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Hasta manana

  • Hasta Manana - Shazza
    "Hasta Manana - Shazza Ostatni dzień w Barcelonie, Ostatni z Tobą dzień. Wakacje już skończyły się, Nie powiem jednek żegnaj, Lecz do jutra. Hasta Manana jutro też jest dzień, Taki sam tylko ja, Muszę"
  • Hasta manana - Abba
    "Where is the spring and the summerThat once was yours and mine?Where did it go? I just don't knowBut still my love for you will live foreverHasta Manana 'til we meet againDon't know where, don't know whenDarling,"
  • Hasta manana - A Teens
    "Where Is The Spring And The Summer?That Once Was Your's And MineWhere Did It Go?I Just Don't KnowBut Still My Love For You Will Live ForeverHasta Manana Till We Meet AgainDon't Know Where...Don't Know"
  • ManAna - Cristian Castro
    "Que triste es saber que todo termino, que triste es decirle a un amor adios, si tu me comprendieras no te irias de mi, lo que yo mas queria es que fueras feliz. Y manana , manana, ya sera un dia muy triste, porque"
  • Hasta Manana (In Spanish) - Abba
    "ABBA Miscellaneous Hasta Manana (In Spanish) Donde quedo el verano aquel que nos unio donde se fue, yo no lo se si aun mi amor sigue por ti vivendo Hasta manana te sabre esperar dime tu, el lugar es que"
  • Hasta Manana (wersja hiszpa - Abba
    "Donde quedo el verano aquel que nos unio donde se fue, yo no lo se si aun mi amor sigue por ti vivendo Hasta manana te sabre esperar dime tu, el lugar es que la fuerza de un amor asi sabe triunfar siempre"
  • Manana - Dean Martin
    "The faucet it is dripping and the fence is falling down My pocket needs some money so I can't go in to town My brother he ain't working and my sister doesn't care The car it needs a motor so I can't go"
  • Manana - Regurgitator
    "imagine you and your partner sailing on the seas you can sail for 10 days free south pacific breeze..oh put it off manana let's go today put it off manana let's go today my thought is a seed that grows"
  • Manana - Jimmy Buffett
    "She said I can't go back to America soon It's so goddamn cold it's gonna snow until June Yeah, they're freezin' up in Buffalo stuck in their cars And I'm lyin' here 'neath the sun and the stars. Customs"
  • Manana - Peggy Lee
    "MR. WONDERFUL Peggy Lee Why this feeling? Why this glow? Why the thrill when you say Hello? It's a strange and tender magic you do Mister Wonderful, that's you. Why this trembling when you speak Why this"
  • Manana - Desaparecidos
    "What you learned what you read in their books all they offered what you saw when they told you to look a final offer well today we are giving birth to a new future yes today we are giving birth to our"
  • Manana - Mireille Mathieu
    "Maana no quiero un maana Basta de palabras no prometas ms Escucha, amor indeciso, Amor de capricho Indeciso amor. Ya se que te irs Que pensars en un maana Decdete, decdete no dudes ms. Ahora te deseo ahora"
  • Manana - Jeans
    "Dicen que an estoy muy joven pero no bastante pues ya tengo que pensar en el futuro Dicen que tengo mucho tiempo pero no bastante pues cada da se va y ya no regresa Quieres que sea como eres pero ni lo"
  • El Manana - Gorillaz
    "Summer don't know me no more he just let me go tiresome. Summer don't know me He just left me low in my soul But I too know love, from you that's Just dying I saw that day, Lost my mind Lord,"
  • Manana Is Now - Los Lobos
    "(Art P. Brambila) Despierta, mi bien despierta That great myth is over Manana is now Manana is now Dear Lord For too many years we have toiled In the fields of Northern California For too long those"
  • Manana (Mi Amor) - Georg Baker Selection
    "When the silent shadows gonna fall When the evening-breeze is gonna call We'll sit by the table to eat our daily bread. This day was a hard day my friend The whole day I was working on the land While the"
  • Tal Vez Manana - RBD
    "Quisiera pensar que existe esperansaQuiero estar junto a tiVolverte a encontrar Tal vez mananaRegresaras a mi No quiero olvidar tu miradaTe quiero pensarNo puedo dejarte de amarSentirte respirar Por que"
  • Me extranaras Manana - Aventura
    "Yeah... Aventura... Let me find out... Explcame por qu razón no me miras la cara Ser que no quieres que note que sigues enamorada Tus ojos te muestran pasión y falsos sentimientos Por el hecho de tu rechazarme"
  • Me sueltan manana - Ilegales
    "Me sueltan maana,saldr a la calle,respirar libre,me subir a los rboles.Cuando llegu maana,voy a sentirme bien,pero s de algn chivato,que va a tener que correr.Me sueltan maana,respirar libre,la luz de"
  • After manana mi ciello - David Hasselhoff
    "After manana mi cielloI'll be with you in the morningWait for me down by the stationThere is gonna be some celebrationAfter manana mi cielloI'm gonna hold you tomorrowDarling be mine when i come to youManana"

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