    "Rumors that were said, shot in cold bloodTwo up in my head, can't talk phone buggedSomebody want me dead, but I'm still flossin'I rock my jewelry through the scurriest streetsI keep my ears to the streetsAnd"
  • Kirk Franklin Praise joint
    "This is for the young people that are not ashamed to praise HimAnybody that knows somebody, if ya got deliverance get up and tell everybody, get ya praise onAnybody that knows somebody, if ya got deliverance"

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